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.”Ray was now leaning so close to her she could feel his breath on her neck.She turned her head away, but he licked and then bit into the side of her neck.Emily cried out again and tears ran down over her cheeks.She felt so sick and weak, she didn’t think could get away from him even if she tried.“I’d bet you’d like that wouldn’t you, bitch? I’ll show you what a real man is made of.You won’t need two men to satisfy you after you’ve been with me.” Ray licked her neck again.He shoved her against the wall again and she realized the only reason she was still on her feet was because he was gripping her neck and her head was swimming because of her head injury and being knocked on the wall as well as lack of oxygen.She was only getting a minimum amount of air into her lungs when she breathed in.She gagged when Ray licked her neck again and then up over her jaw bone and cheek.She opened her mouth to try to answer him but nothing came out.He made a growling noise, released her throat, shoved his hand against her stomach, and then slapped her face hard.Stars exploded behind her eyelids and even though she wanted to drift into unconsciousness where she would no longer feel any more pain, she didn’t want to pass out.He could do anything he wanted to her and she would never even know it.Emily didn’t want him to rape and kill her while she was out of it, so she fought to stay in her pain-filled world.At least she knew she was still alive.She breathed deeply and evenly and eventually the ringing in her ears cleared and her head stopped swimming.Ray released her without saying anything and Emily slid down the wall to land on her ass in the dirt and on the rock floor.Maybe she could talk him out of this.Maybe she could get him to see reason.It was worth a try.Anything was worth a try.“Why are you doing this, Ray? What have I ever done to you to deserve this?” Emily asked in a calm, even voice.“Shut up, you fucking bitch,” Ray screamed so loudly, his voice echoed throughout the cave.She could hear him moving around and tried to see what he was doing but she couldn’t He had to know this place like the back of his hand to be moving around without any artificial light.Had he planned this all along? Was this where Chris came when he wanted to buy drugs from Ray?It didn’t matter.Nothing mattered but getting away from him.She needed to get her hands free and then she could fight him.She clenched her fists and nearly cried out in jubilation when she felt the sharp rock still in her hand.She was so cold and numb she could barely feel it, but now that she had, she set to work again, scraping the edge over the ropes around her wrists.She prayed that Ray wouldn’t hear the slight noise the stone made as she sawed it back and forth.When she didn’t hear him moving toward her, she kept right on going and hoped she could weaken the hemp enough to separate her wrists even if she couldn’t get it off.Emily shook with fear when she heard him coming back and decided she couldn’t stop what she was doing so she started talking to cover her actions.“They’ll come for me, you know.Cole and Adam.When they find out I’m missing, they won’t give up until they find me, Ray.Why don’t you take me back to the ranch before they find out I’m gone.I won’t tell them what you did, they need never know.”“Do you think I’m fucking stupid? I know they’ll come for you.That’s what I want.They’ll give me the money your fucking asshole of a brother owes me.Then I’ll be able to leave this fucking hellhole.If it wasn’t for your stupid fucking brother none of this would have happened.He owes me ten thousand dollars.If I don’t get that money by tomorrow night, I’m a dead man.”Come on, Emily.She encouraged herself silently as she felt a little of the rope around her wrist give.Keep going.You can do this.God knows how many times she slipped, cutting her own skin as she used her contorted fingers and wrists to cut into the ropes with the sharp piece of stone.She could hardly feel anything, the ropes were that tight.“If you let me go, I’ll ask Cole and Adam for the money and give it to you.Please, Ray, let me go.I haven’t done anything to you.” Emily tried to swallow the sob in her chest but she couldn’t.“You must think I have no brains at all if you think I’ll believe that.As soon as I let you go, you’d go running to those two bastards and the cops will be crawling all over the place.I’m getting sick and tired of your whining and crying,” Ray said through what sounded like clenched teeth, and she trembled when he moved closer still.Emily felt him right next to her.He was either squatting or kneeling, so she stopped cutting the rope and tried to move away from him.She froze with terror when she felt something hard and cold press against her throat.“If you make one more fucking sound I’m going to slit your throat right now.So if I were you I’d shut the fuck up.”Even though she tried to stay still, she couldn’t stop shaking.Whatever was against her neck was cold and thin so she thought it must be a knife.He didn’t move away like she expected him to, but sat close to her not moving.She could hear him breathing over her own rapid pants, or maybe it was that she could feel his breath ruffling her hair.Emily started to think that she wouldn’t get out of this after all and started praying.Please God? Please guide Cole and Adam to me.Please help them find me before he kills me.She nearly fainted with relief when Ray removed the knife and then moved away.She was shaking so much her teeth were chattering, but she slumped with relief for her momentary reprieve.Emily drew in breath after breath and tried to calm her racing heart.It slowed a little but not much, and even though it was hard to get her body to obey her brain, she made her fingers move and started scraping at the rope with the rock again.She didn’t want to die.Chapter NineAdam followed Cole as he crept along the rock face near the bottom of the incline, both of them scanning for Ray to see where he was hidden.Cole turned to face him, grabbed his arm, and pointed out a gap he hadn’t seen behind some scraggly sage bushes halfway up the hill.Then his brother pointed back to the tree where they had hidden their horses and they quietly made their way back down.“What are we going to do, Cole?” Adam asked in a whisper once they were hidden in the copse, but they were both watching that entrance into the side of the hill.“We can’t go in there.We’d have to go in blind.We’ll be sitting ducks.We’ll be putting ourselves and Emily in danger.”“He’s gotta come out some time.He can’t stay in there forever.He has to pee just like the rest of us and when he does, we’ll be ready,” Cole said in a whisper-soft voice which made even him shiver.“There’s only a few minutes of light left.We’re going stay here.We’ll take turns getting some shut-eye.You sleep and I’ll take first watch [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]