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.I wanted to run and hide in the carriage.“Oh yes, you know my suitor very well.But she doesn't know you and what surrounds her.” Sacha pointed a jeweled finger at me.Probably all stolen, I figured, by her gang of thieves, or maybe she looted them herself.“But why should I care? As far as I'm concerned, you both deserve death.”“I'm quite sure I don't know what you're insinuating, but as usual you’re proving to be a waste of my time.” Bethany hissed clearly passed the stage of annoyance.I was confused by what Sacha meant.At first everyone stood around enthralled in what was transpiring between Bethany and Sacha.They all appeared to anticipate this gun – less duel, as if they had seen it before yet like a train wreck they couldn’t tear their eyes away.I knew that Bethany would never allow these people to see her lose control, and expose what she is.Sacha must’ve known this.But would Sacha be willing to expose her secret? Does she fear the Apolluon, or at least the frenzy that would take over this town if they knew what she was? I’m sure Bethany must wonder.Because If Sacha is foolish enough to shapeshift into a panther here, Bethany would have no choice but to react.Sacha stood only a few feet away now, her stunning face was enraged with pure evil.She was thirsty for a fight.Bethany was still standing angled between Sacha and me, so I couldn’t see Bethany’s face although, I could feel the energy radiating from her body.She was almost vibrating.“We are not that different, you and I.” Sacha gave Bethany another once over as she dared to step even closer.My heart was beating so fast, as I remembered the black stealthy panther that dove onto Bethany earlier.“We are going to kill to achieve what we want.You are devoted to your gods as I am devoted to mine.”“I am nothing like you.You’re an animal, and out of control.Two things which I most certainly am not.” Bethany looked at Night Wind, who took his seat up front.She then pulled me forward towards the carriage; ending the conversation.“You’re right, and I’ll tear your beautiful little head off, and eat it for supper.” Sacha said as I ambled to get into the carriage.“I am feeling a bit hungry.”Sacha said as she narrowed her eyes.A malicious smile spread across her lips, sending chills up my spine.Her gang chuckled eagerly.They wanted to attack us as bad as I wanted to escape.“You got lucky this morning.How long do you think Victor will allow you and your family to babysit the little Queen here?” Sacha added.“You shouldn’t make idle treats, and Victor’s only concern should be how long Evan will allow him to breathe,” Bethany said over her shoulder as she inched toward the carriage.Sacha couldn’t help herself, and lunged like an animal at the mention of her lover’s name, making me wonder if perhaps she was the out of control side to the double headed coin.It was as if I was weightless in Bethany’s firm grasp as she shoved me into the carriage.I slammed up against the opposite side door, “Owww…” I yelped.Bethany had already boarded when Sacha landed on the very same spot where Bethany had just been standing.Sacha was fast, but Bethany was faster.When Bethany got into the carriage, she didn’t seem the least bit concerned about my shoulder which was throbbing with pain, but only for a second.Now the pain was gone.I loved this healing power.I was still stunned by Bethany’s strength.She had practically picked up my entire body by my one arm.Luckily the carriage had somewhat concealed the displays of power both girls had revealed.I don’t think any of the town folk saw anything with the huge carriage blocking the way.I hoped.The town folk, who were too nosey to go on about their business, stared in what I guessed to be fascination, as Sacha and her sidekicks completely surrounded our carriage, blocking Night Wind an escape route.From the window of the carriage, I watched one of Sacha’s gaunt looking sidekicks.He stared at me with evil steel gray eyes as he blew kisses at me, winked, and began mouthing the words ‘I’m going to kill you, bitch’.I turned away instantly, as he laughed.He scared me, yet I wanted to offer him a home cooked meal.He was skin and bones, and didn’t look like he could kill a fly.Suddenly the sidewalk grew dark then black, as if a storm was approaching.I automatically knew what was happening, and panicked.It was the Apolluon shadows.They moved in slowly, causing a distinct overcast shadow of claws and arms that began reaching out toward Sacha, her entourage, and our carriage.Bethany’s eyes were opened wide.She saw the shadows too, and knew that we had to escape that very second.“Night Wind, NOW!” Bethany yelled.Night Wind commanded the horses to take off, trampling one of Victor’s disciples.I peered out the back window of the carriage, through the velvet curtains.A feeling of déjà vu came over me.Images of the foreboding shadows, which I had witnessed for the first time from out the back window of my parents car.It was the same.They crept up the way they had crept up behind Victor, reaching out to consume him with their claws.All of a sudden chaos broke out.The town folk began running in all directions.They saw the shadows too.They fled leaving their carriages, jumping on horses, or seeking refuge in the shops, saloon’s, and pretty much anywhere indoors.I could hear their screams loud and clear from inside the carriage.“Run, Run!”“Grab the children”“Save yourselves from the black shadows!”“The shadows will devour you whole!”They knew.They all knew.They were deathly afraid of the growling and clawing shadows.They had seen the Apolluon and knew what they could do to anyone within their talons reach.Sacha’s eyes bulged as she observed the Apolluon shadows that quickly approached her, and Victor’s other disciples.She didn’t warn them.She didn’t try to save them.She only saved her herself.She sprinted with accelerated speed as her posse dispersed behind her.I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if they didn’t get away in time.Maybe the shadows would swallow them up.I got to see it first hand as Night Wind spun our carriage around.From a distance, the evil shadows looked like dense and shapeless black smog on a chase.The scrawny one who had mouthed those unforgettable and obscene words to me only a few seconds ago, lagged behind.His skinny legs tried to speedily carry him away and escape when the Apolluon grabbed him and tossed him around in the air.The boy screamed at the top of his lungs in agonizing yelps that sent shivers up and down my vertebrae.His long gangly arms reached out to anyone or anything in a futile effort to possibly save him from meeting Cerberus at the gates of the Underworld [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]