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.Luuk choked on a moan, almost sobbing and fisting the sheets as he moved his legs with an urgency Jameson couldn’t miss.He lapped around Luuk’s cock to the other hip and marked it as well, and Luuk’s panting became louder, until he shoved his hand in his mouth to muffle himself.Jameson wished… He blanked that thought.There’d be time for being noisy, there would.He hooked his fingers under the elastic and pulled Luuk’s pyjamas down, just past his balls.Jameson didn’t want him moving much, and his legs were somewhat restrained.Luuk’s balls were already drawn tight, the sac wrinkled and pushed up.Jameson wasn’t at the best angle, being at Luuk’s side, but he’d work with what he had.The seam of Luuk’s ballsac drew him and Jameson licked from below his balls to the sweet spot right below Luuk’s glans.“Please, please, please,” Luuk breathed out, over and over, goose bumps running over his skin and his belly rippling.Jameson was afraid he’d hurt himself regardless of not thrusting, as tightly wound as he was becoming.He couldn’t have that.Jameson ringed the base of Luuk’s cock with finger and thumb, then sucked the fat crown in, his tongue delving right into the leaking slit.“Ja—” Luuk began before shoving his fist back in his mouth.Jameson grinned around the tasty cock and bobbed down, and down, eager and needy and aching himself.Luuk’s taste was drawing pre-cum from Jameson’s dick, pulling his balls tight and God, but he wanted Luuk to fuck him until he couldn’t walk for a week.Luuk grunted and grabbed Jameson’s head with his other hand.“Yes,” Jamie thought, “take me.” He wanted Luuk’s cock buried deep and pumping cum into him.“Jamie,” Luuk whispered, and Jameson’s heart fluttered and his soul soared as Luuk pulled him down, filling Jameson’s mouth, breaching his throat.The second Jameson swallowed, he felt Luuk’s cock swell, the first squirt of spunk flooding his throat before he backed off and caught the next on his tongue.Luuk rested his hands on Jameson’s hair as he came.Jameson shoved frantically at his pants, got his hand on his own cock and had only to pump the wet crown once.His release slammed into him and stole his breath, making him sputter on the last jet of cum shot from Luuk’s slit.He didn’t care—there was no room for embarrassment or shame between them anymore.They’d learned their pleasure was too rare and precious to worry about such things.Jameson shook and would have whined had he not had his mouth stuffed with cock.He rubbed his cockhead until he couldn’t stand to touch it, too sensitive and afraid he’d end up hard all over again.Luuk’s cock had softened some and Jameson released it, placing a kiss on the tip before gently tucking Luuk back into his pyjamas.“Come here,” Luuk said, or maybe he thought it, Jameson was so out of it he couldn’t say.He stumbled and only his fear of hurting Luuk stiffened his knees.Jameson blinked away haze and saw Luuk’s arms open, waiting, and he crawled carefully to Luuk’s side, worry and fear a distant thing in the arms of the man he loved.Chapter Eleven“Do you really believe someone, another AA, is trying to help us?” Jameson looked up from the pile of clothes Father Norbert had brought in for them to go through.“I’m not sure.” He held up a hand and glared at the clothes.He hated taking the charity, but they had little choice right now.If he ever got back to some semblance of a regular life, Jameson would be able to make a nice donation to this church.He would find a way to repay them one way or another regardless.“I’d like to think so.I told you about the odd scent in the woods.” Actually Luuk had asked him the same question before, and Jameson knew it was because Luuk wanted to believe but was afraid to.Jameson could understand that.“I want to think…” He huffed, blowing at a hank of hair on his brow.“Who wouldn’t want to believe there was someone who had enough power and compassion to help us? Not that you aren’t powerful yourself— ”“I know what you meant,” Luuk said, giving him a small smile.“But even my power isn’t enough to overcome a hundred traitors ambushing us.I know we are lucky just to be alive.When I think of what could have happened…” Luuk shuddered and a wave of sorrow rolled from him.“I could have lost you—more times than just then, when we were jumped.”Jameson came and sat beside Luuk.His side was still not healed up enough in Jameson’s opinion.“We’re together, so let’s not dwell on that.” If Jameson thought about it too much, that black mood inside him might well creep into his head and he didn’t want that.Strangely enough to him, as he wasn’t the least religious, these few days with the priests had been some of the best days he’d had.Maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise, but Jameson would never have believed he’d find a measure of peace in a church.“It’s comforting here because of Piotr and Norbert,” Luuk murmured.“They make me want to believe in the basic goodness of humanity, and shifter-kind.”But he was afraid to, and Jameson got that, since he felt the same way [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]