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.I'm ready to leave myself.You know Terri and my son at the house waiting on me.I’ll walk out with you.” Again, Tim was hoping this would be a good time to get this weight off his chest.Tim and Q dapped everyone up and let them know they would all get up tomorrow for breakfast around noon.When they got outside to their cars, Tim spoke first“Look bro, there's something I need to holla at you about.”“Could it wait until tomorrow? I'm not feeling too good,” Q responded.“Yea it can wait bro, get you some rest and we will chop it up tomorrow,” Tim said with hesitation in his voice.Once inside his car, Q headed towards home, but the words coming from Marcus were still playing in his ear.He whipped the car around and headed for Tee's house.He pulled his car around the corner to an adjacent street and parked.Q made his way through the woods to the back of Tee’s place.He opened the door and punched in the alarm code.He didn’t turn on one light.He just sat on the couch and watched the time on the clock change from 1am to 2am, to 3am, to 4am.Finally at 4:20am he heard Tee's car pulling into the garage.Tee opened the door, walked straight to the kitchen and poured herself something to drink.She never once noticed Q sitting on the couch.She was humming some tune the whole time.Q just watched and listened until he couldn't stay silent any longer“Where the fuck have you been?” Tee was so startled, she dropped the glass immediately.“Quentel, what the hell are you doing here sitting up in the dark?”“I asked you a question.Where the fuck have you been, and where is my son?” Q decided to add the son part since he might not have been justified in asking Tee where she was.“Quentel, Gerard is at my mother’s house, and I went with some friends to watch the fight.”“So you got your mother babysitting while you out here hoeing around?”“What? What the hell are you talking about?” Tee asked.Q made his way to the kitchen where Tee was trying to clean up the spilled drink.He grabbed her by the arm, temporarily lifting her from the floor.Tee tried to resist, but Q was too strong.He wrapped his larger hand around her neck and placed her firmly against the wall.“So you going to play a nigga like that, bitch? I know where you been and who you were with, niggas been calling me from Charlotte all fucking night.Do you know how this makes me feel and how fucking stupid I look? You around here prancing around with this nigga.” The whole time he spoke, his grip around Tee's neck was getting tighter.Tee could barely breathe, but she managed to whisper.“Q you hurting me.” Q realized the pressure he had on her throat and released her.He took his right hand and struck the wall with such force that the drywall broke.He had to hit something, he was so angry.Tee slid to the floor, she was crying hysterically, not because of the physical pain, but because she could see how much Q was hurting.She knew that Q was a real street nigga, and the only thing they had was their pride and their name.And she had damaged both.“Q, I'm sorry, I'm sorry babe, please talk to me!”Q turned around to leave.Tee tried to give chase, but when she stood up, she became dizzy.By the time she got her bearings back, Q was long gone.Tee sat in the dark room, mad at herself for apologizing.Hell it was Q’s fault she was out there.She didn't want to be dating niggas.She thought she had her man for life, but Q was constantly pushing her away.Why couldn’t he see this was a situation he had created?__________“Baby aren’t you supposed to be meeting the fellas for breakfast?” Van asked, bringing Q back to the present.“Yeah, but I think I’m going to stay in today, I'm not feeling too well.”“Oh, tell mommy where it hurts,” Van said, while rubbing his chest.Ring.Ring.Ring it was their house phone.Van jumped up and retrieved the handset from the charger.“Hello, Jackson residence.Hold on one second please.”“Quentel, it’s for you.”“Who is it ma?”“May I ask who’s calling?” he heard Van say.“He says his name is the cable guy, but he’s calling to empty one of your kennels, not to work on your cable.”Q laughed before responding.“Alright ma, throw me the phone.”“Not until I hear my favorite three words, Quentel”“I love you ma.You know that already.”“Yes I do Quentel, but it feels good hearing you say it.And Quentel, I love you too, always,” she said, then lifted a single finger.“Yo, what up Cable?” Q said.“Big Country!” Cable guy said in his always confident tone.“What can I do for you?”“Well I was hoping to get a chance to end aah.what’s his name is it Skull, Jr.?” he asked.“That’s his name,” Q said.“Yes Skull Jr., well my intention is to end his career.”“Are you sure Jack Dempsey is up to the task?” Q asked him.“I’m quite positive, Big Country.”“The last four that tried thought the same thing,” Cable Guy gave a causal smile.“Are you planning on bringing Skull Jr.out of retirement for his fifth attempt? And I did say attempt,” he repeated, making sure Q understood him.“I tell you what Cable, if you help me on something, maybe, just maybe, I will give this dog of yours a chance to die.”“Whatever it is, consider it done.I need this fight to take my kennel to the next level,” Cable pleaded.Q gave Cable Guy a quick rundown on the services he needed from him.Once Cable assured him of his participation, they went back to the dog fighting discussion.“I’ll meet you at 57lbs,” Quentel stated flatly.There was a long silence.“Are you still there cable?”Yeah I’m still here, I was just thinking about that weight.57 sounds a little heavy for jack.”“Come on cable, wit the bullshit.I already know Jack Dempsey was matched twice at 59, which is actually his correct weight.I’m not bringing Skull Jr.in a single pound heavier than that.You can take it or leave it.”“I’ll take it,” Cable Guy said.“You just killed your dog.” Quentel calmly told him.After agreeing to all the rules, and the time and date of the match, the veteran dog men had two more arrangements; the purse and location of the battle.“Well with all that taken care of, looks like we’re left with only two small endeavors, Big Country.That’s the location, and the amount of money you’re willing to lose.”Q’s mind turned to his dog, Skull Jr., before answering.He was a dog that had proven time and time again, that he was indeed the “total package” when it came to his breed.At close to four years old, Q was still yet to find any kind of weakness in him.Not only was he always looking for a fight, he was always looking to kill.Knowing that he was up to any task, Q decided that he would make Skull Jr.’s last match an against all odds match.“I’ll tell you what Cable Guy, you seem like a nice fellow,” Q said, then continued “And you are from the city where all lanes are considered fast….right?”“That’s correct, Big Country.”“Well, how about we do it there?”“On my turf…in my city?” Cable Guy asked, surprised.“Not only your city…can it be in your living room, as far as I’m concerned.” Q finally said [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]