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.He couldn’t even do it mentally, because he wasn’t sure what he was feeling or why he was feeling it.“Marcus.”Nathan said his name so tenderly, it made Marcus’ eyes burn with the threat of tears.Soft, sweet touches of Nathan’s lips against his began loosening the knot of tension and frustration inside Marcus.Marcus unclenched hands he’d fisted unconsciously.He smoothed his palms up Nathan’s back, pushing the thin shirt up as he did so.Nathan settled more fully on his lap, his ass on Marcus’ cock.Marcus remembered the one time Nathan had bottomed, back when they’d first met.Nathan had bitched the entire week afterwards.“Not the entire week,” Nathan murmured before kissing him deeply.Nathan kept his hold on Marcus’ face, gently stroking his thumbs over Marcus’ cheeks.The kisses were weakening Marcus, his muscles and limbs softening, even as his dick grew erect.Marcus brought his hands around to tug at the silky hair in Nathan’s armpits.He didn’t pull hard, only let Nathan feel that he was there.Nathan’s sharp inhale and shiver told of his approval.That, and the flood of need that washed over Marcus from Nathan.Nathan’s nipples were taut, begging for attention.Marcus plucked at them as he sucked on Nathan’s tongue.The rub of Nathan’s bottom was driving Marcus quickly to a release he wanted to draw out.Nathan felt so good on him, so good kissing him and touching Marcus’ face.Those pert little tits were sweet, too.Marcus kept at them as he returned Nathan’s kiss.He pinched and rolled the tips until Nathan was squirming and had to turn his head as he panted.“Fuck, Marcus,” Nathan gasped out.“Fuck.Fuck me.”Marcus froze mid-pinch.“I-I—”Nathan whimpered and undulated on him.“You don’t have to.I can strip you down and make you scream for me, fuck you until you come apart again and again.That’s what we can do.We—”But Nathan wanted something more.It wasn’t the first time lately that Nathan had brought it up, either.It was just the most blatant he’d been about it.Marcus remembered the nipples he held and gave them a twist.Nathan moaned and arched his back, pushing into the sensation.Why did Nathan want him to top?“Because I want all of you.All of you, Marcus, but not if you don’t want it.I get it if you don’t.But if you’re open to it, if…if…”“As long as it isn’t because you think I need some sort of intervention.” Marcus sat up and let go of the left nipple.He sealed his lips around it and scraped his teeth over the tip.“As long as it’s because you want me.”To his surprise, Nathan cuffed him on the arm.Hard.“You—ugh! You think I’d wait over a decade then decide to give you a sympathy fuck, when we’ve both been very set in our ways? Seriously?” Nathan smacked him again.“I just think once was not enough to form a solid basis on! It hurt.I hurt and ruled out ever doing it again.That was hasty, okay? And it’s taken me a long time to realize that, but if you hated it so bad and—”Marcus hadn’t hated it.He’d been nervous as hell because he was a bottom, and Nathan fucked him so good he could never compare.But now he’d had years of learning just how to make a bottom feel amazing, hadn’t he? Nathan had showed him that.“I’m not averse to trying again,” Marcus said, as he shoved Nathan onto his back.Nathan’s eyes went wide—huge, even.The heady scent of his arousal filled the room.Marcus almost always handed over control in the bedroom to his mate.Nathan was as toppy as they came.Or so he had thought.“I am,” Nathan clarified.“You just surprised me.”“And you liked it,” Marcus stated.“Maybe we’ve been too set in our roles.”“We don’t have roles.We love each other and sexuality—parts of it—are fluid, I think.We evolve as a couple.” Nathan arched one fine eyebrow.“Now, are you going to fuck me or ride me?”Marcus pushed Nathan’s shirt up again and flicked his nipples.“Guess.”Nathan cursed and Marcus laughed.It’d been too long since they’d played in bed.“Don’t you dare.”Which of course meant Marcus did dare.He tickled Nathan’s ribs.Nathan squeaked and bucked, kicking his legs.Marcus grabbed Nathan’s shirt and ripped it from hem to collar.“Holy fuck, that’s hot,” Nathan rasped.His cock tented the sweats magnificently.Marcus ran a finger down the length of it then got out of bed.He stripped off his own clothes and took the lube off the nightstand.“How should we do this?” he mused out loud, raking his gaze down Nathan’s body.“Should I stretch your tight little hole or should you?” The more he thought of it, he was increasingly eager to fuck Nathan.He’d been considering it ever since Nathan had begun hinting that he’d like to try it again.“Your fingers are bigger.” Nathan held up his own and wiggled them.“I want the whole experience.”“The whole experience?” Marcus grinned wickedly and tossed the lube onto the bed.He clutched the ankles of Nathan’s sweats.“Then that’s what you will get, honey.Get your cock out.”With a quick jerk, he had the sweats down.Marcus threw them onto the floor then went back and clasped Nathan’s right ankle.He tugged and helped Nathan to flip onto his belly.Then he urged Nathan closer to the edge of the mattress.“Let’s start here.Or continue—that’s more accurate.”“Too much talking about not fucking,” Nathan complained.Marcus spread Nathan’s cheeks.Fiery red hair was sprinkled down his crease and swirled around his asshole.That tiny aperture hadn’t been fucked in a very long time and only ever by Marcus.“Talk about pressure,” Marcus said.He traced the pattern of the hair.Nathan snickered.“No pressure yet, baby.”“Baby, huh?” Marcus knew that wasn’t an endearment they used for each other, so Nathan was joking with him—trying to keep him from worrying about sex.Marcus wasn’t worried.He was suddenly, thoroughly eager.He pushed Nathan’s cheeks apart again until that pink hole gaped just a little.Then Marcus licked over it, a rough, long drag of his tongue as he tasted his mate.“Ohmyfuckinggods,” Nathan babbled as he rocked his butt back.Marcus squeezed his ass cheeks and went after Nathan’s asshole with a fervor that surprised them both, licking and sucking on that most sensitive skin.Nathan keened at one point and started jacking his dick.Marcus sent him a silent warning not to come.He wouldn’t fuck Nathan if he did, because he’d be entirely too tight for thick penetration then.That or they’d have to wait until Nathan’s ass loosened up again [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]