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.Heck, if he played his cards right, he could end up with a pretty penny, maybe buy a farm somewhere far away from Wisconsin.A sudden thought had him backpedaling away from such a tempting offer.“Is it going to be dangerous, Mister?”“Shouldn’t be on your end,” Matthew assured him.“Names Ed Brixton,” he said, extending his hand.“And you’ve hired yourself some extra help for ten bucks.Now, how much do I tell my friends you gonna pay them?”“Its ten dollars for each man,” Matthew assured.“Hot damn! Now, what exactly are we going to be doing for that money?”“Like I said, back up,” Matthew said.“We’ll leave at noon tomorrow.Be ready.”“Why not now?” Brixton said.“First of all, you need to find men, and second of all – it’s all in the timing.See you here at noon tomorrow,” Matthew said then turned and strode toward the house.CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHTMatthew deliberately kept the stallion at a canter, occasionally scanning the horizon to ensure that no was following besides his men.He could see no one, including the men he hired.He could only hope those men were close by.If Ed Brixton was true to his word, he knew a couple of Indians that would be willing to help a white man for the right price; however, Matthew hadn’t been able to stick around and meet them.Now he only had Ed Brixton’s word that he and two other men were out there, following unseen to act as his backup.A bright light suddenly appeared from seemingly nowhere and temporarily blinded him.He pulled the horse to a stop and scanned the tree line.A movement in his periphery caught his attention and he snapped his head around quickly, his hand on the butt of his Colt 45.Three men on horseback nosed their way into the clearing and sat there, watching Matthew.Matthew removed his revolver and cocked the hammer.Then, unexpectedly, the man in the middle removed his hat and waved it in the air.Ed Brixton’s flaming red hair was evident in the bright sunlight.Matthew relaxed and re-holstered his weapon.His took his hat off and returned the salutation, breathing an audible sigh of relief.He had enough to deal with at the moment without adding bandits or renegades to the list, so he was relieved to see Brixton.Apparently, Brixton had been true to his word about locating additional help.When he looked back a moment later, the three riders were gone, vanishing into the denseness of the surrounding woods.If they could vanish that easily, he thought, then his brother shouldn’t be able to spot them either.As it was his intention of arriving after dark, it shouldn’t be easy to see them anyway.He clicked his tongue and flicked the reins, sending the stallion into a canter again.If his estimation were correct, he’d reach his destination after nightfall, which should give him ample time to meet up with his backup without Mark seeing him, and to scout the area under cover of darkness.That’s why he’d forced himself to wait until noon before departing.It was also why he kept a tight rein on his horse’s speed.If common sense hadn’t prevailed, he would have left at first light and run the poor animal into the ground at a full gallop.He would also have arrived at the abandoned fort by now as well, and been fully exposed to his brother’s wrath in the daylight hours.An easy target wasn’t what he had in mind.No! As eager as he was to reach Marcelle’s side, it would do no good for him to go off half-cocked and get them both killed.He really believed that cooler heads prevailed, even if he’d never had an easy time following that dictate.He was determined to do so this time.He only hoped that his brother’s temper had been given ample time to cool and then he’d be able to reason with him.If not, Marcelle and Peter could be in a world of trouble – if they were still alive.He mentally shook himself.He couldn’t think that way.He had to believe that his brother was only using them as a means to an end – possibly his end – or simply to regain hold of Daragh Steel and its fortune.That was the most likely scenario.The sun sank lower on the horizon and finally disappeared from view, throwing the green landscape into a world of shadowy grays.The moon rose higher, taking its turn at watch, lighting the way for the remainder of his trip [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]