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." Fatherly, my ass, I thought, but kept it to myself."I don't wish any of them to get into trouble, but I'm afraid the proximity of Mrs.Ramage's girls is sometimes too much of a temptation.Well, they're only men, after all.""I see.And there's been a certain amount of corridor creeping, has there?""It has been known.Take young Hibbert, for instance, the second footman.He's a terror.I've told him a thousand times that the upper floor is out of bounds, but he will not listen.""And what happens when he's caught?""I have to punish him, of course.""And how did you catch him? Do you have spy holes into the girls' quarters as well?""Good heavens, no! Perish the thought.""Perhaps Mrs.Ramage does.""No, sir, I don't think so.But we hear things.We learn things.""I'm sorry, Burroughs, but I'm confused.If you don't actually see things, then what's the use of your spy system?"Burroughs was flustered.The masquerade of "surveillance" had crumbled.He started clearing away tea things.Fortunately, Morgan chose just that moment to roll over onto his back; his cock lay across his thigh, pulsing slightly.Burroughs found the sight calming, and sat down again."The thing is, sir, that I'm a very indulgent father to my boys.I can't find it in my heart to turn them out.That Hibbert, for instance.He can wind me round his little finger.""So if he's naughty with one of the girls, he lets you.play with him?""Certainly not, sir." Burroughs sounded wounded but did not seem anxious to leave-especially now that Boy was gently masturbating himself."What, then? Come on, Burroughs.I have to know.""He lets me.see.""See?""See him.On his bed.Through the spy hole.""I see.""And he's very kind.""You mean he puts on a show for you.""Precisely.""You like to watch, don't you, Burroughs?""Yes, sir.""Do you like watching what Morgan's doing now, Burroughs?""Yes, sir.""Would you like to see what Morgan and I were doing earlier?"Burroughs's mouth was dry; he couldn't say the word yes, but he didn't need to."Tell me everything I want to know, Burroughs, and I'll suck his cock while you watch.""Yes sir.""And I'll make him come for you.""Yes sir.""Anything else you'd like to see?""Perhaps.""Yes?""If the young gentleman would put his shoes and socks on."Morgan?"Morgan grinned-the filthiest grin I have ever seen in my life-and hastily obliged.I had to agree with Burroughs: there was something delightful about this obscene state of near nakedness.Morgan lay back on the bed and lifted his legs in the air, showing off his footwear."Go on, Burroughs."Burroughs cleared his throat and began."It all started, honestly, as a way of keeping the indoor staff under control.We'd had a couple of scandals in Drekeham Hall after the war, you see; girls had to be sent away, and Mrs.Ramage was quick to point the finger at my staff.She was right, of course, but I didn't have the heart to dismiss any of them, so I agreed to take measures to curb any such activities in the future.I installed spy holes in all the rooms-all of them positioned to give me a clear view of the bed and the basin.All I had to do was run up and down the stairs, checking on each room, and I could be certain that my staff were where they should be, when they should be.As for the girls' quarters, Mrs.Ramage took to patrolling the corridors.She has very sharp hearing, Mrs.Ramage does."And for a while, it worked very well.We had no more unpleasantness, and Mrs.Ramage was content.She became lazy, trusting.But then, of course, it became so difficult to find staff who could be trusted in the way that one would like.Things started to become so awkward.""What happened, Burroughs? Tell me, and I'll suck his cock."The words tumbled out of him."Well we had some dreadful young man who was up and down those stairs every night, and he was very bad for morale.Taught the others bad ways.But I couldn't turn him out; he was the best footman I ever had, and the family liked him so much.He was connected with Sir James's regiment.No question of dismissal.But what could I do? I had to maintain discipline.Oh, my goodness, sir, that's the way."I had just taken Morgan's cock to the back of my throat; Morgan was rubbing my head and moaning in delight.With all this going on, it was hard to concentrate on Burroughs's confession-but concentrate I did, I am proud to say.I mumbled some encouragement, though my mouth was full."And so I'm afraid I left myself open to corruption of the worst sort.The young man in question persuaded me that he was being careful with the girls, and that there was no chance of any unwanted results, if you understand me, and said that if I would keep quiet and not cause trouble he'd let me watch him when he was alone in his room.And so I did.He was a lovely-looking lad, about your height, sir, and very strongly built, and I could see immediately why he was so popular with the ladies.I believe that he enjoyed putting on a show for me.He always made sure that everything was clearly visible, but he never gave the slightest indication that he knew I was watching.He'd do anything, sir [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]