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.The report’s incomplete.I only found it because— But never mind that.Ask Tucker, okay? See what he knows.I’ve got to go now, but I’ll call if I hear anything else.”Emily thanked him, and when he asked, she said she was fine, but she wasn’t.She left the grocery store, left her half-filled cart parked beside the meat counter and drove home, her mind churning, feeling bewildered, panicky, and yet somehow hopeful.If Darren Coe did this.But she was afraid to go any further with such a thought.Parking the car in the garage, she got out and opened the trunk, then stared, uncomprehending of the emptiness, before recalling that she’d left the groceries in the cart at the store.Calamity ruined everything, she thought, even something as ordinary, as mundane and simple, as dinner on a Monday night.That was the thought in her mind when she closed the trunk.And while she did register the sound of a car passing slowly by in the alley behind her, enough so that she turned to look, to see it was a midsize sedan, neutral in color and unfamiliar to her, her observation was little more than cursory.Even when the car returned, coming into her view again as she was climbing her back porch steps, she felt no sense of alarm, and she would find that amazing in hindsight, that under the circumstances she paid so little attention.11LISSA TURNED THE corner onto her street half expecting to see her house and driveway staked out by reporters, but it was blessedly vacant of all but Tucker’s Chevy Tahoe.She found him out in back, sitting on the bench in the gazebo, and she sat down next to him, scooting close.She wanted to tell him about Miranda working for the police, but then she’d have to confess she met with Detective Garza, and she wasn’t sure how he’d react.It might not mean anything, anyway.“You got your car back,” she said instead.“Yeah, it about took my last dime.” Tucker sat forward, bracing his elbows on his knees.“You want to show me how you want the tile laid in your studio, then I can get started unloading it.”“What about those receipts, from when you were in Austin?”“What about them?”“They’re in your glove box, right? You need to give them to the police, so they can check them out.”“I will, in the morning.”Why are you waiting? Lissa jammed her hands into her jacket pockets.If she asked, it might lead to more of a discussion than she wanted.“Have you seen today’s Chronicle?”Tucker said he hadn’t.He looked wary now and impatient.When she didn’t elaborate, he said, “I guess there was something in there about me.”“Not you specifically, but it looks like they’re about to arrest someone for Jessica’s murder.”Tucker sighed.“Jesus.”Lissa patted his knee.“It could be anyone.Todd Hite.Who knows?”“What a shit storm.I’m really sorry.”“I know.”“I didn’t do it.”“I know that, too,” she said.“You’re sure it didn’t give my name?”“No, so maybe—”“We both know there’s no maybe.It’s me the cops want, for whatever fucked-up reason.”“If that’s true, you’re getting a lawyer this time, Tucker.No argument.”“It’ll have to be a public defender.The old man sure won’t pay for it, and I’m not about to ask you and Evan.”“We’ll worry about that when—if—something happens.”Tucker picked up a small stone near the toe of his work boot and chucked it out the gazebo door.Lissa followed the arc of its path until it fell into the grass.“I’m thinking of talking to Sonny Cade.”“What for?”“Maybe he saw something like someone getting rough with Jessica.Or maybe he knows about that sting operation Todd was involved in, or something about Todd, or one of his clients.”Tucker didn’t say anything.“You think it would be okay?”“Okay how? I don’t think he knows shit, if that’s what you mean.”“He was kind of rough around the edges in high school.”“Who wasn’t screwed up back then? Cade is a stand-up guy.He did time in Afghanistan, came home with medals.Talking to him about his experience over there made me wonder why I didn’t sign up.Maybe it would have straightened me out, too.”“Dad didn’t want you to have anything to do with the military,” Lissa said.“Oh, yeah.” Tucker laughed, and the sound was hurt.“I forgot.I was supposed to be the next Nolan Ryan, do my old man proud.”Lissa didn’t respond.Tucker’s failed baseball career was still such a sore part of his history.He’d been coached by their dad to be the best, and it had earned him a full ride scholarship to play for Texas Tech, but then, in his freshman season, he’d injured his knee permanently, sliding into second base.Lissa didn’t think their dad had ever gotten over the disappointment.“I remember you and Sonny were friends in school,” she said after a bit [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]