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.I scooted closer and lay my chin on his chest.“The Neanderthal comment was a nice touch.” He smiled up at me.“You liked that?” I asked, thumbing his full lower lip.“It made me want to fuck you from behind, your long hair wrapped around my fist.”I laughed out loud and said, “Next time, big boy.Shower and then I’ll make us some dinner?”“Let’s.”I gathered my soap and hair products from my suitcase, and once we entered in the shower, Red took control.“I want to wash you,” he said, soaping up a washcloth.“I haven’t been bathed since I was a little girl.”“You still are, Jacqs,” he said, laughing.I punched his shoulder and said, “Just in contrast to your gargantuan size.”“There’s some truth to that.” He washed under my right arm that I held up for him.“You’re a perfect fit for me.”“I have to agree with that,” I said, raising my eyebrows and glancing down at his cock.“Do I get to wash him?”“If you behave, I might let you.I have a policy you should know about.”“What’s that?”“Two to one.” He spun me around so he could soap my back.“Huh?”He lingered and reached around me to wash my breasts and stomach.He placed the wash cloth down on the tiled ledge, maneuvered me under the stream of water, and rinsed his hands in the flow.“I owe you another,” he said, reaching between my legs.“Ohhh, that.I … don’t think … I can argue … with that.”He massaged my clit, pushing me back against the tiled wall.Crouching down, he lifted my right leg over his bent knee.“There, that’s better.Your clit is still so swollen.I love how hard it gets for me.”“She likes you too.Oh, yes…”“Pull on your nipples for me, love.Yes, just like that.You’re so fucking sexy, Jacqs.”My hips rocked uncontrollably against his hand as the heat in my pussy grew.“How do you feel about anal sex?” he asked.“I … don’t know.”He stopped moving his hand and said, “You’ve never had anal sex?”“Nothing more than a finger.Bond’s not in to that, or at least he’s never asked me to do it.”“We’ll have to rectify that and soon.”“With him?” I asked, pointing down at his semi-erect cock.“I’m pretty sure he won’t fit.”“Trust me, we’ll have fun trying.”“Ohhh,” I moaned as he continued to circle around my arousal.The idea of his cock in my ass spiked my libido.“Let me know when you’re close.”“I’m almost there.” I continued to yank on my harden peaks.Warmth spread out from my mound and nipples, encompassing the rest of my body.“Oh, Aidan, oh please.”“You like that idea, don’t you? Give it to me, Jacqs.Come for me.”I struggled to hold myself up while the convulsions began.Reaching up, I clutched his shoulders as I hollered out my orgasm.He lowered my leg and held me against him as I tried to recover enough to stand.“So sexy,” he said, kissing up my neck and nipping my earlobe.“You bring it out in me,” I whispered into his chest.“Let’s finish up in here so we can make dinner together.”“Kiss me first,” I said.He lifted me off my feet and ever so gently kissed my lips parting them with his tongue.He mesmerized me with his soft kisses of love and then lowered me to my feet again.I threw on a pair of purple PJ bottoms and light blue T-shirt, and joined Red downstairs.I loved him in his plaid PJ pants and white shirt.Easing up behind him, I snaked my arms around his torso.He had already begun prepping the salmon.“Hello love,” he said over his shoulder.“You cook?”“It relaxes me,” he said, spicing the fillets with garlic salt, red pepper, and basil.“Yeah, me too and I also see it as a challenge.There are a few recipes I’d like to master.I watch several cooking shows, and I like it best when I can cook for other people.I tend to do the expedient thing when I’m making food for myself.”“We should plan a dinner party after all the dust has settled.”“I love that idea,” I said, hugging him again from behind.“What were your plans for the veggies?”“We can bake them after the salmon comes out to rest.”“I’ve never had them that way.”“I think you’ll love it.We’ll just lightly coat them in olive oil and spices.”After placing the salmon in the oven, Red said, “Let’s go sit outside while this cooks.” He led me through the French doors to the loveseat glider.“This is my favorite time of the year.”“Mine too, especially when it’s breezy.How was the rest of your day?” I sat and tucked my legs underneath me.“Uneventful.We had a staff meeting at the end of the day.You?” He rocked us with his outstretched legs.“The time crawled by and I ended up leaving an hour early.I needed a nap.” I cuddled in close.He looked down and said, “I love having you here— I think I heard your phone go off.”“Oh?” I glanced up.“I guess I’d better check it.It could be my mother or Sam or Lainie.”“Or Bond.”“Right,” I said, a knot forming in my stomach.I ran up the stairs and retrieved my phone from my bag.Shit, I found a voicemail from Bond.Pressing 1, I waited for the message to play:“Hi Jacqs.I hope you’ve been thinking about giving us another shot.I have to work tonight but want us to make plans for later in the week.I ended up sleeping most of the day away.You must be beat.Have you crashed already? If you’re with Aidan, tell him his time is running out.”I trotted down the stairs and walked outside.I held out my phone so Red could hear the message.“Doesn’t sound like he’s coming around to me,” I said, plopping down on the rocker [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]