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.and for him to deploy the first stage of his plan.He hadn’t called ahead to make sure they’d be here, but he had a good feeling about this.No doubt Megan would try to fight their attraction.He expected that and was prepared to work harder than he ever had at anything to convince her to come around.Gabe knew it wasn’t going to be a quick turnaround.But, he thought with another slow grin as he remembered their oh-so-sweet lovemaking in Lake Tahoe, a little anticipation wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.He took the steps two at a time up to the door into her apartment building, his long strides quickly putting him in front of her place.He was just about to ring her doorbell when the door opened.Jesus, he thought, just as stunned as he’d been that day she’d come to see him in the hospital, she’s beautiful.“Gabe?” She put her hand over her chest as if to try to still her heartbeat.He could see her pulse moving in the gorgeous curve of her neck.“What are you doing here?”Instead of answering her question, he took in the basket of clothes in her hands.“Laundry.”“You need to do laundry?” she asked in a confused voice and he liked the way he’d stunned her into losing the thread of what she was doing.As he smiled down at her, thinking how adorable she looked with her ponytail, sweater, and jeans, she flushed.“Oh.You mean me? Yes.I need to do laundry.”That was right when she looked down at the basket.When her face flamed even hotter, Gabe followed her gaze to the scrap of pink lace lying on top.She quickly shoved a T-shirt over her panties, but not before Gabe added another goal to his list: To make love to Megan while she was wearing those pink panties.She looked back up at him and he had to shove his hands deep into his jeans pockets to keep from pulling her against him and kissing her beautifully soft lips.“I came to see you and Summer.”She licked her lips, clearly nervous about his unexpected appearance.He loved how strong she was.but he also liked that he could make her nervous.It was why he’d wanted to surprise her, so that he could gauge her genuine reaction to seeing him again, rather than letting her prepare for the meeting and get all those walls she was so fond of built up.As he’d learned at the firefighter academy, timing was everything.“Summer isn’t here.She’s in Disneyland with her grandparents.”Gabe had planned on including Summer in their plans for the evening, and he would miss the little girl, but he couldn’t deny his pleasure at this chance to be alone with Megan again.“She must be having a great time.”Megan pulled the basket of clothes closer to her, as if they could protect her from whatever his intentions were.“She is.I just got off the phone with her.She met Mickey and Goofy at breakfast this morning.I usually go with them, but I had to work so I couldn’t.”Gabe continued to grin at her as the pulse in her neck continued to rock and roll.“You’re nervous about seeing me again.”She shook her head too fast.Too hard.“I’m surprised.” But she didn’t meet his eyes as she said it.“Surprise.”Her eyes flew to his and he could have sworn she shivered at the husky tone of his voice.But then, a moment later, he watched her still herself and pull her shoulders back.“We talked about this.In Lake Tahoe.”“No,” he reminded her.“We didn’t discuss anything at all.”“Fine,” she said in a short voice.“We can discuss it now.And then you can go.”He was surprised—but not in a bad way—when she stepped fully into the hall, slammed her door shut behind her, and stalked to the stairs.He followed her down to the basement, admiring the angry sway of her hips as she shoved her shoulder against the laundry-room door and let it swing back in his face.It was tempting to laugh, but he was afraid she’d take it the wrong way.He appreciated her spark, knowing he would never be happy with a submissive partner.He’d take her facing off against him a hundred times over having her shrink into his arms as if he alone were responsible for the sun shining.She yanked open the washing machine, shoved the clothes in, poured half a bottle of detergent over them, then pushed in her quarters.When the machine started to—loudly—crank to life, she turned to him, her arms crossed over her chest.“Go ahead.Discuss away.”“You’re beautiful, Megan.”Her eyes widened with pleasure at his compliment for a split second before she tamped it down.“I’ve got work to do.”She went to move past him and Gabe decided he had no choice but to reach for her.He grabbed her hand and pulled her against him.“Give me a chance.”She was stiff against him, but she didn’t pull away.“I can’t.And you know why.”“No,” he told her softly, “I don’t [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]