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.When he puts it like that, there really is no way to say no.“There’s somethin’ else.” He nips at my lower lip.His hand finds one of my breasts, and he squeezes it with a firmness that has my back arching.“W-w-w-what?”“I like it rough, darlin’.”“Don’t they all,” I mewl, sliding my hands under his shirt and feeling the hard, yet silky smoothness of his skin against my palms.“No, sweetheart,” he grates out, sliding his hand around my back to unclip my bra so he can find my nipples.Oh God, yes.“Then elaborate,” I pant, squeezing his hip with my fingers.“When I fuck, I like to fuck with a raw ferocity most women can’t handle.I don’t make love.I want you up against a wall, my hands tangled in your hair while my cock is driving in and out of you.My hands won’t be gentle; my cock won’t be gentle; and baby,” he growls, “I won’t be fuckin’ gentle.”“Give me all you’ve got, biker,” I challenge breathlessly.“Fuck,” he hisses.“Never had one so eager.”“Just one question,” I moan, writhing beneath him as he pinches my nipple so hard that pain shoots through my spine, and pleasure floods my pussy.“Only one?” he murmurs against my mouth.“Go.”“Will you put your hands on me in an aggressive way that will be forever scarring?”He pulls back, his lips swollen from our kiss.“It’s your turn to elaborate.”“Will you hit me?”He narrows his eyes.“Fuck no.”“So you just like angry sex, you don’t like.sadistic sex?”He smirks.“I’ll hurt you, baby.But it’ll be with my mouth as my teeth sink into your flesh.There will be no brutal violence.I’m not fucked up.I don’t like it like this because I’ve got deep, dark issues.I like it like this because there is a certain thrill that comes with sex that is rough and angry.I know you won’t get it because you’re a chick, but it’s how I like it.Not all the time, of course.But eh, I’m a biker and a bit of rough and tumble is fuckin’ hot.”I stare up at him, and a slow smirk creeps across my face.I believe Krypt has underestimated me.I have a sex drive wilder than most men; I love it.I am forever wanting to find different ways to do it, often fantasizing about more than one scenario.I reach up, stroking his jaw.His eyes soften—at least, until I pull my hand back and slap him.“You fuckin’.” he growls, taking my hands in one of his and shoving them above my head.“Don’t do that again.”“You want it rough, Krypt? Then do it properly.”His eyes flare with need, his mouth slackening as if he’s just discovered something he has dreamed about his entire life.“Well?” I hiss up at him.“Are we going to lay here, or are you going to fuck me and make it count?”A slow, wild grin spreads across his face.His eyes flicker between grey and blue as the light shines in over us.Then, before I can say another word, he has me flipped on my stomach.He presses himself over me, his hands taking hold of my shirt and sliding it up.He shifts his body and rips it off as if it didn’t have to clear my head and arms first.He leans down, biting the flesh on my back, causing little moans of pain and pleasure to escape my lips.Using one hand he tucks my arm underneath me, pressing his face down to my ear.“I’ll make it count, baby, don’t you fuckin’ worry about that.” He nips my earlobe and then his lips are sliding across the back of my neck, pushing my hair out of the way.I whimper shamelessly, pushing my backside up into his already hard cock.“Uh, uh, uh,” he chastises, pushing it back down.“I’ll be the one to decide when you get that.”His weight goes off me for a second while he takes my pants and quickly pulls them down my legs.He puts his hands under my hips and raises my ass into the air, revealing my tiny G-string, which thank god was brand new; I made Krypt assure me of that.He leans down, and his warm breath penetrates the thin cotton to warm my damp sex.“I love how you fuckin’ smell,” he rasps against me.“So fuckin’ sweet.Have you ever had your pussy licked from behind?”I shudder.Oh, God.“Didn’t think so.”He tears my panties off with a loud rip, and then his mouth is back against my ass.He breathes me in, a long, slow inhale that has my cheeks flushing.Then his mouth is against my exposed entrance, his tongue slides along the damp flesh.I drop my head, my eyes fluttering closed as he presses his entire mouth against me, his tongue sliding out to find my clit.“Oh God,” I whimper.“Shit.”All that heat covering me sends me over the edge.I press myself against him, wanting him to put his fingers inside me and fuck me while his lips are against me, but on this angle, I know it’s not possible.Krypt makes it possible.His tongue penetrates me as a finger would, and I cry out so loudly I shock myself.It feels oddly amazing, so soft and yet hard.His fingers go up and he strokes my clit while his tongue fucks me in a way I’ve not been fucked before.I thrash my head from side to side as an orgasm rises.Then he pulls back.It takes me a moment to realize what has happened, and it isn’t until the cool air hits my exposes skin that reality kicks in and my orgasm dies.I turn around, and he’s rocking back on his heels.He’s squatting as he rocks, a smirk on his face.He’s got no shirt on, and his jeans are unbuttoned.His cock pokes out the top, the head an angry red, like it needs to be freed.“Are you proud of yourself?”He winks at me.The fucker.I lunge at him, knocking him clean over.He lands on his back with an oomph.I drop over him, straddling his hips.I take his hands and shove them above his head.He grins up at me, amusement dancing in his eyes.Effortlessly, he throws me off him.My entire body is aware of him as I crawl forward quickly.I hear shuffling behind me as he crawls after me.His hand lashes out and catches my hip, pulling me backwards.I drive my elbow into his ribs, before spinning around and raising my hand to shove him backwards.He catches it, slamming it against the wall behind him.He slides his body up against mine, pressing me against the cold surface with no way out.“I win, sweetheart.”“I wasn’t even trying,” I pant.He thrusts his cock up against me, and I can feel the soft skin against my belly.It’s clearly freed from its confinements.He presses his forehead against mine, while his hands hold my hands above my head.He continues to thrust his hips, sliding his length up and down my belly, warming me [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]