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.“Can you tell what it is?” she asked.“Bad photograph.Whoever took it probably threw it away,” said Jin.Diane stared at the picture, squinting her eyes, looking at the shapes in the foreground.“You see something, Boss?” asked Jin.“I don’t know.” Diane paused, studying the print through the plastic, turning it different directions.The others looked over her shoulder.“You know, I think this is a photo taken underwater.”“You think so?” said Jin.“Maybe.”Diane turned to David.“Okay, Mr.I-love-a-good-algorithm, you think you can clear this up?”David took the evidence bag and studied the photograph.“The various pieces of software I use essentially reverse the blurring process, so the formula for sharpening it depends on how the image was blurred.For example, in simple out-of-focus pictures, the blurring is equal in all directions.” He made an oval of his hands, touching the tips of his fingers together.“On a pixel level that means one pixel expands into a circle of pixels of a different color value.But if the blur is caused by motion, like a moving car, then the blurring is in only one direction, hence pixel expansion is in one direction.And, of course, digitizing and scanning have their own formulas, which can cause a blurred image of a different pixel pattern.”“TMI,” said Neva, swiping her hand over the top of her head.“Can you clear it up?” repeated Diane.“Well, it may be that underwater shots simulate out-of-focus shots in the directionality of the blurring effect.I have some new NASA software that does well with hazy—”“David, can you do it?” said Diane.“I’ll give it a try.”“Good, thank you.”David took the photograph to his workstation.Diane spread the photos of the quarry crime scene out on the table and looked them over again, this time paying more attention to the woods that surrounded the quarry, looking for anything that her crew or the sheriff’s people might have missed.“Did you notice that this is an old roadway?” She put her finger on a less-dense avenue through the woods, with trees shorter than their neighbors on either side.“No, I didn’t notice that,” said Jin.“Is it relevant?” said David.“It’s overgrown now.”“Not through here.” She pointed to a place that, if one looked closely, might have been a deer trail.“How are you seeing this?” said Jin.“Something my archaeologist friend Jonas Briggs taught me,” said Diane.Archaeologists are good at finding old house sites and roadways after they are all grown over.“Want me to go back and take a look?” said Jin.Diane nodded.“Interview the deputy and the Scouts.Get them to draw how the bones were positioned.”“Okay, Boss.”“I want you to do something else, too.” She pulled out the photo showing the scuba diver’s body underwater.“I want a sample of the underwater twigs and tree limbs in which the diver was entangled.Bring them to the lab, and have Korey examine them.He’s an expert in submerged and waterlogged wood.”“Oh, so you’re thinking that maybe he didn’t get tangled and run out of air,” said Jin.“Your thinking that the wood was put on top of him after he was dead?”“I don’t know.I’d like to examine the possibility.Okay, everyone has their assignments.Jin and Neva, find out where in the woods the bones were discovered and work the scene.Deputy Singer pretty much messed it up, but look for more bones.After that, go to the quarry, take a look along the trail and get samples of submerged wood.Maybe the perp came from that direction and dropped something.David, you said you want to collect a bug or two from the deputy’s car?”“Neva and I can stop by and do that too,” said Jin.“I’ll find out where they took his car.”“Then David, you start on the evidence here,” said Diane.“I’m going to examine the bones in the garbage bag.Caver Doe will have to wait for a while.”Diane headed for her lab, and David stayed and watched the computer screen as the AFIS software looked for a match between fingerprint from the quarry crime scene and fingerprints from the AFIS databases.“Diane, wait,” David said just as she reached the door.“I have a possible match on our scuba diver—Scuba Doe.” She walked back to the computer and looked over his shoulder.“Okay,” he said, “let me see if this really matches.” David examined each print, overlaid them, then separated them back out.“It’s only a six-point match, but it’s a place for the sheriff to start.It’s a Jake Stanley—arrested five years ago for vandalism.He would be twenty-two right now.I’ll give Sheriff Canfield a call.”“This is good.We’re making progress.” Diane shrugged her shoulders.“Is it just me, or are we suddenly overwhelmed with work?”David put a hand on the telephone.“It’s not just you [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]