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.Her insides were quivering, waiting for the explosion she craved.“You’re mine, little tigress.Now and forever, you’re mine,” he whispered near her ear, driving her wild.“Say it,” he demanded.“I’m yours,” she agreed readily on a gasp as he changed his pace again.Oh, yeah.But she wanted more.“You’re mine too,” she insisted, her voice breathy as he drove her wild with his new rhythm.Her words made him growl and she knew he liked her possessiveness.The tigress in her stretched, reaching for her mate.“I’m yours, my princess.My mate,” he agreed, his raw, sexy voice setting little fires in her bloodstream.His mouth claimed hers again in a tempestuous kiss as his lower body began an even more urgent movement.It wouldn’t be long now.Thank the Mother of All.And then he ended this kiss, lowering his mouth to her neck and the soft spot where it met her shoulder.He nipped her skin until he found the perfect spot.And then he bit down hard as her world exploded.She raised her head off the floor, seeking blindly for him.She found the sweet spot and unleashed her beast, biting in return as he groaned deep in his chest, his hips stopping while he was deep inside her, every muscle in his body tensing for a long, glorious moment as they both came.Together.Gina was blown away by the experience she’d just shared with Mitch.She hadn’t known sex could be so primal, so breathtakingly raw and urgent.He’d wowed her on every level, and she was very much afraid her senses were singed by the experience and would never recover.She lazed on the sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace, snuggled up against Mitch as his breathing slowed.He kept one arm around her, seeming to enjoy her closeness.She’d never cuddled after sex before.The humans she’d been with hadn’t wanted it and she hadn’t really cared enough to bother.But with Mitch, everything was different.She wanted to touch him, to stroke his skin, to be stroked in return.She wanted it all with him.All of it.Forever.“We didn’t use anything,” Mitch commented in a quiet, deliberate voice once his breathing had slowed enough to speak normally.He stroked one finger in slow lines up and down her arm, as if he too craved the touch of her skin.“Condoms, I mean,” he clarified, turning his head to meet her gaze.Truthfully, she hadn’t thought beyond the moment, but his reaction to the idea made her pause.He didn’t look panicked.He almost looked…hopeful? Would he be happy if a child resulted from what they’d just done? She searched her heart and knew she would.Realizing that, her response to his statement was simple.She put one hand over his heart, feeling it beat against her palm through his hot skin.“I want your babies, Mitch.A whole little tribe of tiger cubs to romp and play in our house and brighten our lives.” She traced circles on his chest as his heart sped up in what she hoped was pleased excitement.She felt that he was watching her, so she raised her gaze to meet his again and found a sadness there that she had been expecting.Sadness and regret.She felt it too.They both knew this was a moment of peace in a turbulent time that could go either way for them.“It’s a dream I will savor,” he said with a seriousness that she understood.“It’s a dream I want to see come true,” she countered.“If I get pregnant, the Mother of All wills it.I’d like to have your cub, Mitch, regardless of how things go with the challenge.”“I wouldn’t want to leave a cub fatherless, or leave you alone to raise him or her.” His gaze narrowed as the troubled thoughts crossed his mind.“All the more incentive to survive,” she whispered.He looked shocked and angered, but she calmed him.“I don’t mean it the way you’re thinking.Our baby would never be a pawn to me.I would love and protect our child as I love you, Mitch.”He seemed to deflate as a cautious joy entered his eyes.“You love me?” he whispered, as if he didn’t believe her.On firmer ground now, she sat up a little so she could rest her chin on his chest and gaze deep into his eyes.She smiled at him, loving the feel of his skin under her hands.“Of course I love you,” she confirmed, watching his reaction.He was getting easier and easier for her to read as time went on.He wasn’t an overly demonstrative man, but there were little signals that heralded his moods if you knew how to read them.Right now, he looked like he’d had the breath knocked from him.A second later, she felt the same way as he reversed their positions and kissed her deeply while her head sank into the cushioning sheepskin covering the floor.“I love you too, Gina,” he whispered against her lips, taking them again and again.“I love you with everything that’s in me.With all my heart.” He punctuated each statement with kisses so sweet they made her want to cry.Her heart was so full.All because of this incredible man [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]