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.Especially of me.And even though this may scare her, I seize the opportunity, letting go of Brett’s shirt and closing the distance between us.I pull her into our room, shut the door behind us, and lock it.I need to take a beat before we talk—before I do anything.I want to immediately wrap her in my arms and tell her I love her and I’m sorry for being an ass.But I need a freaking breather.He’s so much like me, and not like me.He pisses me off, infuriates the hell out of me, then I see myself sometimes when I look in his face and it sends me over the edge.I hate my mom.I hate her for doing what she did to Dad.I hate her for having an entire family and not telling me about them.I hate that I know he feels the same way.And I keep letting that bug me so much, it’s putting up a wall between me and Lex.I know I want her.I want her so bad.But I also know if we have sex, I’ll release all the tension and shit I’ve kept inside on her.I won’t be thinking about her.All I’ll want is a release for me.How the hell is that fair to her?A few more calming breaths later, and I finally look at her.I push back all the frustration I have swirling through my body, and we both pop our mouths open at the same time.“Are you okay?”Like diving into a warm shower, the tension washes off of us, out of the room, and I pull her to me.My lips press all over her face, while she does the same to me.“I’m sorry—” I start to say, before she cuts my mouth off, and I kiss her back because I don’t need to say anything.Instead, I push everything that’s screwing me up into our kiss, and only half of me wonders if I’m hurting her with how forceful I’m being.But she lets out a gasp and a moan, and I stop worrying about it and whip her around, pressing myself against her body and the wall.My lips move from hers to calm myself down, but I end up dragging them along her jaw, down her sexy as hell collarbone.She starts gasping praises to God Almighty, and it turns me on to the point I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stop, even if I know it’s the right thing to do.My mouth stops right above her cleavage.I pause there, not moving, hoping to calm the hell down, but her hands slide down the back of my neck and tug the collar of my undershirt.The fact she wants it off makes my lips hungry for her skin.I need it.I need to keep kissing and touching and sucking and biting.And it’s not until she yanks on my shirt so hard, saying, “Ryan, please,” that I break away long enough for her to whip it over my head.Then without thinking about it, I grab hers too, lifting it enough to run my hands over her stomach.She lets out a whimper, and my mind zaps to how she would sound if I were to bring her to the highest pleasure possible.Her palms press against my chest, and she shoves me with more force than I ever thought that tiny, sexy body was capable of.I land ass backwards on the bed, the pajama bottoms I’m wearing doing nothing to hide how much I like this.She jumps on top of me, causing a grunt to pop out my lips before she giggles and kisses me again.Her fingers twine with mine and pull my hand to her side, right under her armpit and cupping the side of her breast.She smiles and bites my lip, and I take my cue to rub and caress that breast till she knocks my hand out of the way.I’ve been in this territory before, so it’s nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make my chest spark and my blood pump downward and the heat run through my body so much I think we’ll set the bed on fire.A few minutes.I’ll stop us in a few minutes.I’ll try to be smooth about it.I’ll do it in a way she’ll know I love her and I want her, but it’s just not right, right now.I pull my hand from her shirt because I can’t keep doing that or I’m going to bury myself in her and take out all my stress in the most selfish way.She springs up, kneeling next to me on the mattress, biting her lip, twisting her ring, and giving me a look with her big pupils that tells me she wants to do something, but she’s not sure if she should.I run my fingers up to her cheek, over the now-small bump on her eye, giving her a half-smile.I’m ready to pull her down next to me and hold her.Take those dreams away, and we can spend the rest of this night without any more crap.But before I can, she shocks the hell out of me by twisting her hands in the hem of her tank top and whipping it over her head so fast I’m sure it was because she didn’t want to change her mind.There’s no bra under that shirt.So I’m pretty sure the look on my face screams exactly what I’m thinking.And my woody says it too.A flush goes up through her neck, turning those round, amazing, sexy, beautiful… holy shit! I’m finally seeing Lex’s perfect breasts.They’re a little pink from the blush creeping through her entire body.While her skin fills with blood, all my blood supply continues to shoot somewhere else, making my head go fuzzy [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]