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.“Colista-Bren-Navida-Dor-Elson-Elsner-Havash-Razerobar-Calshina-Holan-Visnasu-Ornay-Latarn-Kinta--Barsee-Misnash-Hol-Mikitesh-Maz-Sustin-Loul-Rinta-Aben-Hapa-Roi-Canta—I will.” She managed to recite his entire full name in the Dialect.His eyes darkened as he rose and placed his lips gently on hers.Kissing him, she tasted her own tears.He was finally hers.For the rest of her life.EpilogueRipples“Done and done.” A few hours after Bach left, Turia laced up the back of Wisteria’s deep purple wedding dress.“You look beautiful.” Penelope Storm, a former Thayn and Wisteria’s recent friend nodded her head at her.“You wouldn’t look any better if it was white.Now of course, if you want to wear white you could because that would look out of this world too.Then maybe out of this world is what you’re going for, since you’re not from this realm and people should see that and accept you for that.Unless, you don’t want them thinking you’re an outsider, then stick with purple.Bach’s wearing black, but he can do that because he’s a guy, which isn’t fair if you ask me.He should wear his Pillar’s colors too—”“Enough Penelope,” Turia snapped.” You’re babbling.”Wisteria smiled at the teenager, she’d immediately liked Penelope because her fiery red hair reminded her of Piper.“Sorry, I’m nervous.It’s my first wedding since we were set free.And it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a human marry one of them.” Penelope signaled to Turia.“I keep thinking the empirics are going to show up and attack us.I guess I talk to cope with that.It’s stupid right? Talking isn’t going to change anything.Still, it's better to get everything out, than keep it bottled inside.”“Take a breath Penelope,” Wisteria suggested.“But you do look lovely,” Penelope finally concluded.“Thanks.” Wisteria examined herself in the full-length mirror as she fluffed the long multilayered gown.This was a nice dress, but white would’ve been better.“She hates it,” Turia remarked.“But unless you want everyone to think you are plotting the death of your Famila husband and immediately draw parallels to Daphne and Galahad, you should wear the colors of your pillar.White’s usually worn at funerals or by the Lady of Jarthan.”“Turia, the Family isn’t my sole motivation for everything I do.I’m wearing the Pillar color because it’s a symbol of freedom,” Wisteria replied.“Freedom?” Turia asked while looking befuddled.“The Thayns wore the various colors of the Family Pillars who’d enslaved us.We never had our own, but now we do and as the Sen of the new First Pillar, she should wear our color too,” Penelope explained.“Because we’re her family now.”Wisteria thought back to her family on Earth.She hadn’t seen them in almost two years.It all seemed like a lifetime ago.She missed them all so much.Penelope screamed.“The mirror moved.”“D’cara,” Wisteria jumped back as the glass rippled like water.“What the…?”“What is that? Could it be a threshold?” Turia guessed.Wisteria felt unsure because thresholds didn’t ripple.“I’ll send word to Nevena to find out—” Walking up, Turia touched the glass and her hand slipped in.Suddenly, her head and upper body were sucked into the mirror.Dashing toward her, Wisteria caught hold of Turia’s waist in an attempt to heave her out.“I’ll get Bach.” Penelope darted toward the door.“No Penelope, help me.” Wisteria tugged on Turia with all her might.“We’ve got to get her out.”Reluctantly, Penelope rushed back and took hold of Turia’s legs.Seconds later, they breathlessly pulled Turia out.Disheveled, but otherwise unharmed, Turia rubbed her head as she staggered away from the mirror.“Are you okay?” Wisteria examined the woman.“We should leave.” Penelope backed away.“The mirror is still shifting.”She was right.The ripples on the glass were violently rocking the mirror back and forth.“Get out now, all of you,” Wisteria ushered them to the door.“Hold on, you need to hear this.” Turia grabbed Wisteria’s shoulder.“I saw someone in there.He had a message for you.”“We’ll discuss it later.” Wisteria moved to the door.“The undying are coming to Jarthan and they’re bringing a war,” Turia called back.“The undying?” Wisteria halted in her tracks after they’d left the room.“Wait.” Turia grabbed her shoulder [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]