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.“Creating a diversion?”Raised voices sounded from across the lawn.A moment later, car doors slammed then tires squealed.A dark sedan shot out of a side street and sped away.A bump against my hip, and I looked down at the big black dog walking beside me.“Nice one, Fido.” I rubbed his ear.“Why did I have to change again?” Rowan asked.“So they’d see me and James lock up and walk away from the building.There’s also the added benefit that the hellhound won’t be linked to him.”“The hellhound will be linked to you.”“Works for me.If Miss Megan reports that I have a hellhound at my beck and call, maybe I won’t have to rebuild my lab so often.” I followed him across the lawn to the Suburban.Donovan disappointed me; he didn’t say a word about Rowan’s attire when he climbed in the SUV.I let James jump up on the back seat ahead of me, then pulled the door closed.“I guess that explains a few things,” Donovan said after James got in.“Just in case reporter bitch was still watching,” I clarified.Donovan snorted.“Is that her title?”“I strive for accurate descriptions.” I reached in my jacket pocket and pulled out the compass.James leaned in a little closer, his hot breath fogging the glass.One furry shoulder pressed against mine.Amused, I glanced over and realized that he wasn’t intentionally crowding me.He actually took up over half the seat.“You are one big freaking dog, you know that?” I laughed as his tongue rolled out in a doggy grin.Of course, he almost licked my face in the process.“James, there’s a duffle bag in the back.You can change when we stop.” Donovan pulled away from the curb.“Until then, mind the claws on the leather.”The seats weren’t leather.The beige fabric sported a few stains and holes where I suspected a fishing lure had snagged or some of the camping gear had poked.The backend of the Suburban was full of assorted outdoor equipment.“What does the compass say?” Rowan asked.I leaned forward and handed it to him, then watched the needle point in the same direction it had pointed for me.Rowan still had faith in me.Well, faith in my alchemy.It was a start.I slid back in my seat—my small corner of the seat not occupied by a large furry hellhound—and snapped on my seatbelt.Maybe Donovan was right.I just needed to give them time.Perhaps one day, we’d be what we once were.I balanced the compass on my palm, and the needle held steady.No matter where I stood, the needle pointed to the ivy-covered statue in front of us.We were in a little park somewhere north of the city.After driving in what felt like circles following the compass needle, I wasn’t sure exactly where we were.“Maybe it’s St.Anthony,” Donovan said.“That’s not even funny.” I handed Donovan the compass and started back toward his SUV.“Addie, I was kidding.” Donovan trailed along after me.“Who’s St.Anthony?” James asked from behind me.I assumed Rowan followed, though he didn’t speak.“The patron saint of lost things…and people,” I said over my shoulder.“Yeah, not funny,” James agreed.“I apologize,” Donovan said.I stopped.For some reason, I could never stay mad at Donovan.I turned to face him.“No, I’m sorry.I shouldn’t have snapped at you.It’s just…” I lifted my hands, then let them fall.“That’s okay.James was right: it was in poor taste.”“Are we sure she’s not here?” James asked.“Maybe we should search the park.”“She’s not here,” Rowan said.“How do you—”“This close, I would feel her.”I frowned, remembering Era’s comment about feeling another Element when they were nearby.“We should go,” Rowan said.“But Addie’s formulas don’t fail,” James said.I almost told James about the burn salve, but just the possibility of messing up such a simple formula shamed me.I opened the back door of the Suburban and climbed in.James joined me, but Donovan and Rowan had stopped.Rowan had his phone out.“Rowan, what is it?” I called out, praying it was news of Era.He looked up, a frown creasing his brow and a hint of orange around his pupils [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]