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.”“If I didn’t know how new this is to you, I’d be offended by that.” Gwen glared at her son.“We were just having a little chat to reinforce the moral support you already offered on our behalf.I can guess the things you’ve said but sometimes it helps to hear it personally.”“So you’re okay in here?”“We’re fine.” Andie flashed him a reassuring smile.“You weren’t really worried?”“Get used to it.Men in love tend to be a bit overprotective.Alex and I have been married for thirty years and he still comes to my rescue if he imagines I might need it.In fact, if I stay in here with you much longer, he’ll come to see if our son is harassing me even though he could guess what I intended to say to you.I’ll go head him off so Brett gets a minute alone with you before your family arrives.” She winked at Andie.“Relax, son.This lovely girl and I will get along just fine once you manage to give us some time to get to know each other.I’m looking forward to it but I will understand if it takes awhile for you to be able to let her out of your sight.”“I’d be lying if I said it would be any time soon,” Brett admitted.“I’m having trouble believing that Andie’s keeping me after all I put her through.She’s much too good for me, Mom.”“See that you don’t forget it.” Gwen chuckled.“I think I’ll go see if your father has managed to get himself in trouble with Sadie yet.We’ll shout when they pull up.We can entertain ourselves so don’t think you need to come in there and sit with us.”“Thanks, Mom.”Brett could see Andie’s confusion.“I tried to tell you how cool she is.”“I know but I guess I didn’t believe you.Keep in mind I have no experience with a mom like that.”“Maybe she’ll surprise you.Your dad was great.Maybe she and your grandmother are coming so they can tell you that they finally understand what you’ve been telling them and want to apologize for pushing you.”“If they are you better be ready to catch me when I pass out from shock.”“It would be my pleasure.Seriously, no matter what they say you can count on me staying by your side.No one will separate this beast from his wench.”“That’s good because this wench isn’t ever letting go of her beast either,” Andie declared as she drew his face to hers.When their lips touched, Andie urged Brett’s apart.She kissed him with abandon, as if trying to forget for a moment that her mother was about to swoop in and possibly destroy her newfound happiness.Brett understood Andie’s need and returned her kiss with equal ferocity.He knew she was afraid of the havoc her family would attempt to wreak as soon as they had the opportunity.What she didn’t realize was how determined he was to show her that he would never permit them to make her feel insecure again.They could say their worst and he would find a way to counter whatever it was.She’d learn to trust his parents soon enough too.It might take some time but Andie would eventually see that she was now a member of his family and could rely on all of them.Chapter Thirty-FiveBrett leaned against the doorjamb and watched Andie shift things around on the piano in preparation for Charlie’s lesson.Her grandmother had returned home but her mother showed no signs of leaving.With the help of their friends they had been successful in preventing Andie from being cornered but they all knew it was just a matter of time before Adele managed to catch her alone.He’d spent the entire week oozing as much charm as he could muster.As a result, Andie’s mother seemed taken with him.Her constant preening annoyed Brett to such an extent that he wanted nothing more than to toss her out on her phony butt and slam the door behind her.The tension he felt radiating from Andie grew every time her mother simpered in his direction.The woman had no shame with the way she deliberately cut off her daughter’s statements, interrupting conversations that had nothing to do with her [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]