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.“Yeah, thanks.Does she tell you everything?”“Another safe assumption.Does it bother you?”I rocked my head back and forth, deciding.“Not really.I trust it stays with you.”“Always.So Stay? You know Jacqs will grill me later.”“He’s an incredible man but sometimes I feel like I’m moving forward in a relationship that I’m not fully in yet.That didn’t make any sense.” I made eye contact with Red to see if he got it.“It makes perfect sense.I’ve known Stay a long time.When he wants something, he throws his whole self into it.”I kicked my feet and said, “I know.I’m just not in the place where I can do the same.”“You’re worried about hurting him.”“Shouldn’t I be?” I asked.“Just be exactly where you are.That’s all you can really do, and be honest about it.I believe these things have a way of sorting out.I’ve never been happier in my life since Jacqs.It wasn’t ideal timing but we’re managing.Plus you can always trust Stay to be upfront.”“Yeah.” I nodded.“To a fault sometimes.”“Agreed.So it’s your coming out tonight.”“Apparently it’s not necessary since everyone already knows.I’m certain he plans to make it abundantly obvious.”Red touched my arm and said, “Grant him that.He’s liked you for a long time.”“You’ve all turn pining into a fine art,” I said.Red had loved Jacqs for years before he finally made his feelings known.“Want to help me put the food out? I’d like to check in with Jacqs too.” Red stood and grabbed each of us a towel to dry off our legs.“Sure.”Red and I set up the house for the gathering in companionable silence.The love that he shared with Jacqs was highly enviable, and I wondered if I could love like that or even allow myself to be loved that way.I never had before.After laying out the spinach dip and veggie platter I went to the bathroom to check my appearance.I wished Stay would show so I could stop feeling so anxious about being with him with all our friends.Jacqs finally made it home and after making out with Red while I stared at the floors and ceiling, she waved me to follow her upstairs.“I’m going to quickly change,” she said, stripping off her work clothes.She threw on a flowery, short, halter dress.“Sit”—she patted the bed beside her—“Have you changed your hair? I really like it.”“I didn’t blow it dry this morning.I think I heard the door,” I said, sitting down next to her.“Give me the scoop.”“Ask Red,” I said, lying back on the bed and folding my arms underneath my head.“I’m sure you didn’t tell him about the sex.How’s the sex?”I raised an eyebrow and said, “Too good.It’s all too much.”She patted me on the thigh and said, “I’m happy for you.Red is too much too, and I love every minute of it.Give it time.”“Uh-huh.”“That sounded like Stay’s laugh.” She stood up and checked her hair in the mirror.“Can I hide up here?” I asked, sitting up.“Buck up, girl, and face the music.”Stay watched me walk down the steps, and before I reached the bottom he swept me up in his arms.“It’s good to see you.I missed you today.” He then kissed me and I let him.It was no mere peck but a sweltering kiss.He accomplished what he intended—to make me hot and bothered.“You’re a naughty man,” I whispered into his ear.“Just remember you said yes, and you’ll get a taste of how naughty I can be.”“Stop that,” I said.“Which part?” He bit my ear lobe and whispered back, “The part that made your nipples hard or the part that caused your neck to flush and your breathing to accelerate?”“Break it up,” Cat said.“Are you going to be all over each other like Red and Jacqs? I’m certain he has an extra room.Use it.”“Cat, I’m certain you don’t want to use up one of your lives,” Stay teased.“I plan to kiss and grope her often.”Cat hung her arm around my waist and said, “Lainie, if you don’t put your man in his place early on, trust me, you’ll regret it.”“Excuse me.I’m standing right here,” Kev said and he didn’t look happy.“Just remember whose night it is.”I had a feeling she was to be topped and he planned to show her who was boss.The evening breeze beckoned us all, so we settled outside with the food and drinks.Stay sat right by my side and was the perfect gentleman.He gave me plenty of space and I didn’t feel smothered like I thought I might.I sat back watching our friends shift from one conversation to another.I really loved all of them, even Bond now too.“Let’s go for a walk,” Stay said after we had finished laughing at Bond and his ridiculous impersonation of a dancer at his club.“Sure.”We walked away from the group, down the short yard, and onto the dark dock that extended out over the Intracoastal Waterway.He led me to the end of the pier and we sat down, our legs hanging over the edge but not touching the water.He scooted me closer to him, draping my right leg over his left.In his arms, he swept me up in his kiss, seizing my mouth and making me dizzy with lust.He slid my hand into his jeans over his cock.His penetrative stare told me what he wanted.“Anyone could walk out here.I can hear them laughing.”“Unbutton my pants and take my cock out.”I glanced at his bulge and back at his face.He meant it.So titillated, I did as he asked.I unbuttoned his pants, pushed down the elastic on his boxers, and freed his erection.Scanning around us, I didn’t think the people across the water or the house to the right of us could see us in the light reflected from Red’s house.He gathered my hair in his fist and moved my mouth up and down over his shaft.His scent filled my nostrils turning me on and making me light headed.He used my mouth, and I gave myself over to it.In his seated position, he couldn’t penetrate my throat like before and I missed it.He pulled my head off his cock and slammed his lips against mine.Once apart, he said, “I can’t get enough of you.”“Your smell, it does something to me,” I moaned.His deep-blue eyes told me he loved me and that he wanted me to know.“Please don’t say it,” I silently begged.I needed it to be about sex and not love.“Do you think I will be able to take more of you down my throat next time?”“Do you want to?”“I want you to make me wet like you did before.Yes and I want it to feel better for you.”“It couldn’t have felt any better.Next time we’ll try with some lube.We’ll practice now a bit before I fuck you from behind.On your knees.” He stood and with my hair still in his hand, he helped me to kneel in front of him.“Are you ready?”I nodded and swallowed a few times.With my head tilted up, I opened my mouth like a bird.“You look so sexy like that,” he said and then doused into my throat.He held the back of my head and bent his knees down, forcing his cock deeper.When he pulled out, I said, “More please [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]