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." Not if she had her way, but the others needed to believe that Luca's return, and allegiance, was possible.Her strength and calm had gained the attention of the others.They all looked at her expectantly, as if she had all the answers to their problems."What should we do about this revolution?" Benedict asked.He was trying to take control of the meeting, trying to assert his authority, but he didn't have any answers to all of the questions they faced."How do we know for certain there is a rebellion?" she asked reasonably."Hector apparently told Luca there is a rebellious faction, and maybe it's true, maybe it isn't.We told Luca to bring a rebel to us and he hasn't, so maybe they don't exist.If that's what he found, it's possible he's simply disappeared for a while.He's done it before." They all thought she and Luca had a special connection, which they didn't and never had, but they thought it because over the centuries she had carefully cultivated that perception.She leaned forward."However, we must also consider that it's possible Hector never called Luca, and his presence here is a part of some plot we do not yet understand.Is Luca tired of answering to us? Does he think himself better, more capable of leading? Perhaps the revolution, if there is one, begins and ends with Luca Ambrus."She continued to remain outwardly calm, carefully controlling her breathing and the beat of her heart, as she remembered stepping into the doorway of Hector's room as Enoch drove Hector's own sword through his heart, watching with some satisfaction as the Head of Council exploded into a spray of fine gray dust.Hector's talents had told him there was a traitor near, but he hadn't seen that it was her, had never even suspected her.He'd sensed that death was coming, but he hadn't realized until Enoch walked into his room that death had come for him at the hands of an old friend.She'd felt such satisfaction in watching Hector die.He'd been an old fool, and weak.There wasn't any place in her order for weakness.There were others at this table who could ferret out the truth if they put in the effort, but they, and their gifts, had atrophied over the years.Accustomed to having their food brought to them, used to having others of their own kind do their bidding, they had become lazy.Their talents slept and faded.More than a thousand years of peace and loyalty within the vampire community had spoiled them all--except for her.When the matter of Luca was dismissed they moved on to the next order of business: the election of a new Head of Council.Regina knew the position could be hers if she fought for it, and she would not have to fight very hard.The others respected her; they saw her strength.But she didn't have the time or the patience to take on that duty, even for a short while.She had too many other things to do.Besides, in such a position of authority she'd be watched much too closely.So she nominated Pablo, who had a Napoleon complex and a sick fascination with one of the blood donors kept on site.His ego and the glamoured girl would keep him occupied and out of her hair.Benedict was annoyed that the others, who were thinking only of Pablo's age and experience and who knew nothing of his latest obsession, didn't see fit to champion him as an alternative.They decided to take their time before choosing a ninth Council member to replace Hector.Regina knew it didn't matter, because soon the Council would be irrelevant.and then it would be destroyed.Sorin returned from his latest assignment anxious to see if Nevada had made progress while he'd been gone, but she wasn't his first chore of the day.Traveling in daylight was tiring, but these days, every minute was precious.It had been too long since he'd slept, and he couldn't see a time for sleep coming.Not that he couldn't function, but he had to be careful not to let himself get so tired, or hungry, that he made mistakes.A single error could bring it all crashing down around their heads.That mistake would not be his [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]