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.“What did McCarthy do with him?”“Some of the servants helped me get away, and I haven’t seen Mikko since.I truly don’t know what happened to your brother.I’m sorry.”“Question McCarthy,” Stavion suggested.“Better yet, get Nicholas’s ass back here and have him question his crazy brother.”“We have the Relegatis, so we should be safe for now.” Torren linked his fingers behind his back and began pacing.“Everyone needs to rest and recuperate.We’ll meet and discuss this more after Halloween.Wherever our brothers are, they’re not dead.Not to sound like a cocky asshole, but we’re all too important for the witches to kill us.”To outsiders it might have sounded cocky, but Galen understood exactly what Torren meant.Those witches hadn’t spent years tracking down the Braddocks just to slaughter them.They needed a Braddock to open the book, and that couldn’t very well happen if the men were dead.There were some more words said, but Galen kind of missed them when Bannon’s hand traveled down his back and began massaging his ass.Galen had made a damn big promise back in that hotel room in Pennsylvania, and he couldn’t wait to deliver.“Take me home, big guy.”Bannon’s arms wound around his waist and lifted him off his feet.“Let’s go home.”132Gabrielle EvansChapter Fourteen“They’re idiots, every last one of them.” Galen sat in the grass beside Malakai and laughed as Bannon and his brothers chased each other around a field in the moonlight.While it would have been hilarious if they’d been human, it was even more so to watch six huge Irish Thoroughbreds romp around like children.Malakai chuckled and leaned back on his elbows.“They’re having fun.They don’t get nearly enough of that lately.”No, they really didn’t.Until he’d been thrust into an assignment with Bannon, Galen never appreciated how much crap his mate had to go through with his job.“So, where’s Boston?”“In Georgia, helping Xander and everyone pack.”“So, Blaise convinced them to move?”“Yeah, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.I think Braxton and Keeton had a little to do with that, though.”“Who’s that?”Malakai shook his head and laughed.“Flynn calls them the Trouble Twins.You’ll see why when you meet them.They’re almost always into some kind of trouble, but they have these big, bleeding hearts.I imagine the minute Blaise said that some shifters needed help, Braxton and Keeton were all over it.”“When will they be here?”“Next week.I guess they’re going to stay in the main house until the cabins go up on the new land.It’s about triple the size of the land we own now, and Stavion’s going to section off a hundred acres just for the Moonlighters.”Back Roads133“I’m guessing Stavion wants to get this done as quickly as possible.” Wasn’t that the entire reason for asking Boston’s old pack to come to Wyoming? Galen didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about, but he did know that shifters of the white-pelted variety made people twitchy.“Yeah,” Malakai sighed.“Boston tries to stick to the back acreage when he runs, and more often than not, he’s taking Inhibitors on the full moon.It keeps him from shifting, but he’s always sick for a couple of days afterwards.I don’t like it.”“Haven isn’t supposed to be this way.” Everyone was welcome here.It was where the homeless, neglected, and abused came to find safety and acceptance.“People are just scared, Galen.It’s been this way for a long time, and it’s going to take just as long to start convincing people that Moonlighters aren’t evil.We’ll get there, but for now, it’s just best if everyone is on their guard.” Malakai rose to his feet and smiled.“Things will work out.I’m going to get my mate and take him home.I’ll see ya later, Galen.”“Slut!” Galen called after his friend.Malakai just laughed and waved a hand over his shoulder as he took off running across the field.Galen didn’t know how the vampire could tell all those horses apart, but Malakai made a beeline straight to one of them, grabbed the equine around the neck, and swung himself up on its back.He made it look so easy.Stupid vampires.As the others took off across the field again, one of the Thoroughbreds broke away and trotted over to Galen.He dropped his head and snorted softly as he butted his nose against the side of Galen’s face.“Hey, Bannon,” he said around his laughter.“Cut it out.That tickles!”In the next blink, the horse vanished, and Bannon began kissing and licking up the side of Galen’s face as he slowly eased him back to the grass.“Missed you, a ghrá.”134Gabrielle Evans“Mmm, missed you, too.” So what if it had only been half an hour since they’d held hands on the way to the field? It was one of those corny, mushy things people said when they were in love.Galen was all for being in love.* * * *Bannon knew exactly what Galen was thinking, but it wasn’t true.He didn’t just say the words because they sounded sweet or because it came with the territory of having a mate.He’d said them because they were true.Every minute he wasn’t with Galen, he missed the man.“Are you going to claim me?” Galen looked uncertain, his eyes shimmering in the moonlight that drifted down through the trees.It had been three days since they returned from their assignment, and his mate had asked him every day.Bannon kept putting him off, though—not because he didn’t want the same thing, but because he wanted the moment to be perfect when it finally happened.“Right here in the grass, then? Is that what you’re wantin’?”“I just want to be yours.”“Ah, but ya already are, darlin’.” And he always would be.The claiming bite was just the icing on the cake.He’d been so worried about it before, but he’d come to realize that he didn’t need it to feel close to his mate and to know that they belonged together.It was just a bonus.“Please, Bannon.”Now how could he resist such a sweet plea? Taking his time, he divested his mate of his clothing, kissing and caressing each inch of bare skin as it was revealed.When he finally had Galen completely and gloriously naked beneath him, Bannon pushed the curls back from his face and claimed his lover’s lips in a passionate kiss.Galen arched beneath him, pressing their chests together and moaning into his mouth.“Touch me,” he panted as he humped upward to grind his hard cock against Bannon’s abs.Back Roads135“Mmm, someone has been very naughty,” Bannon teased when he found the flat base of a butt plug nestled snugly between Galen’s ass cheeks.“I wanted to be ready.Now, just fuck me already!”Bannon chuckled at his lover’s impatience.Gripping the silicone base, he tugged the toy out of Galen’s tight channel just a little and wiggled it around.Then he pumped it in and out slowly until his mate began to moan and writhe.“Bannon, damn it!”Oh, he loved teasing Galen.The man was forever trying to rush them along.“Shh, love.It’s so much better when you take the back roads.” Bannon knew from experience.He continued teasing, pumping the plug in and out of Galen’s hole, licking at his pebbled nipples, and stroking his beautiful cock until the man could do nothing more than pant and whimper in pleasure.When Bannon was satisfied that he’d worshiped Galen’s body to the best of his ability, he gently extracted the toy and replaced it with the head of his cock [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]