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.“I do not need a firearm.”Archer stood and pushed his chair in.“This is not up for debate.Now get your shit together, get your ass in the car, and stop giving me attitude.”I stood up and kicked the chair out of the way.“Just who do you think you are? No one has ever spoken to me like that in my life!”Archer met my glare with his own.He stepped forward.“Is that so? Well, maybe somebody should have.Would have saved me the trouble.”I reached up to slap him, but he caught my hand.He smirked at the look of surprise I must have been wearing.“You can bite me in the shower, babe, but that’s my limit.”I wanted to scrape that smug look off his face.“I hope you enjoyed it, because that’s the last time that will ever happen.” I gave him my own smirk.He stepped closer.He was less than an inch from my face, still holding my wrist.He lingered there for a long while.My heart beat faster when he leaned in to kiss me, and my eyes closed involuntarily.Only he didn’t kiss me.He whispered in my ear, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”He dropped my hand, grabbed the duffel bag, and walked out the door.Chapter 54The blonde was easy.She didn’t put up much of a struggle after he threatened to slice her throat.The drive out to the desert was one of the longest of his life.Lamia stunk up the entire car, but he still needed her, he decided.He didn’t tell her about the other Fury.Best to keep that to himself.He guessed that she, like he, had seen only her.Not her sisters.He wondered why that was.Why they used only the one to deal with people like him.He wondered if the sisters weren’t as good at their job, or if they just didn’t have the skills to take down someone as smart as he was, or as twisted as the snake woman.He wondered what would happen in the desert.Would the other sister show up?Because that would be delicious.Lamia was lazing around in the sand, complaining about the sun and the heat, not helping him set up, as usual.The bitch was useless.More trouble than she was worth, and he wanted to strangle her with her own tongue.Right now, the girls were all in place, all doing what they were told.He had blindfolded all of them, dressed them in matching, loose-fitting black dresses.Not to be cruel, because that wasn’t his style, but if he wanted to play with her, he had to make sure she couldn’t identify any of the game pieces.Always stack the deck in your favor.He smiled at his cleverness.He had even bought a black wig for the blonde to wear.He lined them all up, spaced them out just enough that she couldn’t compare them side by side.It was perfect.The sun was beating down on the sand, and he was drinking water to keep hydrated.He made sure they all had enough water before they took their places.He couldn’t have anyone passing out from dehydration.It wouldn’t be long now.The eclipse was coming.Soon he would have his sweet revenge and Lamia would get her kingdom.Not that he gave a shit about that.It was this world he wanted, this world he had come back for.And when he took the Fury’s life—the life that had taken his once—her immortality, Charon had told him, would leap into his soul.He could go on killing forever.He smiled at the thought, adjusted his wig, and went to get the cards.Chapter 55We drove in silence for a while.I was still angry, but I was trying to curb my fury.I suspected I would need it.Finally Archer said, “We’re here.”He exited the car, grabbed the bag, and swung around to my side.He opened the door.“Are you coming?”I didn’t answer him.Archer sighed.“Look, Tisi, we’ve got a job to do.You can be mad at me later, but right now I need you focused.”I looked at him.“I don’t like guns.”“I know, and I’m sorry I yelled at you.I just want you to be safe.I want us all to walk away from this unharmed.”I got out of the car.“But don’t you see? Your bullets didn’t kill Lamia.My sword will.”“That’s true, but they did stop her.”He was right about that.He had been right about a lot of things.Perhaps I was being too stubborn.We truly didn’t know what we were dealing with.A soul had never escaped from Tartarus.Were there more of them than just Gacy? Would they be walking into an ambush?Perhaps, when you’ve been dealt a wild card, it’s best to approach it with an equally wild plan of attack.“Okay.Tell me what to do.”We had traveled deep into the desert.There were no buildings around, no lights except the sun.Aside from the mountains off in the distance and a few cacti, we were alone.Archer led me to an area between two boulders.He explained how to load the weapon, how to hold it, where to position my eye to aim a shot, and the stance that he used.He went first, calling each shot before he fired [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]