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.The defense is on the mark, but the offense barely pulled it out.If it hadn't been for that penalty in the fourth quarter, the outcome could have been different.""Absolutely, they dodged a bullet."Ron tilted his head, giving him a thoughtful look."Do you miss it, Michael?""More than I ever thought I would," he admitted."Football was my life for a long time.I woke up thinking about plays and went to bed thinking about plays.I almost hated to sleep.""That's what it takes to be good at something.You have to want it bad.Have you ever thought about coaching?"His gaze narrowed."Did Liz talk to you?""About what?" Ron asked, a question in his eyes."Nothing." He ran a hand through his hair, then said, "I have recently been considering the idea of coaching.The past year I thought it would be easier for me to be done with football in every possible way.Now, I'm not so sure.""You're a young man.You have a lot of life to live.You lost the ability to play the game you loved on a professional level, but there's something else you're going to love doing.You just have to figure out what that is.The most important thing is to do whatever you do well, put your heart and soul into it.Sometimes, we end up in careers we never imagined.You'd be surprised what can get your heart pumping.It's not always what you expect.""Did that happen to you? Did you end up in a career you hadn't planned on?" he asked curiously."Sure.What little boy dreams of running a PR company? I wanted to be a football player, too, but I just wasn't good enough.I played high school ball and that was it.Then I went into music.I started playing the drums for my friend's band.By the time I was out of college, I was playing gigs all around Los Angeles.""I had no idea," he said in amazement."Music was a blast, but I was smart enough to know it didn't pay the bills.That's when I started thinking about a real job.I interned at a media company and found out I was great at marketing, visualizing promotions and figuring out what would persuade someone to buy something.And that's how I got into PR.I built a great company.""You certainly did that.And now Liz is following in your footsteps.""It was great when Liz came into the company.She became my sounding board, the one person I could really trust.And she was as good as I was."As Ron spoke, Michael wondered if Ron had ever realized just how determined Liz was to save his company for him."Liz told me she's working hard to make partner."Ron frowned."Yeah, but she has an uphill battle in front of her.I know she loves a challenge, and she's as stubborn as they come, sometimes a little too stubborn.I wish—""Michael?" Liz interrupted."What are you doing here?"Michael turned around to see Liz standing in the doorway, anger in her eyes."I brought your father the jersey and the hat," he explained."Oh.I forgot I left them in your truck.""I was down this way anyway.Why aren't you at work?""Yes, why aren't you at work?" Ron echoed."I wanted to talk to you, Dad." She walked across the room and kissed her father on the forehead."How are you feeling today?""I'm doing all right.It's nice to have so much company.What did you want to talk to me about?"Liz glanced at Michael."Do you want me to go?" he asked.She hesitated, then shrugged."It doesn't matter." She turned her gaze back to her father."I have to tell you something, Dad.Brian was made partner today.Apparently, he brought in Triple Media Threat over the weekend.Even if I get Playworld, I probably won't get a partnership until next year.""Really? I'm sorry to hear that.""I didn't even know we were going after Triple Media.They've really kept me out of the loop.""Well, what can you do?" Ron said, disappointment in his weary eyes."Maybe Bill and Howard will change their minds when they see the dollars coming in for Playworld.If I get it, of course," she added, giving Michael a quick glance."That's still to be determined.""I'm going to take off," Michael said, not wanting to get in the middle of their private conversation."No need to rush off," Ron said quickly."I have an appointment," he said."Thanks again for the jersey and the hat.""I'm glad you like them." He got up and shook Ron's hand."I'll walk you out," Liz said, surprising him with the offer.They didn't speak until they got to his truck.Then Liz surprised him again."I'm sorry," she said."For what exactly?""For what I said last night.Sometimes when I start to feel backed into a corner, I come out swinging."He smiled."Both literally and metaphorically.""You're never going to forget that, are you?""I'm reminded every time I look in the mirror.""Anyway—""Why did you feel backed into a corner?" he interrupted."We were just talking.""I think it was looking at the yearbook that triggered my insecurity.I started remembering how you always beat me, and I had a little panic attack."He appreciated how candid she was being."I get it.I should apologize, too.""No, you were right, Michael.Everything you said about me was true.I can't save my dad's life, so I'm trying to save his company, but the truth is I can't do that, either.I saw that today.I'll never be able to get the power that he had.""Maybe that's all right, Liz.Some things run their course.Careers change.Your dad was just saying that to me."She gave him a quizzical look."What do you mean? What were you talking about?""We were talking about football, and he mentioned that he once wanted to play, then realized he wasn't good enough.Then he tried music and realized he still needed to make money.So he found something he was really good at, but it wasn't what he imagined.He told me I should keep my mind open [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]