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.Seeing her do that tore at his pride; they shouldn't have been swapping spit the night before or anything else for that matter.If only he'd known before it had been too late.Never again.The only saving grace was the fact that her unpolluted Shadow Wolf system would eventually purge it, he hoped."I need to get this crap out of your pores.get you into a hot tub with Epsom salts, something to help pull it out of your skin.""I know—we can't do a full purge out here without supplies," he panted, then leaned his head back, taking advantage of the brief rest break she allowed."I can't carry the backpack or wear my parka.the scent will adhere to the fabrics and won't come out.Eventually gotta burn my clothes and get new ones.""You sound like you've done this before?" Her hands remained on his collarbone like hot coals.Pain, fatigue, and emotional exhaustion made him confess with a nod.He'd told her as much, but the fact that she was asking again meant that she was unsure if this had been a rarely occurring thing or something that he'd dealt with regularly.Long pauses interwoven with deep inhales accented his bursts of words."When I was twelve—second seizure.Sweat lodge with Silver Hawk.Third time, just before the onset of alpha maturity.he was there, too.I told you that, remember?""Then you're sure this is only the fourth seizure?"Again he nodded, wishing they didn't have to relive the humiliation of his youth.This time she didn't speak but just gave him a curt nod and kept working.When the pads of her fingers traced over the abrasion again, he winced."Sorry," she murmured, "but I gotta get as much of it out as possible.""Do it.Otherwise my pack brothers will attack on sight, no questions asked.You have to also get the scent of me off you and this contagion off your hands.just in case they don't understand and rush us."He stopped talking for a moment and held his breath as she flat-palmed the wounds.Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www.novapdf.com)Intense, stabbing pain balled his hands into fists.There was so much that he had yet to teach her about the Shadow culture she'd never been raised in.Sasha had to restore not only his normal scent but there could be no significant abnormalities in his aura.Each identifier was used to tell which pack within the clan one hailed from, one's rank, one's history.A change in any of those family markers caused chaos within the wolf pack and then fanned outward to ripple through the entire clan."Every pack within the clan has been waiting for this to happen.waiting for my grandfather to be wrong.It's why I was shunned as an eligible mate.They wanted to put me to death as an infant, but he was the North American clan's overall alpha male, then, and wouldn't allow it.But the rest tolerated my existence while spreading rumors that I could pass this genetic aberration on to my kids.Now I will finally shame him after all these years.""Listen, Max," she said, taking her hands away from his wounds for a moment so he could rest.She gripped his shoulders to make him hear her through the pain."Yeah, okay, your system is going haywire, but up until this point it merged with your Shadow Wolf, created some kind of hybrid that made you incredibly strong, able to go through the demon doors unlike the others, and gave you a battlefield advantage against the enemy." Sasha waited until Hunter opened his intense, dark brown eyes and stared at her."Yeah," she said."You represent an unknown, but up until this point you've been stable within the pack, as well as the clan.Something triggered this spike—it had to be more than me." When he gave her a half smile she staved off the comment she felt bubbling within him by squeezing his shoulders tighter."Think about it," she said, cutting him off before he could even say anything."The first time was when you were a newborn.Toxin hit your system and you began a demon-infected Werewolf transition.Doc shot you up with the same meds he gave me, Rod, Woods, and Fisher to keep the bad wolf at bay.Your system was so new that it needed the outside assistance, something to sway the balance so your brandnew immune system could go against a virulent invader." She watched him slowly take in her words as his shoulders relaxed under her hands."Imagine a just-delivered infant being shot up with influenza and nothing to counteract it?"Hunter nodded and she pressed on, needing to heal his mind and spirit as much as she knew his physical being required a purge.'The second time, your entire metabolism shifted in puberty—I'm assuming at twelve that's what set it off.Like any normal human's would be at that time, your entire system was in hormonal flux and the recessive strain of this thing wrestled the Shadow Wolf within you for dominance.Twice in a row, the Shadow Wolf in you won [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]