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.He fucks me harder.I whimper with each thrust up into me.“Ahhh!” I yell as an orgasm surges through my pussy and outward.He keeps fucking.“Ahh!” I yell as another one hits me.Intense pleasure grips my cunt and shivers through me.“Ugh!” he yells as he shoots his load of cum right up into me.He holds me tight as we catch our breath.Then he makes me lean forward on the bed, so I am on all fours.He runs his hands over my ass, and slides a finger up my anus.I groan.I still ache with pleasure there.“They’ve been in your ass,” he says disapprovingly.“Yes,” I whisper.He leaves his finger in there for minute.Then he pulls it out.He grabs my ass with both hands and then he works his big dick into my asshole.I moan as he works his way deep inside me.He is still hard.“Oh, Steve…” I say lustily.He starts thrusting in and out of me then, moaning with the pleasure from my tight hole.I groan as I think about how it is my stepdad doing this to me.That is so fucking kinky.Here, in my girly four poster bed.I gasp as he thrusts.“You like being a whore, Leah?” he asks, breathless, as he thrusts.“Yes, I do,” I say between moans.He fucks me harder.“My stepdaughter is a whore,” he says to himself as he fucks me.“I’m fucking my stepdaughter the whore…” He gets frantic about it then, thrusting desperately in and out of me.It sends aching tingles of pleasure through me.My cunt clenches a few times with pleasure waves.“Ohhhhh…” I moan continuously.“Ohhh, God…”He thrusts a few more deep grunting thrusts into me, then he yells as he cums hard, flooding my rectum with his cum.He pulls out of me, breathing hard.I collapse on my bed, exhausted.He rolls me over so I am face up.I can see his dick is still hard, bouncing around.My legs are bent, my lower legs hanging off the bed, my platform shoes brushing the floor.He stands over me, breathing hard, and reaches into my cunt with his whole hand.He covers his fingers in our cum and pulls his hand out.I moan.I still haven’t orgasmed since he started 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out of breath as he says, “Goodnight, Leah.” He gathers his clothes quickly and leaves the room.“Goodnight,” I say.I don’t even know if he hears me.I wipe some of his cum off my breasts and bring my fingers up to my mouth so I can taste it.I moan as I suck it off my fingers.The taste of sex.I am so exhausted I can’t even get up to clean myself off.I just lie there where I am and fall asleep, covered in my stepfather’s cum.Possessive Man (back to top)I have just come home from a date.I’m an escort.And a senior in high school.I’m 18.Tonight’s date was pretty tame.It’s Friday night and it’s only 1 a.m.Still I don’t get to sleep as much as I’d like, so I’m looking forward to this.I look in the mirror over my dresser.I have a lot of eyeliner on.I’m wearing a slinky sparkly red dress.It has little sequins on it.It is low cut, but my breasts are small and don’t make much cleavage.Still they look nice.The dress is so short it barely covers my tiny round ass.I kick off my high-heeled red shoes.I have to wear heels because I’m so short.It makes me seem sexier, I think.Just a little taller.I peel the dress off and let it fall to the floor.I am naked underneath.I often don’t wear panties or a bra on my dates.I decide I’m too tired to wash off the eyeliner.I walk over to my bed and crawl in, naked, and go to sleep.Later I wake to the feel of someone large crawling into bed with me.He is spooning me.He’s naked.I can feel his erection pressing against my butt.He puts a large rough hand on my breast.It’s my stepdad, Steve.“Steve, what are you doing here?” I ask.I feel him shiver behind me.He acts like he hasn’t had sex in a while, but he’s been having sex with me lately.He and my mother are getting divorced.She moved out.I’m starting to think they stopped having sex with each other a long time ago.He seems pretty hard up.I roll over to face him.He’s handsome.Tan with reddish blond hair.Distinguished wrinkles.A fit body.He does a lot of active sporty stuff in his spare time.I’ve always thought he was attractive.Just never thought we’d ever end up like this.He leans toward me and kisses me.He rolls us over so he is on top of me, dominating me.He kisses me deeper, and groans.My pussy is getting wet from this exchange.He starts to massage my breasts as he kisses me.I moan.My tongue wrestles with his tongue.He reaches down and puts his fingers into my pussy to see if I’m wet.His fingers slide right in.We both groan.He parts my pussy lips with his hand and slides his huge cock into me.I groan and shiver.He stops kissing me to look me in the eyes.He starts to thrust into me.I moan as he thrusts into my pleasure zones.“Steve…” I say.“Leah…” he whispers.Then he starts thrusting me harder.He pushes my knees up toward my shoulders as he does.It makes my cunt tighter.He moans as he thrusts into my tight hole now.I am panting [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]