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.Fischer thrust her way through the little gathering of women at the promenade rail, staring out across the water at Molloy's body lying on the weedy bank.January was the first ashore when the skiff scraped mud a few feet from the corpse.“Mr.Sefton is unwounded,” said Davis, who had returned to Molloy's side, probably to discourage the attentions of the ravens and buzzards that had already begun to circle overhead.“But deeply shaken, as any man of sensitive nature would be.”Quince was crouched beside Hannibal, still rather greenish himself, proffering a bottle and spoon at which Hannibal was shaking his head with weary nausea.“I assure you,” Quince was saying, “that a decoction of boiled lettuce-root and honey is a sovereign remedy for complaints of the stomach.”“Pray do not corrupt me with pallid brews and weak elixirs,” whispered Hannibal as January came near.“And the problem is not my stomach but my nerves.and probably my heart.Nothing will do for it but laudanum, and lots of it.”“Are you all right?” The fiddler was still shaking all over, as if with deathly cold despite the humid heat already thick in the air.Hannibal responded with a cracked laugh.“As all right as any man is who has slain his first man.Will all green Neptune's oceanWash this blood clean from my hand?No, this my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine,Making the green one red.”“He would have killed you!” said Quince in considerable surprise.“Ah, that makes it all right, then.”“It does,” said January firmly, pulling Hannibal to his feet.In a lower voice, he added, “God knows what kind of mess it's going to make of Mrs.Fischer's plans to get her treasure back without anyone knowing.” And was rewarded by his friend's sudden wan grin.“Good God, I'd forgotten it was Molloy who knows where the money is.What do you bet she's searching his cabin even as we speak?” He tried to take a step and caught January's arm; his hand, when January felt it, was like ice, his face still gray and clammy with sweat.“Did you bet on me?”“No!” said January, anger flaring in the aftermath of shock.“I didn't bet at all.”“Pity.It might have made your search for your four thousand dollars superrogatory.” Hannibal shivered violently, clearly struggling to stay on his feet.He would have been easier to carry bodily—he weighed barely more than a hundred pounds—but he shook off January's offer to do so.Cain, in the meantime, had gone with his little gang of slaves to the woods to cut saplings for a litter for the dead man, leaving, again, Davis alone beside the corpse.January bestowed Hannibal in the skiff and went back to kneel beside the Colonel in the mud.“It was a splendid shot for a pistol.” Davis nodded down at the handkerchief he'd laid over Molloy's head.January lifted the big square of red-blotched white linen, looked down at the gaping crimson hole just beside the left eye.“In a similar situation I don't think I'd have had the resolution to aim for the head.It's far too easy to miss, even at twenty paces.Your master is a remarkable man.”“He is indeed,” said January, thinking of what it had cost Hannibal, to stand out there and let an experienced marksman aim at him with a loaded gun.“To be honest—if you will forgive my saying so—I did not think he had it in him.” Davis edged aside as January examined the wound.“I have commanded men, and am something of a judge of them.Mr.Sefton is not one I would have chosen for a mission requiring desperation or resolution.”“He fools many people,” agreed January, sitting back a little on his heels.Then he leaned forward again, and with as matter-of-fact an air as he could muster, went on to press his hands to Molloy's chest and sides beneath his blue pea-jacket, to listen to Molloy's chest, and to extract the contents of Molloy's pockets.“Had Mr [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]