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.“Now let’s go out on the porch,” Rhodes told them.“I have a few questions to ask you.”“I can’t see,” Claude said.“Help your brother,” Rhodes told Clyde, who guided his twin down the hallway and out the door.“You gonna read us our rights?” Clyde said when they reached the front porch.“On TV, they always read ’em their rights.”Rhodes didn’t have to read, since he knew the Miranda warning by heart, and it was too dark for reading in the first place, but he got out the card anyway.Anything to make sure that life was like TV said it was supposed to be.He didn’t want to disappoint the customers.Chapter 15It was quiet on the porch, and the slight evening breeze was a welcome change from the dank air of the basement.Rhodes could smell the cedars, and he could see, off down the road, the lights in the nearest house.He wondered if the people who lived there were eating supper.He wondered if Ivy were thinking about him, and he hoped she didn’t mind, too much, that he wasn’t there again.The twins didn’t want to say anything, even after having their rights read to them, except that Claude needed a doctor for his eyes.And that he still couldn’t hear well.Rhodes couldn’t hear too well, either, for that matter, but he persuaded the twins that they would be better off if they just answered a few questions right there.Otherwise, they would have to answer them in the jail, where the atmosphere was much less pleasant.“Well, all right,” Clyde said.“Ask something.”Now that he had the chance to ask, Rhodes didn’t know where to start.He decided that Graham’s death was as good a place as any, but he wanted to work up to it gradually.He’d get to Miz Coates after they talked about Graham.“How long had you two been working at the college for Mr.Graham?” he said.“Off and on, ever since we moved to Obert, I guess,” Clyde said.“Wouldn’t nobody else give us a job, on account of they didn’t like our daddy, but Mr.Graham, he didn’t care about things like that.”“Like what?” Rhodes said.Neither of the twins responded.Rhodes waited quietly for a full minute.Then he said, “I asked you a question.”“I can’t see a thing,” Claude said.“You blinded me with that pistol.”Rhodes didn’t feel like telling him again that he wouldn’t be permanently sightless or that it was Claude’s own fault that the gun had gone off in his face.So he didn’t say anything at all.He just stood there looking up through the cedar trees to catch a glimpse of the evening stars that were beginning to show in the dark sky.They were clear and brilliant, almost white.There was a cricket singing somewhere nearby.Finally Clyde said, “Folks say our daddy’s an outlaw.They say we steal stuff.”“What folks?” Rhodes said.“Like that Miz Coates.She’s called the Laws on us before.”“And do you steal things?” Rhodes said.He didn’t have to ask about their father.He was already convinced that Appleby was an outlaw.“You told us that everything we say can be used against us, didn’t you?” Clyde said.“That’s right,” Rhodes said.“I did.”“Then we didn’t steal nothin’.” The falsity of the statement was almost palpable in the darkness of the early evening.“It won’t do you any good to lie,” Rhodes said.“I’ve already got a warrant to search your house.Whatever’s there, I’ll find it.”“We sold ever’thing already,” Clyde said.Claude kicked him in the ankle.“You dumb shit,” he said.“There are worse things than stealing,” Rhodes said, thinking about Miz Coates and what Clyde had said about her calling the Laws.“What’d’you mean?” Clyde said.“About things bein’ worse.”“Murder,” Rhodes said.“For one thing.”“We didn’t kill Mr.Graham,” Claude said, surprising Rhodes.“We might’ve took things, but we never killed him.”“What about Miz Coates?” Rhodes said.“You don’t seem to have liked her much.Did you kill her?”“You tryin’ to fool with us?” Clyde said.“Like they do on tv?”“I’m not trying to fool with you,” Rhodes said.“Well, you must be.Miz Coates ain’t dead [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]