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.“I’ll go down there and get her out of that cold water.If she’s been down there for a while, hypothermia could have already set in.Besides, her body could wash loose from the boulder at any time and be swept away down the creek.”Farlan patted Brian on the back.“You go on, son, and see if you can help her.I’ll call 911 for the police and an ambulance.”Caleb brought his T-Bird to a screeching halt behind the Porsche blocking the road.Parked just off the road in the grass, Jazzy’s red Jeep glistened in the moonlight like fresh blood.Off in the distance he heard the wail of sirens.His heartbeat went wild.Adrenaline pumped through his body at an alarming rate.Even before he jumped out of his car, he saw Farlan MacKinnon pacing back and forth on the old covered bridge.Where’s Jazzy? His mind screamed.Where’s my Jazzy!“What the hell’s going on here?” Caleb ran toward Farlan MacKinnon.The old man, his face pale, his eyes round with shock, whirled around and stared at Caleb.“He’s gone down to get her.”“Who’s gone down where to get who?” Caleb asked as he ran toward MacKinnon.“Answer me, damn it!”“We saw her Jeep, and I got this crazy notion something was wrong,” the old man rattled.“I told him we’d better check and see if something had happened to her.”Caleb grabbed MacKinnon by the lapels of his overcoat and shook him several times.“Is it Jazzy? Has something happened to her?”“Jazzy? Yes, Jazzy Talbot.I don’t know the girl well.I’ve seen her around—”Caleb shook the old man again.“Where is she? What happened to her? Who’s gone to get her?”“She was down in the creek,” MacKinnon replied.“At first we thought she was dead, but then we saw her move.She was just barely breathing.He went down to get her, to see if she’s still alive.I—I called 911.”Caleb released his firm hold on MacKinnon’s lapels and turned to search for Jazzy and for whomever MacKinnon had sent to help her.The sirens grew louder.Closer.Whatever’s happened, Jazzy, honey, hang in there.Suddenly, coming from the other side of the bridge, a man appeared.Caleb felt as if there were lead weights on his ankles as he moved forward, trying to gain a better look at the dark figure moving toward him.Instinctively, he reached out and grabbed the flashlight from MacKinnon’s hand and held it up to spotlight the figure moving steadily toward them.“Give me a hand, will you?” the man called.Caleb realized two things simultaneously.The man was Brian MacKinnon.And he was holding a wet, bloody body in his arms.Jazzy’s body!CHAPTER 21Reve sat beside Jacob in the cab of his truck as he raced along the road from her cabin to County General Hospital, the siren blasting and the blue light atop the truck flashing.The minute Dallas had called him and told him about Jazzy, he’d come straight to Reve.“I didn’t think this was something you needed to hear over the phone,” he’d told her as he stood at her front door.“Dallas just called me.He and Genny are on their way to the hospital.Jazzy’s been hurt.Hurt real bad.They don’t know if she’s going to make it.”Reve had grabbed her coat and purse, and with Jacob’s arm around her for support, she’d hurried with him to his truck.When she’d stumbled in her attempt to climb into the cab, he had gripped her by the waist, hoisted her up off the ground and placed her on the seat.“Jacob?”“Huh?” He kept his eyes on the road.“Did Dallas say what happened?”“Apparently somebody called Jazzy and told her they had information about her birth parents and set up a meeting out by the old covered bridge near the country club.”“Tell me she didn’t go out there alone.”“Hell, yes.You know Jazzy.Bull-headed and determined.” Jacob swallowed hard.Without thinking, acting purely on instinct when she realized how worried Jacob was, Reve reached over and squeezed his arm.He tensed.“She’s tough,” he said.“She’ll make it.”“Do they know exactly what happened to her and how it happened?”“Dallas knew only what the officers who were at the site told him.It appears someone knocked Jazzy in the head hard enough to render her unconscious and then threw her off the bridge and into the creek.She landed halfway in the creek and partly on the rocks below [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]