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.”“I don’t know,” she said, considering Ryder’s words; then the text message that Lea had sent her earlier, popped in Ari’s mind.“Lea’s trying to get me to help her to find out what’s happening to all the missing students.She put a spell on me to amplify my premonitions.At least I think she did anyway.Maybe that is messing with my powers?”“But, what exactly did you see; who was it who killed them?”“I don’t know; I couldn’t see his face,” Ari said in a small scared voice.“His face?” said Ryder, and his eyes suddenly became hollow and blank, and he whispered, “Mark,” low under his breath.“Mark? His maker? But why would Mark want to kill Patrick’s family?”“The night that Patrick turned me, he told me the story of how he had become a vampire.He said that he wanted me to know what I was giving up, that I would be leaving behind my family,” said Ryder.“He had been Mark’s source for a while and Mark kept offering to turn him, but Patrick kept refusing because of his family.When his family died, he finally agreed, because he thought all his pain would go away.”“But-”“-don’t you see? Mark killed the only thing that was holding Patrick to his humanity.He wanted Patrick and he knew the only way he could get him, was to take away the only things that mattered most to Patrick,” Ryder explained.Ari was staring at Ryder in disbelief.She watched as his eyes darted down to the photograph of the coven and then narrowed.In her head, Ari heard the macabre whistling of the man from her vision who had committed the murders; she flashed back to when she had first met Mark and then again when she had spoken to him recently, the same dull tune playing in her mind.In that moment, Ari knew that Ryder was right; Mark had killed Patrick’s family.“That bastard! He doesn’t love Patrick.He wants to own him,” said Ryder, his fist bawling at his side.“Ryder don’t do anything-” Ari began to say, but Ryder had already blurred out of the room.Without pausing to think, Ari raced after him, flinging her hands into the air and hoping desperately that she might freeze Ryder before he was out of her range.But it was too late… he was gone.Ari stared at the empty corridor, thinking fast.In an instant she had moved back into her room and reached for her phone, dialling Ryder’s number hurriedly.“Come on, pick up!” she said into the phone, listening pointlessly to the ringing.When she heard Ryder’s message machine, she threw her phone uselessly into her pocket, grabbed her coat and ran down the corridor.She was half way to Cruor halls, intent on telling Ragon what had just happened, when she thought to call Patrick.Immediately she dialled his number and waited.“Where’s Ryder?” she asked hopefully, panting slightly into the phone when Patrick answered a moment later.“How should I know?” Patrick said indifferently.“Where are you? Is Mark there with you?”“I’m at the library,” Patrick replied.“I have a thesis proposal that I need to fin-”“-listen to me Patrick.I had a vision.I saw Mark killing your family and when I told Ryder he-”“-what are you talking about?” Patrick asked sharply.“Meet me outside the library; I’ll explain everything,” she said, hanging up quickly and turning mid-stride to race back towards the vampire library.By the time she reached the library, Patrick was already waiting for her.He was pacing outside, his hands in his pockets as he scanned the grounds for her.When Ari reached him at the entrance to the vampire library she was gasping for air.Ari looked up, noticing that just behind where Patrick stood a notice had been pinned to the library’s glass walls which read, ‘Cruor halls hockey tryouts.Tonight.Come support your team.’“What the hell is going on?” he asked.Ari paused, clutching painfully at her ribs as she took in deep gulps of cool air that burned her throat.“We have to find Mark,” she said.“Ryder thinks he killed your family to be with you.”“But that’s ridiculous.Why would he think that?”“I had a vision of your family dying, except they didn’t die.They were murdered by a vampire,” Ari said quickly.“It’s a long story, but Lea put a spell on me so that I could have a premonition about the missing students… but I think I saw the past, saw your past.”“That makes no sense.Why would Mark kill my family?”“So that there was nothing stopping you from wanting to become a vampire,” Ari explained, remembering Ryder’s words.“Ryder said that when you were Mark’s source he kept offering to turn you, but that you refused because of your family.I think he made it look like an accident so you wouldn’t suspect him.”Slowly Patrick’s face fell.His eyes had hardened and he stared off into the distance, as if remembering some forgotten truth.“We have to get back to your house.I think Ryder has gone to confront Mark,” she said, recapturing Patrick’s attention.“But Mark is hundreds of years older than him.He’ll kill him.”“Wait,” Ari cried out after him, when Patrick had turned to leave.“Take me with you.Mark is older than both of you; I can help.”Patrick hesitated but then raced back to her, glanced around once to check that no one was watching and swung her onto his back, speeding away.Ari wasn’t sure how long it had taken them to get to Mark’s house.When they finally arrived, the house was silent, and Patrick placed Ari onto her feet and hurried to open the door.“You stupid, love struck, fledgling,” yelled Mark, from somewhere inside the house.“I should have killed you when I first saw you and Patrick together.He was never yours [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]