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.”I placed my hand on her knee.“You can stay as long as you like.” I grabbed my briefcase and started unloading the contents.I really did have a lot of work to do.Once I was settled, she stretched out on the sofa and put her legs across my lap.I looked over at her.“Don’t distract me or I will have my way with you whether you’re sore or not.”“Promises, promises.” I put down the report I was reading and turned to her.She put her hands up and laughed.“Okay, no distractions.”I smiled and turned back to the report.The paperclip that held together the bundle of papers had gotten caught on one of the reports.“Son of a bitch!” After I wrestled with the paperclip, I threw it on the coffee table.I watched as Rachael leaned over and grabbed the paperclip.Her ass was in the air as she reached for it without getting off the sofa, and I was very tempted to swat it, but she said she was sore.Who the hell was I kidding? I smacked it.I just held back on the sting a little.“Ooh!” She got all the way back on the sofa with the paperclip, but rubbed her backside where I hit it.“I told you not to distract me.”“I’d make you kiss it, but I think you’d enjoy that too much.”“I think you would, too.Want to test it?”She waved me off and started looking at the paperclip.I tried to read the reports, but she was too distracting.Her concentration on the small object got my curiosity up.I watched her for a few minutes.She sat up and put the paperclip on the coffee table.“I should get going.”I narrowed my eyes and grabbed her hand before she walked away.“What is it?”“Nothing.I should let you get to work, and I think I could use a nice warm tub.”“You can use the Jacuzzi again.”She tried to take her hand back, but I hung on tighter and pulled her to my lap.“I really need to go.”“What is it?” I bent over and picked up the paperclip.“What went through that head of yours?”She took the paperclip from my hand and concentrated on it again.She rubbed her fingers over the section that had been bent from being caught on the staple.Her eyes filled up with tears.“Hey.” I covered her hand to get her to stop looking at it.“It’s just a paperclip.”She shook her head.“It’s just like life.” She held it up.“Once it’s bent, there will always be that ding, that imperfection, reminding you that you’ll never be right again.” She bent the paperclip to put it back in place and it broke.She held up both pieces.“It just gets to be too much and it breaks.” She looked at the pieces in her hands.“Eventually, everything breaks.”I fought to keep her in my arms, but she pushed her way out of them.“Rach, I’m not sure where this is coming from.It’s just a paperclip.”“But it isn’t!” She started pacing.“I’ve got to go.”I stood and stopped her.“Talk to me.Tell me where this is coming from.”“I slept with someone.”I took a step back and scowled.“Who?”“A while ago.I slept with a model and now I’m stuck working for Hathaway for the rest of my life.I’m stuck in a job where I hate editing photos for a bitch who knows nothing about taking them and I can’t do anything to stop it.“I’m stuck in some apartment alone because no one wants to marry me.I’m not the type of girl you bring home to momma.” She stopped pacing to look at me.“I fucked you in your office!“It doesn’t matter, though.” She grabbed her purse.“I’ve never wanted the family life.I wanted the road.I wanted to be free and not tied down to kids or have a husband to answer to.” She laughed a humorless laugh.“But I am tied down, and I do have to answer to Hathaway.” She shook her head.“If he found out we were fucking, my life would be ruined.”She walked out.I let her go even though I didn’t want to.She needed time to work through whatever it was she was feeling, and I needed time to figure out what the hell she just said.I grabbed my phone to call Jim.If anyone would know, he would and he’d better start talking.I dug into the ice cream as soon as I got home.I didn’t even bother with the bowl.Being alone did have its perks.I tried to ignore the buzzer on the door.I didn’t want to talk to Carl.I embarrassed myself and it would be a few days before I went back over there.“I know you’re in there, Rachael.” Drew was outside the door knocking.“I saw your car [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]