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.The familiar icy hot sensations roared across his nerves and he could feel her ghostly form begin to take on the more traditional human weight he remembered from that morning.The same transformation had occurred earlier when they’d been about to have sex, and although Justin couldn’t explain it, he wasn’t about to question it, either.“Yessssss,” Rose moaned deep in her throat, her hands tugging at the hem of Justin’s shirt so she could free it from his jeans.Her fingers caressed the well-defined abs of his stomach and Justin’s skin felt as if it was on fire.He’d never experienced anything so deliciously exotic and relished the sensation.Delving lower, she reached into the waistband of his jeans and stroked his erection.It was like hot velvet in her palm and though she knew it was merely a ghostly facsimile of the real thing, Rose cherished the sensation.If that was all she could get, she would gladly take it.She was so greedy for the feel of him that she didn’t care.Justin rained down kisses across her neck and collar bone, nipping and biting as he went.If she’d had human skin, Rose knew his love bites would be easily visible for all to see.He’d done that once when she was alive.Her mother had been mortified, but Rose hadn’t cared.“I need you, Justin,” she whispered in his ear and magically, her dress disappeared so that she was naked before him, wearing only her heeled sandals.Stepping back, Justin shed his own clothes quickly.Then he paused to admire Rose’s body.“You are the most perfect woman I’ve ever seen,” he told her honestly.“There could never be anyone else for me.”Rose leaned back against the porch pillar and raised one arm over her head, making herself appear as wanton as she felt.“Take me.” She offered Justin her body.“Let me feel you inside me.”With a growl, Justin was on her, kissing and caressing every bit of skin he could reach.Rose writhed beneath him.She was momentarily shocked when he lifted her legs to wrap them around his waist, but as soon as he pushed himself inside her, all other thoughts flew from her head.She rode Justin hard as he thrust into her, their bodies now slick with mingled pleasure.This was how it had been the night they had conceived their child.No words, just bodies, the sound of skin slapping skin and Rose knew that, were she able at the moment, she would conceive another child when he came inside her.She felt Justin pause and she reached back to pinch his ass.“Don’t stop,” she commanded.She was on the verge of coming and she knew he was as well.“Don’t worry, honey,” he told her as he nipped at her ear lobe.“I’m just repositioning.”Justin moved them around so that he now stood on the stone steps that led down from the porch.While her back was still resting against the porch pillar, he was now higher up so he could take her at a better angle.When he started pumping into her again, Rose could now feel him deeper inside her than before.The sensations were nearly overwhelming and she started to buck against him.“That’s it, Rosie,” he ground out, his rock hard cock still pistoning in and out of her.“Come for me, baby.”Rose felt her inner muscles tighten and she tried to hold herself back but it was no use.She convulsed around him as waves of orgasm swept over her again and again.Moments later, Rose felt Justin spill himself inside of her, his seed shooting deep into her.In that one moment, her heart ached, knowing that had she been human, their coupling would have created a new life within her.As her breathing slowed, Justin lowered her back to her feet on the porch steps.“That was quite a welcome,” he told her, resting his forehead against hers.“I think I kind of like that.”Collecting herself enough to grin back at him, Rose offered up a saucy smile to hide the pain that had settled deep into her heart.“Come to see me more often and we can do that whenever you like.”Chapter FourteenAfter gathering up his clothes, though not bothering to put on more than his jeans, Justin followed Rose, who was once again wearing the yellow sundress, into the house.In his mind, there was no reason to redress because they were going to end up in bed again anyway.Rose, however, informed him that she liked to have at least some sense of decorum, even if she was a ghost.Once they were seated in the living room, Justin brought Rose up to date on everything that had happened since he’d left her, including telling her about his other two lives as William and Paul.He also told her that, though Callie had been injured as a result of the memory transfer, Elliott assured him that she would recover.On his way to Blue Spring, he’d called the physician himself, just to be sure.It hadn’t felt right leaving Callie without seeing her, even though Mia had insisted, something Rose agreed with wholeheartedly.“I hate the thought that she risked her life for us,” Rose said as she curled up next to Justin on the couch.“There wasn’t any other way,” he reminded her, reaching out to stroke her hair.Even though he couldn’t feel the silken strands any longer, his fingers seemed to have a stored memory and he imagined how soft it would feel.“I was pretty messed up after I reabsorbed my memories.According to Tim, no one should have really been around me.Without Callie, though, I don’t think I’d have remembered anything.I need to tell her that.”“And you will.When she’s better.” Idly, Rose toyed with Justin’s fingers.“So what next?”He blew out a breath and snuggled deeper into the couch.“I don’t know.My past lives don’t tell me anything [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]