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.I might have been rash in my decision to fling you into the mix without a word.Both mixes.I realize it would be a huge leap of faith for you to give me a chance with your heart.However, I’m hoping you will consider doing just that.I know I can be an overbearing ass at times, but I can’t seem to get you out of my head.Your purity in all things humbles me.Please accept these gifts as a token of my sincere desire to get to know you better.Yours, MasonGifts? A bell chimed in front, indicating a customer had entered the shop.David was manning the register.He had everything under control.Jenna stood rooted to the spot, holding the tiny card in her shaky fingers.A minute later the bell rang again, and David ducked into the back holding a rectangular box wrapped in silver paper and covered with another gaudy white bow far too large for the box, a mile-wide grin splitting his cheeks.“Another awful delivery for you.Someone has been holding out on me.” He handed her the box.“Details please.” He looked at her face and sobered.“Never mind.I’ll wait until later.” He turned and fled the back room.Do I look that stunned?Jenna tore the silver paper from the box and dropped it to the floor with the ribbon.Chocolates.Of course.Hence the plural gifts.A card on top read:You’re holding my heart in your hands.Please give me a chance to demonstrate some of my finer skills.MHoly shit!When did Mr.Bullfighter become so eloquent and thoughtful? The door to the back room opened again, and she almost stumbled onto her ass.She gripped the side of the counter and lifted her gaze.What now?She swallowed her tongue.Mason stood there with a giant smirk on his face.“Hey.” He leaned casually across the counter and toyed with the bow wrapped numerous times around the vase of roses.“I was hoping this would be enough ribbon that I might be able to put it to good use.”Jenna swallowed again.“Doing what?” she mumbled.He raised an eyebrow.“I’m sure I’ll think of something.”She stared at him.He was in her shop.David would have seen him.Now she would have to explain herself to her friends.Mariel and David were going to have a field day with this development.“I was hoping you’d consider letting me take you to dinner.”Jenna cleared her throat.“Now?” She glanced down at her clothes.White jeans.Pink blouse.Matching pink flip flops.Not what she would wear on a date, but then again, Mason was casual in his jeans and designer T-shirt.“Well, if you can get away.Your coworker told me he had things covered.”You spoke to David?Jenna glanced around at the messy room.She’d accomplished little today except to scatter flowers, stems, and ribbon all over the place in her discombobulated state.“Did you have other plans?” His mouth dropped.“No.”“Then let’s go.” He lifted his elbow for her to accompany him.“I need to talk to David.” She stepped past Mason, leaving him in the rear of the store.David was finishing up with a client, and she waited for the door to shut behind the woman before she addressed him.“You told Mason you would close?”“Yes.Is that a problem? I often close.” He lifted a brow, smirking at her.“So, Mason is his name? Nice.Why haven’t I heard a word about this Mason?” He glanced behind her to make sure they weren’t being overheard and lowered his voice.“He’s hot.If it doesn’t work out, give him my number.”Jenna swatted his arm.“Be nice.” She straightened and brushed a hair from her face.“Okay then.” She glanced around and couldn’t think of a single reason she shouldn’t go with Mason.Except for the small detail of him possibly smashing her heart to pieces when he was done with it.“Go.” David pointed to the back.“There’s a stunningly hot man waiting for you.Why are you still here?”He was that.Stunning and hot.Maybe too much so.Chapter TenMason drove slowly toward the steakhouse.He’d booked a reservation before arriving at Ribbons and Bows.He felt like a gangly teenager on his first date.In fact he’d been a teenager the last time he’d been on a real date.He’d never been lacking in women, and he’d serviced plenty over the years, never failing to get what he needed from them whenever the urge arose.But dating was not his thing.Or it hadn’t been.When he pulled to the curb and then helped Jenna from the Camaro, he felt calmer than expected.Her tiny fingers wrapped in his made him settle.His chest pounded at a slower pace.The hostess seated them promptly, and Mason ordered a bottle of wine.He leaned on his elbows and stared at his good luck as soon as the waitress left them.“What?”Jenna grinned at him.“You don’t realize how domineering you are, do you?”Uh oh.He gritted his teeth.“What’d I do already?”“How do you know if I like chardonnay?”He smiled.“You drank it at the rehearsal dinner.” Ah ha.She laughed.“Okay.I’ll give you that.But what if I want something different tonight?”“Do you?”“No.”“Well then.” He reached across the table and took her hands in his.“I’m gonna fuck up.I’m far from perfect.I don’t know if I can do this.I’m only asking for a chance.”She squeezed his hands with her fingers.“I’m not perfect, either.And you don’t have to do all the work.Perhaps we could meet halfway.I could attempt to fit in to your world, and you could give mine a try?”“A truce.Hmmm.I’ve never done a truce before.”“No time like the present.” She released him as their wine appeared.The waitress removed the cork, poured a splash, and handed it to Mason, who nodded his approval after a small sip.“May I take your order?”Mason opened his mouth and then thought better of it.“Give us a minute, please.” He turned to Jenna.“See? 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