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.Blue felt very thankful he’d managed to find a few local assignments to keep him busy.And the pay wasn’t half bad either.Even though Dad was as grumpy as a grizzly at times, it was a blessing his condition continued to improve.The ding of the doorbell had him checking his watch and moving quickly towards the front door.It had to be Sarah! She was always super punctual about her visits, as well as being incredibly professional.With an eagerness he couldn’t contain, he wrenched the front door open.Sarah was standing there, surrounded by fresh air, a glistening sun and the tangy smell of the ocean.Dressed in Betty Boop-themed scrubs, she looked downright adorable.Her long hair was swept up in a bun atop her head with a few tendrils hanging gracefully down the sides of her face.Even without a hint of makeup, she was radiantly beautiful.A natural beauty, as his mother called it.“Well, if it isn’t my favorite nurse,” he teased, feeling the need to flirt a little with her.He’d been a good boy as of late, trying to stay away from the house when he knew Sarah was scheduled to be there.He hadn’t wanted to complicate things, didn’t want to mess up a good situation.It had been pure torture, but he’d done it.But, finally, here they were in the same place at the same time.“I’m probably the only nurse you know,” Sarah teased, her lovely mouth curving upwards into a smile.When she smiled it transformed her face from beautiful to absolutely spectacular.It had been far too long since he’d been able to make her shine like the sun.She’d relaxed a bit with him as of late, he realized.Ever since they had lunch at her house they’d reach a sort of stalemate with one another.Although Sarah continued to shy away from any personal discussions with him, she didn’t treat him like the enemy.He no longer believed she would hate him forever.His brothers were having a field day with the situation.They kept accusing him of mooning over Sarah.The truth was, he couldn’t stop thinking about her.Dreaming of her.He wanted her back.In his life.In his heart.He wanted Sarah to give him another chance to get things right.But he was so far away from being able to be in a position to stake a claim on her.For starters, his profession as a journalist took him far away from the shores of Breeze Point.The logistics had always been a sticking point with them, so why would it be any different now? Simply put, he and Sarah were exes who were slowly but surely laying the groundwork for reestablishing a friendship.And for now he would just have to be satisfied with that, since it was way more than he’d dreamed of having with Sarah when he’d first returned to town.“How is he today?”In response to her question, Blue scrunched up his face and shook his head.He considered it only fair to let Sarah know what she was walking into.“Not so good, huh?” she asked as she breezed through the hallway, a light floral scent trailing after her.“That’s an understatement,” Blue muttered, raking his hand through his hair.For some reason he was wishing he’d switched up into something more appealing to the eyes.His faded blue jeans and gray t-shirt were fine for kicking around, but he wanted Sarah to see him in the best light possible.Matter of fact, he’d been thinking about chopping off a few inches of his hair.If his brothers could read his mind, they’d tease him unmercifully.Sarah turned back towards him, her expression showing concern.“It’s to be expected, Blue.His whole world has changed.Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and you were confined to a hospital bed with limited speech and diminished strength.His tantrums are his only way to express himself at the moment.”Blue sighed.“I know.And I get it.Really.I do.It’s just—.”She took a step towards him, so close that he could see the tiny freckles on the bridge of her nose.“What is it?”“I keep wondering if he’ll make it all the way back.Will he be able to walk like he used to? Pop is a big dancer.Will he able to twirl Mom around the dance floor? Will he be able to work at the bakery?” The questions had been whirling around in his head for days.Long, agonizing days when he barely got any sleep and stayed awake with these worries bouncing around his brain.How could so much have changed in the blink of an eye?Sarah reached out and grabbed both of his hands and clasped them in her own.Looking up at him through dark tipped lashes, she studied him for a moment.“Blue, there are no guarantees about anything.Your father has a ways to go with his recovery.Instead of focusing on what might never be, you should focus on what’s already happening.With God’s grace he came out of the coma.Your Dad’s home from the hospital.And slowly but surely he’s making progress.Those are all blessings.”Blessings.Why was he always looking at the glass as half empty? Sarah was right.Instead of worrying about the future, he needed to focus on the here and now.“You’re right, Sarah.I can worry about the future, but it won’t change anything.And there’s so much to be thankful for.” He softened his voice, made it more intimate.“I’m very thankful for you [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]