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.Then I re-made you into my perfect sexual partner.I cannot hold this against you.You are simply reacting to conditioning.”“What?” I was more than a little offended by what he said.It was as if he were saying I had no control over how I would respond to a kidnapper.As if I were a performing dog, doing only what I was trained to do by rote.Marcus pulled back slightly.“You, Little One, were reacting to my training.This female has done everything but take you physically.You would react this way to anyone who presented you with the same set of circumstances.”I blinked up at him.I sure as hell wasn’t expecting this overly calm indulgence.I thought he would be furious.I sure as hell would be if my lover—no, my mate, were calling out for someone else in the middle of the night.This just sat so wrong in my heart.“I will need to have a meeting with this Trisha to work out negotiations.” He kissed my forehead and brushed the stray bangs off my face.I think I just woke up in the Twilight Zone.“What?”“You need more sleep.I am sorry I woke you, but I had to know.” He rolled off me and sat on the edge of our bed.“Www…What?” I was sounding like a broken record.“You are stuttering, Little One.”“What the fuck is going on? Why the hell aren’t you going ballistic and breaking things?” I wondered out loud.“Because I know you are mine.” He touched his earring.“This tells me so.You gave me your eternal Flame, your heart, and your beautiful, bright soul.They are mine now, and I am never giving them back to you.This Trisha is just sex.I was upset when I woke to hear her name.I waited until I was calm enough to talk to you before waking you up.“I made a promise to you, Xavier, never to raise my hand against you in anger again, and I will keep that promise.No cast-off fledging is going to take you from me.I trust you.This Trisha, I know nothing about her.That is why you are going to invite her to the Manor, and she and I are going to talk.”“What?”“Did I accidentally do something to your head yesterday? You seem to know only one word,” he said, looking at me with concern.I got a broad hand to the middle of my chest and was pinned down to the mattress so damned easily.I grabbed at his wrist, but I couldn’t budge him.“Oh, fuck off,” I snapped.“I thought it was ‘fuck you’?” There was a teasing lilt to his voice, but the expression of his eyes was off.That’s what set me so much on edge.I could always tell what he was feeling because his eyes were like a gauge, a mirror.Right now, it was as if he had pulled the plug on his emotions.If I couldn’t judge his emotions, then I really didn’t know how he would act in a situation.It was like sitting beside a ticking time bomb.“Let me try this again.I want to fuck you, Little One.Right now.” Marcus slid back over me.Ooofff.He didn’t lift his weight off all at.“Well, I want to talk,” I argued, lifting one shoulder off the mattress.Damn it.He zeroed in on my throat, “You can talk, while I am inside you,” he answered back, bucking his groin against me.He was hard already.“No.” I tried to twist away.It wasn’t happening.“No?” He gave sucking kisses down the length of my neck, hitting that special spot just right, right there.I shivered.“Is it still a no?” “Marcus…” His name came out as a sigh.Damn…damn, damn.So much for him getting my sexual consent.“What do you want to see Trisha for? She’s barely a vampire.”Marcus set his forehead against mine.His eyes were closed.“She knows enough to scent mark.She and I need to meet to have a talk regarding setting your schedule.”“Can you talk to me like I have no clue what you are referring to? What schedule?” I asked.He opened his eyes.He was eerily calm.“You, my Beautiful, have given me the intangible—your love.Your physical body wants completion of the conditioning.It wants sex with its captor.That is why you are calling out for her.I will provide a safe haven for you to get that.”“I don’t think I’m getting this.You want me to have sex with her?” “No, Xavier.You want to have sex with her.I am willing to permit you to do so, because in a way, it is my fault.I made you this way.I cannot punish you for it.It is how I taught you to respond.I would rather you did not, but since this itch has arisen, it is better to get it taken care of immediately, before I am forced to start killing again.”Marcus leaned forward and pressed his lips to my forehead as one hand tangled in my hair, stroking it gently.This was so at odds with the words he just uttered.“I want to meet with her to make her understand that this is just a physical lust between you two.If she in any way attempts to take what you have freely given me, I will snap her like a twig.”Okay, I was wrong.He was far from calm.He was seething.I could almost see the tension radiating off of him like heat waves.“I don’t want to have sex with her,” I told him, enunciating each word separately.“Your body does.Do not think I am being noble, Xavier.I am doing this for me as well.I do not want to wake up every day for an eternity with you calling for another vampire in your dreams.The only name I want called with that sexy, fuck-me voice you have just before climax is mine.”Marcus rolled off me and slid off the opposite side of the bed.His broad back was towards me.“My main conditions are that you will not come to me with her scent on your skin, and you spend every day with me in our home.I made you my mate long before she showed up.” He turned his head so his profile faced me [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]