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.His fingers were well lubricated as he slipped two of them back into her anus, massaging and stretching, making her ready.Micah felt his cousin’s fingers through the thin membrane that separated them and enjoyed the once-familiar phantom touch.It had been too long since they’d shared a woman, but Jeri would call the shots from here on out.If she wanted a threesome, he’d be more than happy to oblige, but he knew he would never need to seek it out on his own.She was more than enough for him and would be for many, many years to come.If only he could keep her.Jeri squirmed as Darak worked her ass, making way for his invasion while Micah stroked inside her pussy.“Do you know how beautiful you are?” Micah asked her, shocking her dazed gaze to his as he wrapped his arms around her, settling her more tightly against him as he leaned against the headboard.“Do you know how much I’m enjoying giving you this pleasure, watching you come for him, knowing that you’ve never felt this before? Knowing that I’m the one giving it to you? Knowing that you trust us enough—trust me enough—to let me?”She leaned up to kiss him.“I do trust you, Micah, with everything.With my life.”He groaned as a wave of pleasure hit him with her words.“Your trust is a gift I will never take for granted, baby.It’s a treasure beyond value.” He stroked faster, her words and energies meshing together to bring him so close.But Darak was taking his sweet time.Micah didn’t want to come without him.“Get a move on back there, Dar.We’re more than ready for you.” He could feel the ease with which Darak was moving his fingers in and out of her ass and knew she was fully prepared for his larger invasion.Darak looked the tiniest bit sheepish when he moved up behind her, his eyes meeting his cousin’s with a roguish light.“Sorry, Micah, I got a little carried away.” He placed a smacking kiss on her neck, tickling her with his tongue.“You have the sweetest ass, Jeri.I’ve watched you, you know.I love the way your hips sway when you walk.”Jeri laughed, surprising him as she leaned her head back to look at him.“Micah said something to that effect once, but I hardly believed him.” Secrets danced in her eyes.“Believe him, sweetness.I’ve never considered myself an ass man, but yours has me fascinated.”“What did I tell you?” Micah laughed as he strove for calm while Darak positioned himself at her rear.He just knew this was going to be the wildest threesome he’d ever had—would ever have.He loved Dar like a brother, and Jeri was fast becoming the brightest light in his life.Between the two of them, he felt more for these two people than he did for almost anyone in the universe.If he hadn’t learned the lesson before now, there was no way he could live through this and not know that true and honest feelings made sex so much better, it was immeasurable.The exchange of energy and sex was so much more powerful when you actually cared for the person you shared yourself with.He could never go back.Never have sex just for the sake of having sex.Not after this.Not after having Jeri in his life for even these short weeks.She’d ruined him for all other women.“Almost there, sweet.Almost home,” Dar whispered as he worked his long cock into her ass.Micah held still, gritting his teeth as he felt each inch of the penetration, seated fully as he was in her pussy.Micah soothed her shudders when the pleasure and pain mixed reached new levels, but she was eager, he could see it in her eyes.Eager and still somewhat scandalized at the idea of having two men in her at once.He kissed her to reassure her.“You doing okay, baby?” He thought he could tell she was doing way more than okay, but he wanted her focused on him while Darak seated himself fully.Just in case she felt any real pain, he wanted to know about it quickly.“I’m fine.” Her voice was breathy with desire, and her senses were spinning.Having two men at once was like nothing she ever would have imagined.No fantasy could have prepared her for this amazingly shocking reality.She moaned as the pleasure/pain peaked in her ass as Darak slid home within her.She was stuffed full, almost completely overwhelmed by the pleasure.“Good goddess, she’s tight.” Darak groaned as his hands tightened on her hips, guiding his shallow thrusts as she became acclimated to his possession.Micah was still for now, his eyes watching her closely.“Feels good?” Micah asked with knowing eyes.She smiled at him.“Better than I imagined.” She could barely speak, but the throaty whisper of her voice seemed to excite both men.“It gets better,” Darak promised, meeting Micah’s gaze over her shoulder.She had no doubt these two rascals had perfected this technique with many other women but she couldn’t work up a good head of steam over it.After all, she was the beneficiary of those experiences.These men knew what they were doing, and she trusted them completely.Letting go, she let them lead her in this pleasure.She knew they’d treat her well.“Show me.”Her simple command seemed to spur them into action.Micah held her upper body in his strong arms, supporting her while he thrust into her pussy.Darak held her hips, thrusting behind, both men working together, thrusting lightly in counterpoint to each other until she began to pant hard, unable to catch her breath.They began to move faster and harder as she became used to the double penetration.Micah set the pace, and Darak seemed content to follow, grunting every once in a while as he bit her neck or licked her skin.Micah leaned forward, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth, nipping her lips and sucking on her tongue in a way that made her insides clench.Both men groaned when her inner muscles tightened.“Do that again, baby [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]