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.But then they understand very little about the kids these days, what with their newfangled ringtones and their pants hanging halfway down their asses and their sex parties on the internet.SOCCER MOMSSoccer moms are very concerned.They are the most concerned people of all the people the petitioner encounters.They stop.They nod.They let their eyes rest on you.They are very concerned.And they are glad for you, that you are concerned and are doing something about it.But they don’t like to sign things.Not until they read up on it more.And as soon as they do, they will sign.But they are concerned.They are very concerned.Being concerned is their job.You could never be as concerned as they are.Don’t even try.Also, they’re late to pick up their gifted child.AGING HIPPIESAging hippies don’t think you’re doing it right.You’re standing wrong, approaching people wrong, explaining things wrong.You obviously lack passion and true commitment.It’s not the same now, not like in their day, when politics mattered and music meant something.TOURISTSTourists will sign.They come to the Pacific Northwest to think about nature and reconnect with the woods and the rivers and the streams.So if you explain to them it is a petition to save nature, they get excited.They sign.They can’t wait to sign.Here’s the weird thing: They make up fake names and addresses.It is not clear why they do this.Maybe they think the government is keeping a secret file: people who are against destroying the world.You wouldn’t want to be identified as one of those.PEOPLE IN THEIR TWENTIES WITH TATTOOSPeople in their twenties with tattoos know about your cause.They have read about it or heard something on NPR.They are very informed.Sometimes they know more about it than you do.Also, they know about other terrible things that are happening that you don’t know about.“Did you hear about the nuclear waste they’re dumping in the playgrounds?” And then you end up listening to them.TEENAGERSTeenagers don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.They don’t.They stare at you like you’re insane.Why are you downtown? What are you? Homeless? Don’t you have parents?THE OCCASIONAL TEENAGER WHO DOES KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE TALKING ABOUTEvery once in a while a teenager, usually a girl, comes by who does know what you’re talking about.These are the more artsy types with messenger bags and old Vans and graphic novels under their arms.They listen to you.They sign.Sometimes they’ll forge their parents’ signatures for you.You kinda wish you knew them or could hang with them, but ultimately they’re probably too cool or too weird.So you just smile at them and let them be on their way.THE ENDMarch 26Cogs liked my petition paper.Gave me a B.I asked why not an A or at least a B+ since it was obviously hilarious (he read it to the class).He said it had no formal introduction or conclusion.That’s Cogweiller for you, always thinking outside the box.He did write, Glad to see you are involving yourself in your community in a positive way.Yeah, I gave up my drug trafficking.What did he think I did with my time?That gave me an idea, though.Since I had my petition stuff in my bag, I asked him for a signature after class.He got a little flustered and said he couldn’t do that on school grounds, it was against district policy.I said, “So we’ll do it off school grounds.”This led to more awkwardness as I then had to meet Cogs after school and walk with him through the rain to his old Nissan hatchback.It was in the back parking lot, which is technically not on district property.This was very weird.First of all, I’d never even seen Cogs outside of a classroom, not to mention with a ski hat on and little mittens.Also, his being elderly and all, I had to slow my pace somewhat as we walked.The other thing was: I was hoping to talk to him.I’d always been curious about the Cogman.Like what’s he like on his own time? What’s he into? What’s his wife like? And his home life?But walking out there, I found I couldn’t start a conversation.Not at all.My role with him is: I’m the smart-ass and he’s the teacher.There didn’t seem to be any way to break out of that.So I just followed along.We got to his car.I got my petition stuff out and he signed it.I thanked him.He said nothing and got into his beater Nissan hatchback [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]