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.They would completely appreciate the crazy conversation, not that they knew about Bond and me.I wasn’t about to tell this new woman Bond’s personal business or mention that a threesome already existed, only I wasn’t part of it.Red, Jacqs, and Bond seemed to be making it work.How much longer it would last, was anyone’s guess, and we were all wondering.“Sorry,” I snorted, struggling to get my outburst under control.Frank kindly distracted us when he placed our drinks in front of us.“Okay, so the threesome is out,” Rory said.“Why be second best?”Ouch! Just take a sword and plunge right in, woman whom I don’t know at all.“A better question would be why are you stalking a man who clearly has his hands full?”“If I told you, you’d just laugh.” Her bravado failed momentarily, and I saw behind the mask of confidence.I recognized a kindred spirit.We, all of us, are desperate to be loved and to find our own safe place to land.As my life sped by, that eventuality seemed less likely and sometimes it pulled me so far down, like the gravity keeping us glued to this planet.I felt sorry for her.“I won’t laugh,” I promised.“He’s my soulmate.He’s just too distracted to recognize me.”“What makes you think that?”“It’s not a thinking, it’s a knowing.I felt it the day I started working here.”“You work here? I didn’t realize.”“It’s a part-time gig and I’m off tonight.I’m a kindergarten teacher during the day and I love it, but it doesn’t pay much.Thanks for not laughing.My older sister thinks I’m a silly girl that needs to grow up and is constantly trying to set me up with stiffs from her law firm.I couldn’t be further from their type.I’m not motivated by money and I have tattoos.”“I just got one,” I said, turning my shoulder to show her.“Wow.I mean, that’s incredible.The colors are so bright and it feels like the dragonfly is in flight.You must give me his card.”I opened my small purse and found one.“Her.Here you go.”“Awesome! I now know who I’m using for my next tattoo.” After she drank some of her margarita, she asked, “Any advice for me?”“You’re asking me to help you get Bond?”“Well.I.I don’t know what more I can do.I don’t want to make a nuisance of myself, but I can’t give up.”“You’re clearly asking the wrong person.As I’ve been told on numerous occasions, timing is everything.Seems to me you need to be patient.”“I’m not a patient person.”“Well then, I’ve got nothing.” I waved to Frank.“What can I do for you, beautiful?” Frank asked.“Dos Equis for Bond and the tab, thanks.”“Don’t let me run you off,” Rory said with her shoulders down and her bottom lip in a pout.“It’s not that I lack empathy for your situation, it’s just that I can’t help you and honestly, if I could, I probably wouldn’t.”“Yeah, I get that.” She sighed heavily and finished off her drink.“Don’t leave.I’m taking off anyway.”“Hey girls,” Bond said, coming up behind us and startling us both.I tilted my head up and Bond kissed my temple.“I ordered you a beer.”“Let’s take it to go.Frank?”Frank held up the bottle.“Don’t open it.”“Gotcha,” he said as he approached with the beer and the bill.“Put that on my tab,” Bond said.“Rory’s too.” He gave her a wink.I saw her face brighten, and I wanted to smack Bond.Men could be so dumb!“Later,” he said to her and pulled me along with him.I looked back at Rory and shrugged.Once upstairs, I stomped.“What the hell?”“What the hell what?” he said calmly, walking into the kitchen and opening his beer.“You’ve never been openly affectionate to me at the club and dude, you’re fucking blind.”“Not my best choice but Blue, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? I couldn’t help myself.And blind?”“Rory.Leave that girl alone,” I shouted over the music pounding through the floor of the apartment.“She’s a sweet kid and works hard.” He shook his head.“I don’t see the issue.”“Blind and dumb.”“The point?”“Never mind.You’ll sort it out eventually.So you like the tattoo?”“Almost as much as I like seeing you in this dress.” He placed the beer down on the kitchen counter and pulled me toward him.Against my neck he said, “Very naughty to wear a thong under it.” He cupped my ass in his hands, gathering the material up in his palms, until I felt the heat from his fingers.I groaned from his touch and the warmth of his breath against my neck.Bond kissed his way up to my mouth, swallowing the sound.His hands and his lips worked to make my panties damp.“How’s your shoulder feeling?”“My shoulder?” I said, leaning flush against him.“The tattoo?”I laughed.“Tight and itchy.”“No bondage tonight then,” he decided as he pulled down my thong.“But I do owe you a spanking for teasing me so mercilessly.My cock has been rock hard since you walked into the club.”I reached between us and rubbed over his zipper.The head of his cock poked out the top of his jeans.“He’s very hard,” I concurred.“Shall we free him?”“Soon.” He spun me around and pushed my upper body over the kitchen counter, my ass exposed to the cool, air-conditioned room, the skirt of the dress draped at my waist.His warm palm caressed over my ample bottom, starting at my hips, and kneading his way to the crevice between my globes.His fingers spread my buttocks wide and then massaged them back together.“You’ve been a very bad girl,” he grunted as his hand spanked my ass for the first time that night.The heat from his strike spread out from my ass, migrating to my nipples and pussy.He didn’t allow me to wallow in the sensation too long before the next spank landed on the other side.Bond didn’t dick around with a light punishment.No, he used plenty of force, allowing me to get lost in the pain and titillation.After thoroughly reddening my ass, at the edge of my tolerance, he lifted me up onto the kitchen counter and spread my thighs wide.“Sopping wet and sticking out,” he said as he rolled my bulbous clit between his fingers.“Pull down the top of your dress and take off your bra.I’ll be right back.”I did as directed, wondering what he went off to get.When he returned, he held a chain with loops on either end.He twisted and pulled on my right nipple and then lassoed it, pulling the loop very tight.My left nipple received the same treatment.The chain hung between my breasts.“My alligator clips are too small for your big nipples, but this works great.You would look so good in my album.”“Never happening,” I said, raising an eyebrow and laughing.“So sexy, I had to try.” He tugged the chain, causing me to groan.As he nipped his way up my right thigh, I yelped over the duel sensations.The tip of his tongue finally flicked across my clit, while his left hand wrapped around the back of my upper leg, and his right held the chain taut, forcing my nipples down.My body shook as he took my swollen nub into his mouth and sucked as his tongue danced around my entrance.He paused and I moaned from the loss of the heat of his mouth.“Lean back against the cabinets and bring your pussy right to the edge, legs spread wide [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]