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.” She grins, looking down at my crotch.“You make me harder than I’ve ever been in my fuckin’ life!” I admit.She tries to hold it in, but she nearly snorts when she bursts into laughter.Yeah, I get it.It wasn’t exactly the smoothest compliment.It makes me laugh too.I just said that to my best friend.I just blurted out that she gets my dick hard, and I told her that right after we had this sweet little moment.I’m sure I could have phrased it better, but she fries my circuits and I’m way too honest with her.“Do you want me to do something about that?” she asks, sliding her hand down my stomach.“That’s one thing I have done before.”My mouth opens a little bit, and I let out a deep breath.Even the slightest touch of her fingertips feels good.“Maybe I could return the favor,” she continues.I swallow hard and close my eyes, trying to get my shit together.I can’t even describe how bad I want her, but I’m worried about it.If she so much as touches my dick, I’m going to end up fucking her.I know it.If she’s naked and I’m naked, it will happen.I won’t be able to control myself.We’re too close, and it would be too easy to go for it.“I don’t think we should,” I say against my libido’s screaming pleas.“Are you sure?”“Yeah.” I nod.“Lo, I can barely hold back as it is.Don’t make fun of me, but I want you so bad right now that it hurts, and I’m gonna go fuckin’ werewolf on you and frenzy fuck you if we keep going.”She bites her lip to keep from laughing.“You’re naked, and you’re like three inches from my dick.There is not a goddamn thing I want more than to just grab your hips and fuckin’ plunge into you,” I continue to say, despite the intelligent part of my brain telling me to shut the fuck up.“I want to fuck you until you scream so loud the neighbors call the cops.I want to make you come so hard you faint.I want to be inside you for hours.I want you to miss your flight and stay here riding my dick for, like, the next eight days.”“Goddamn!” She cackles loudly as her expression changes to amused surprise.“That’s graphic.”“I can’t help it,” I say, chuckling.“You do crazy shit to me.You make me get filthy.The things I want to do to you right now…it’s so bad I don’t even want to tell you about it.”She completely cracks up, taking my face in her hands and planting a big kiss on my forehead.“I guess we should cool it down, then.I don’t want you to lose it and go all ravenous on me.”“I fuckin’ would, too!” I chuckle.“Christ! The things I would do to you—it’d be totally obscene.”“You’d defile me?” She laughs, raising an eyebrow at me.“I’d completely defile you,” I tease.“It would get totally dirty, Lo, really vulgar stuff.And I’d never stop going, either.I’d fuck you so good it’d be burned into your brain for the rest of your life.Any time you fucked somebody else, you’d be like, ‘Damn, this is nowhere near as good as when James did it,’ because I’d do it so good that nobody could ever compare.”“Shit!” She giggles and sits back like she’s assessing me.“You’ve thought this through.”“You have no idea.” I chuckle.“I think you just like talking nasty to me.”“I do like it.” I grin and pull her closer, touching our foreheads together.“All right, dirty boy, let’s shower,” she says, patting my stomach and sliding off of me.I miss the feel of her the second she’s away.I’m kind of horrified at myself, at how horny I am for her right now.She’s Lola! She’s my best friend, my little sweetheart.Even though she’s proven that she has a sexy side that could boil my blood right out of my body, I shouldn’t think such lewd shit about her.“Come on,” she says, walking happily naked into the bathroom.I’m out of bed in seconds, and I follow after her like a fuckin’ puppy.Shit! She totally has me now—not that she didn’t before, not that she hasn’t since the day I met her.I’d do anything for this girl, but now she knows it.I’m never going to hear the end of this if my friends find out.I’m supposed to be the ladies’ man, the love-’em-and-leave-’em guy who gets any chick he wants and acts all alpha male all the time.Now a girl—a tiny, petite, pretty, innocent girl—has me wrapped around her little finger.It makes me smile a little bit, though, because I know she likes it and I like anything that makes her happy.Lola’s seen sides of me that I don’t show to anyone.I’ve cried in front of her, got into screaming fights with her, and then come crawling back to grovel and apologize because she was right all along—she’s almost always right.I’ve gone crazy, primal protective over her, and I’ve gotten all paranoid because of her.She just taps into my most base impulses, and everything I do is cranked to eleven when it comes to her.She turns on the water and peeks over her shoulder at me.She knows exactly what she’s doing.I’ve completely lost the upper hand—if I ever even had it in the first place, that is.My eyes feel all hooded with lust as I watch her rinse her hair, the water flowing down her body in all the places I’d like to touch her.Shit! This is really bad.I’m fuckin’ obsessed with her.“Can I wash your hair?” I ask her.What kind of a request is that? How pussy whipped am I and I haven’t even had her pussy? Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!“Uh-huh.” She nods, reaching up to run her fingers through that gorgeous hair.The way her stomach elongates makes me crazy.I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anyone more than I want her right now.I grab the shampoo and lather up her long hair, massaging her scalp.I hate myself for how much I love this.After I smooth in the conditioner, I take the shower gel and lather up my hands, rubbing her shoulders and back until she’s relaxed and breathing deeply.I wash the rest of her, but I try to avoid her boobs, since I can’t risk touching them if we’re both naked in here and I know I could easily hike her up against the wall and fuck her until my lungs give out [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]