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.“And what was your name?”“Secretary of Health and Human Services, Joan White.”Boul turned away from the advisors and coughed into his hands.After several hacks, he turned back around with a white worm dangling from his fingers.“This worm changes the game.This is what humanity is up against.”Radoula nodded and pointed to the worm.“The worm is actually what feeds on human flesh,” she said.“Any soft tissue of the human body will do, but the brain is preferred.It’s been some time since the worm has been introduced to the human race.”“It’s absolutely brilliant,” Secretary White said.She had won the attention of the Cabinet Room.Everybody hushed down.“This worm will win.”“Tell us how it can be spread,” President Angus said.“Your race is the worm’s natural prey,” Radoula said.“Once inside the human body, it acts as a parasite, taking control of various physical and neurological functions and faculties.The problem is that up until now, a fully mature, grown worm would have had to be physically introduced into a human orifice.They are bulky and repulsive, thus difficult to spread.The worms take years to mature.And they have to be constantly fed human tissue to grow, otherwise they die off.”“But things have changed,” Boul said.“In the planning stage of the Orobu conquest, we worked with biopharma outfits throughout the world.One of our labs has been able to genetically engineer the worm so that it matures over the course of several hours, as opposed to several years.Further, at maturity, the worm is nothing more than a particulate.Incredibly small.”“Aerosol,” Secretary White said.“We can spray the worm over targeted zones, as we would pesticide over a field.All people have to do is breathe.”“It’s what we were hoping for,” Boul said.“What’s great about this new worm is that once it infects a human subject, it will quickly colonize the body.Within hours, the worms will have multiplied into the millions, feeding off the tissue of its host, ready to spread to the next vector.”Radoula paced around the room as she spoke.“A single infection in a dense population center on day one could become ten thousand by day two.The worm wants to thrive in the human body.It incubates quickly and can be transmitted by the most minute airborne particulates.By day three the rate of infection would be three hundred thousand.By the end of the week, the entire population of the eastern seaboard could be infected.”“We can’t risk that,” President Angus said.“I think that a biological attack on this scale would be detrimental to the posterity of human civilization.”Secretary White furrowed her brow.She scribbled away on her notepad, ignoring the President’s rejection of her idea.“The trick here is media saturation,” she said.“We can release the worm in several stages.First, we will hit a major population center.I’m thinking New York City.We can easily manage the outbreak through strict quarantine measures.This way we can test our ability to manage a chaotic, widespread pandemic.Next, we’ll hit a sparsely populated, isolated region.Someplace cut off demographically and geographically.Once released into this isolated population, there will be an intense media presence.The whole world will do anything to avoid what they see on their screens.”“Secretary White makes a convincing argument,” President Angus said.“As long as there’s a solid guarantee that we can contain this worm’s spread, then I’m for it.”“How about Honolulu,” a gray haired senior advisor said.“It’d be easy to quarantine the island.”“It’d be a little too easy,” Secretary White said.“The panic would be subdued if it was an island.The risk would be muted.We need something mainland.”“One of the Amish communities,” another advisor said.“They’re cut off from the rest of the population.They keep to themselves.Their habitat is rural.I know of a couple communities in western Pennsylvania that could work.”President Angus rubbed his chin.“We need something that people can identify with.We need a place where those that are tuning in can see themselves.”“I’ve got it,” Secretary Walhorn said.He was having an eureka moment.“Bend, Oregon.There are two roads that go in, two roads that go out.To the west are mountains, impenetrable by foot, and to the east are deserts.There’s a classified military base nearby that can provide logistical support.”“Bend, Oregon,” President Angus said.“I was there once, about ten years ago.It was a ski trip.Wonderful people out there.”“I think we’ve got our place,” Secretary White said.She scribbled a couple more notes.“Bend, Oregon.When do we begin?”“Within twenty four hours,” Boul said.“We can import a sample from our operational headquarters in Beijing.You must understand that this worm produces symptoms that completely alters the biology of your race.Within a short period of time a cannibalistic instinct develops [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]