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.I wish I could say I thought he was quailing under the onslaught of my righteous indignation, but I’m afraid not.He was just weighing his options and deciding how much to tell me.“Not you,” he said finally.“Him.”I had to take a breath before I could continue.“Why is the district attorney’s office interested in Rafe Collier?”“They’re not,” Todd said.And added ominously, “Yet.”“So you’re doing this on your own? Why?”Todd glanced again at the photograph I was holding, and seemed to draw some sort of strength from it, because he met my eyes straight on.“Isn’t it obvious? Look at yourself, Savannah! Look at the way you’re looking at him.Can you blame me for worrying about you?”I looked down at the photograph again.And it was mostly to avoid Todd’s accusing eyes, not because I wanted to inspect it in any more detail.Because, believe me, I’d seen enough.Oh, it wasn’t that I looked bad.Quite the opposite, in fact.I looked pretty darned good, if I do say so myself.Maybe even a little too good.Usually, I’m not crazy about the way I look in photographs.The extra ten pounds the camera adds, coupled with the extra ten I’m carrying myself, tend to make me look tubbier than I like.In this case, however, I had no cause for complaint.I looked great.My eyes sparkled, my skin glowed, my smile was radiant, and my cheeks were becomingly flushed.Even my hair looked good.My only consolation was that I was not, in fact, doing what Todd was accusing me of.“What do you mean?” I demanded.“I’m looking down, not up at Rafe.”“But you’re smiling,” Todd said coldly.“And blushing.And flirting.”“I’m not flirting.He’s the one who was flirting!” That’s why I’d been blushing.“But you don’t look like you minded,” Todd shot back, accurately.I could feel another blush creep into my cheeks, and thanked the Lord it was dark in the restaurant.Maybe Todd would mistake my heightened color for temper rather than embarrassment or residual memory.“What did you expect me to do,” I demanded, “slap his face?” And what a photograph that would have made!The idea of it made me smile, and allowed me to calm down sufficiently to add reasonably, “You’re being silly, Todd.Rafe flirts with everyone, even Timothy Briggs.It doesn’t mean anything.”“He doesn’t have to flirt with you!” Todd said petulantly.I shrugged.“Well, of course he doesn’t have to.” Although flirting seems to come as naturally to Rafe as breathing, so maybe he did have to.It wasn’t something I planned to put to the test, since his flirtation didn’t bother me the same way it did Todd.For the most part I enjoyed it.I didn’t want it to go any further than it had, but I didn’t mind what he’d done so far.Thankfully, the waiter chose this moment to appear with Todd’s cheesecake and my coffee, and by the time he had left, I had gathered myself enough to be able to ask, quite calmly, “So is this it, or do you have any other pictures in that envelope?”Todd nodded.“Plenty.Have a look.” He pushed the envelope across the table toward me.I reached in and pulled out a sheaf of other photographs, starting with Rafe outside Police Plaza at 1:20 pm Sunday afternoon, in the process of putting on his sunglasses.Then there was Rafe and I talking to Connie Fortunato on her front steps at 4:13 pm.He had a proprietary arm around my shoulders, and I didn’t look as uncomfortable as I thought I had.Then Perry Fortunato and Rafe squaring off at 4:16.I hadn’t noticed it at the time, but they were almost of a height, both tall and dark, although Perry was a good ten years older and fleshy rather than muscular.He did his best to make up for it by looking at Rafe down the length of his Roman nose, but the attempt failed because Rafe had him beat by an inch or so in height.Perry had to tilt his head back, which rather ruined the effect.Then there was a shot of Rafe grinning at the waitress and another close-up of me at the table in the Shortstop, with a half-eaten hamburger in my hand and my mouth open.Not so flattering to me, that one.After that came one of Rafe and his friend talking at the table, and another of all four of them in conversation over by the pool tables.The light was nice and sharp over there – the better to see the all-important game of pool – and the pictures were crystal clear and detailed.It was followed by close-ups of all three men.Todd had been watching me across the table.“Those are criminals,” he said.I glanced up.“How do you know?”“The investigator I hired told me.The information is written on the back.They’ve all been arrested several times, for things like burglary, check fraud, grand theft auto.”“Nice,” I muttered, reading the back of the photographs.Ishmael Jackson, A.J.Davies, and Antoine Kent, and their assorted crimes, beginning in their teens and carrying through to now.Todd allowed himself a tiny smirk.Usually, he has an appealing smile, one that crinkles the corners of his gray-blue eyes and shows off his even, white teeth.Not now.At this moment he just looked smug and self-satisfied.The temptation to knock him off his high horse was almost irresistible.“So what did your tame P.I.have to say about Rafe? Anything I haven’t heard already?”Rafe’s criminal history wasn’t written on the back of the photo, and I had a nagging feeling that it might be because it was too extensive to fit.Todd flushed.“That he’s been in trouble almost as long as he’s been alive.That he was arrested at eighteen and spent two years in Riverbend prison for assault and battery.That while he was there, he was recruited by a crime organization in Memphis, and when he was released, he moved there and went to work for them.A couple of years later, when the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations arrested the leaders, he managed to stay out of jail by the skin of his teeth.”“Good for him,” I said.“After another couple of years, the TBI cracked down on the organization again, and made what almost amounted to a clean sweep.Except for Collier, who disappeared before anyone could catch up with him [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]