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.Tony looked at both werewolves."Who wants to drive to London?"* * *"Yes, I saw that one," the hotel maid nodded, pointing to the taller man in the photographs Tony presented.The cleaning staff was invisible to most people who came to stay.Xenides hadn't bothered with compulsion on her as he had with the staff at the front desk—he hadn't seen her."He was here a little over a week ago," the woman went on."Stayed for one entire day and night, then checked out the following evening.I got to clean his room, first thing the next morning.""Did he meet with anyone?" Tony asked, tucking the photographs in his jacket pocket."A woman came in.Pretty.Long, dark hair.Looked Asian.""I don't suppose you got any names?" Tony asked hopefully."Or any other information?""No.They shut themselves up in the room around eight, for about an hour.I don't think she was here for the usual, if you get my meaning."Tony got her meaning.They didn't have sex.That meant an accomplice to him."Was he driving anything? Did you notice?""Didn't see that.Sorry." The woman shook her head."Thank you for the information.Don't let anyone else know that you told us anything." Tony passed the woman a hundred pound note and he, Deryn and Paul left."Did you get anything?" The desk clerk asked as Tony and the others passed his desk on the way out."She didn't remember the man," Tony lied smoothly and kept walking.As soon as Tony, Deryn and Paul drove away, the desk clerk placed a call to a cell phone."Three men were here asking questions.None of my staff remembered anything," the desk clerk said after the initial greeting.He hung up when the voice on the other end expressed his pleasure at that information.* * *"I know I'm not the most desirable person to hear from," Tony informed Charles as soon as he could punch Wlodek's number on his cell from inside the rental."But we have a report that Xenides was seen at the Hobart Hotel.It was also reported that he met there with a woman with long dark hair that appeared to be of Asian heritage.We don't have information on what the meeting entailed.This happened more than a week ago."The hair was rising on the back of Charles's neck when Tony gave the description of the woman."I'll get this information to Wlodek," he said, breaking the connection."Honored One, I know we're about to interview the girl, but this is important," Charles spoke before coming to a complete halt inside the holding facility's office."Anthony Hancock called.He says that Xenides was seen at the Hobart Hotel a little over a week ago and he met a woman there with long, dark hair that appeared to be Asian." Charles hadn't paused for breath, getting the whole thing out as quickly as he could.Wlodek showed no emotion—neither did Gavin or Merrill."We will check into this immediately," Wlodek replied."Have Flavio and Susila arrived?""Not yet, Honored One.Wait, I think I hear them now." Charles went to check, leading both vampires in a few moments later.Susila smiled slightly at Merrill, who nodded.Susila had been Scandinavian by birth and was nearly as old as Merrill.She and Flavio both took seats on either side of Wlodek.Merrill and Gavin sat behind them, in opposite corners."Have them bring the girl," Wlodek nodded to Charles, who trotted down the hall to let Radomir know to bring the girl out.Chapter 8The girl was bound with handcuffs for the interview.Compulsion had already been laid for her to be respectful.That didn't keep her from leveling a threat, however."You are all dead," she giggled hysterically."You have no idea what Xenides is." The girl was Spanish but spoke in English, with an accent.It didn't matter; all presiding over her questioning spoke fluent Spanish.Wlodek barely lifted an eyebrow."And what is Xenides?" he asked."You will tell the truth.""I went looking for vampires.Thought it would be fun.Used to dress up, you know, in the costumes? Xenides doesn't allow that.I found vampires," she repeated."What has he done to make you think this?" Wlodek watched the girl carefully.Charles was already tapping quietly on his computer."He killed one of the two girls he had before he found me.He made me kill the other one.He forced me to drink her blood.He taunted me.'You wanted to be a vampire,' he said.He laughed.'Be a vampire,' he said.I drank some of her blood.It was hot and sticky.""Have you killed anyone else?""I killed a vampire.Xenides gave me a stake and told me where to find him.I killed him.He turned to ash while I watched." The girl giggled again."Did you know the name of this vampire?""Aubrey Wallis," the girl replied.Gavin shifted a little in his seat."Where did you kill him? Do you know why Xenides asked for his death?""Aubrey was in Barcelona, at a villa outside the city.Xenides forced the gardener to give him a key to the house.I used that to get in.""Why was he killed?""Because Xenides heard that someone named René is hunting him.Xenides said he was giving a warning to René.""How long were you with Xenides?""Less than six months.It seems like an eternity.""Did you commit other crimes?""I stole some things—money, some jewelry.I also robbed Aubrey's villa and killed his housekeeper.She was a nosy bitch and wanted the money back.I stabbed her with her own kitchen knife [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]