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.He'd had a few girlfriends here and there, but he'd never allowed himself to fall in love with them.Whenever things started moving in a forward direction, he'd cut the cord.Every single time he'd ended up comparing the lady in question to Layla.Because nothing or no one had ever felt right, not after Layla had been imprinted on his soul.“What I've always loved about Breeze Point is the sense that everyone is greeted with open arms.”Gabrielle TurnerChapter ThreeA quick trip to the center of town had turned into a full-fledged walking tour of the downtown area.After picking up some nails at the hardware store, Layla had found herself strolling around the quaintest town square she'd ever known.How she'd missed Main Street with all the cute shops and the friendly townsfolk passing by.A father cradled a baby in his arms as the doting mother looked on.A little girl no more than five chased after a dog trailing a leash.She smiled at the sight of Sweet Treats.The sign out front was pink and purple, with a big cupcake on it.Sigh.The Donahue family bakery.It brought back a host of memories.If she closed her eyes she could almost taste the famous Donahue Whoopie Pies.They'd always melted in her mouth and satisfied her sweet tooth.She felt too awkward to just saunter inside and re-introduce herself to them.With seven sons, she was certain Maggie and Alec couldn't remember every young woman who'd walked in and out of their sons' lives.Layla jumped at the explosive sound that rent the air.Gunshots! Instinctively, she threw her purse down to the ground and started to run away.She let out a shriek as a hand gripped her wrist.“Hey, lady.It's only a car backfiring.” The teen boy with the dirty blond hair picked up her purse from the sidewalk and handed it back to her.His expression was disbelieving.She must have looked like an idiot throwing her purse to the ground like that.Her cheeks flushed at the notion that she'd mistaken the sound for gunshots.At least no one else had witnessed her foolishness.Taking a deep breath she reminded herself not to jump at every loud noise and commotion.She wasn't in Seattle anymore.She was back in Cape Cod with gentle summer nights and the tangy smell of the ocean permeating her senses.This morning she'd taken a run on the beach, followed by a dip in the ocean.It had felt nice to bask in the chill of the salty water and to dig her toes into the sand as the sun caressed her skin.To her, Breeze Point would always represent Nick Donahue.And even though she'd been angry at him for a long period of time, several years ago she'd decided to lay all her burdens down before the Lord so she could get a fresh start.She'd forgiven Nick for his dismissive treatment of her and his decision not to uphold the promise they'd made to one another.Bitterness only hurt the person who housed it in their soul.She'd refused to give in to that negative energy.It was hard to deny that Nick, the man of her dreams, still tugged at her heartstrings.She didn't know if it was wise to spend time with him, but he'd invited her to dinner tonight at his fabulous restaurant.The invitation had been slipped under her door, presumably in the early morning hours.A restaurateur's hours, she imagined.Her head was so in the clouds she accidentally bumped into a woman on the sidewalk.“Oh, I'm sorry.I wasn't looking where I was going,” she said as she looked into the woman's face.“Layla Mason! I can't believe my eyes.”Layla smiled at the sight of the beautiful redhead with the angelic face.“Oh my goodness.Delilah Dalton.Or should I call you Lilah?” The two reached out and embraced one another in a tight hug.Suddenly, it felt like they were teenagers again and ready to take on the world.“No, call me by my full name.My family loves to shorten it.Wow.I had no idea a simple walk into town was going to be like taking a trip down memory lane.”“Neither did I.And I go by Layla Delgado now.” Layla didn't want anyone calling her Layla Mason.She'd changed her last name to Delgado to make it more difficult for Grant to find her.The names he would look for her under would be Layla Mason or Layla Cummings, her married name and the one she'd used as a ballerina.“Are you married?” Delilah asked, her face filled with curiosity.“I was,” she acknowledged with a shake of her head.“But we're not together anymore.No kids either.” It was still hard to talk about her failed marriage to Grant [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]