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.Is this the finger of a Tooth Fairy? She asked silently.While reminiscing about the Cambiato spell that turned her and Giuseppi into the royal King and Queen, she finally fell asleep.The next morning, Farrah barely went through the motions, as she helped her parents with the baking in the kitchen.Twice, she mistook ground dung beetle flour for pepper, which did not impress her parents.She struggled through the entire day and then when it was 5:00, she rushed out of the house.She hopped on Bella’s back and headed straight for Giuseppi’s house.Giuseppi was sitting in his unusual spot on the lush orange lawn of his home.Every now and then, he gazed off into the distance at a group of fairies that were playing Calcioball.It was evident that they were all Superiora as none had any difficulty staying afloat.As Farrah jumped off of Bella’s back, she noticed that her friend smelled especially fishy, even for Giuseppi.“Pee-Whew.”“Oh, sorry.Dad got in a shipment of Purple Googly Whales.Those things are huge.I’ve got fish guts everywhere,.” said Giuseppi, as he picked some green slime out of his ears.Farrah giggled as she backed away from her funky smelling friend.“That’s okay; you just make sure you keep your distance from me today.”“Fine.”“So, Farrah…I suppose you want to go back to the Tooth Fairy Training Facility to get your Veddo,” he said, sounding reluctant.“Actually, I thought we’d go over to Samantha’s to see if she wants to play some Calcioball.”“What?” asked a stunned Giuseppi.“Just joking, buddy.You guessed right the first time and we’ve got no time to spare – it’s going to be dark soon.”“I know, Farrah, but what happens if Samantha does show up again?” asked Giuseppi as he nonchalantly swatted at a silver dandelion with his hand.“I’m not afraid of her,” Retorted Farrah as she hopped onto Bella’s back.“Are you coming or what?”“I am, I am, keep your wings on!”Back at the training facility, the two went directly to the hidden room in the globe-shaped building.They stood once again before the glass case of Veddo mirrors.Neither of them talked as they stared intently.They had no idea how they were going to extract the Veddo from the case.On a hunch, Farrah took a pinch of dust from out of her pouch.It took her a few moments to decide on a spell.When she finally did, she sprinkled the dust on the glass window of the case.“IOFATUTTO,” she whispered without hesitation, out of fear that she would lose her nerve.In an instant, one of the Veddos began that to shake and glow.It was the same Veddo that did the same thing last time the two fairies were in the room.This time it lifted higher off the shelf, hovering in mid-air for a few seconds.Farrah’s smile was clearly reflected in the Veddo.It slowly floated up to the glass and then mysteriously, it floated right through and into Farrah’s hands.“Good work Farrah!” Said Giuseppi as he rushed over to his friend.It was a beautiful piece.The casing along the handle was made of a crystal with a hint of gold.The grip was green and felt velvety soft in Farrah’s hand as she held it.The oval shaped mirror continued to reflect Farrah’s image until suddenly it went black.“What happened?” Asked Giuseppi, whose face was so close to the mirror that it began to fog up.“I don’t know?”Their eyes were fixed on the Veddo when an image appeared.At first, it was blurry, but after a few seconds, it had become clear.It was a young boy.He was lying on his bed with his fingers in his mouth.He looked to be no more than nine years old.Looking deeper at the image, Farrah could see that the boy’s surroundings were unpleasant.His pillow had a large rip in it.Stuffing had spilled out onto his mattress, which was absent of any linens.There was also a large stain at the foot of the bed.It was brown in colour and looked kind of like a water buffalo.Water dripped onto the boy’s head from the ceiling.Every now and then, he would remove his hand from his mouth to wipe away droplets from his brow.“Do you think he’s got a loose tooth?” inquired Giuseppi as he focused on the boy’s mouth.Although Farrah had heard Giuseppi’s words, she didn’t react to his question.Instead, she was focused on something that lay on the floor next to the human boy’s bed.It was a scarf, the very scarf that she had seen in her vision and the very scarf that appeared in her armoire the next morning.“What is it Farrah?” asked Giuseppi, noticing that his friend was lost in thought [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]