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.There was no way in hell Mom would appreciate the need for security on her own property, and it would be a proverbial slap in the face to the Regency Hunters.Besides, there was a good chance that she would whale on both Armor's ass and mine, and I really didn't want those who held in me high esteem to see me getting worked over by my mother.The intimate little dinner for two I wanted went out the window.It was out the window anyway as Armor couldn't eat yet this week.You don't mess with a vampire's eating schedule.Vampires and constipation are two things that should never, ever mix.I, however, was starving.Here I was, eating a meal a day, when I should only be doing that once a week.What the hell that means, I don't know.Hans was in chef heaven because he has someone he deemed important to cook for on a daily basis.I've never been deemed anything before, and it kind of felt good.It just wasn't enough that he cooks for Chesterton and the other servants every day; he was at heart a cooking snob and yearned to show off his culinary skills.Well, he got half his wish-he is the head chef for the House of Von Drachenfeld, home of the Lord Emperor of the Blood Nation.The only thing he mourns is that the menu often consists of mac and cheese from a box and spicy chicken wings, sweet potato fries, and beer.He has high hopes that the coming wedding between me and the Baroness Whitecombe will change all that.Visions of state parties dance in his head.X? Shade's voice was probing yet kind of hesitant.That should have told me something right there.I had one hand splayed over my forehead, pressing in on my temples as I tried to stave off that migraine.My eyes were closed to the bright flashes of light from the traffic outside of the limo.You're talking.I asked everyone not to talk.I twitched as my shoes were eased off.I kept my eyes closed.Armor and his foot fetish.Ooooh, that felt good.A strong arm urged me sideways on the seat, and Claudius shifted under me, gentle fingers began rubbing at my temples.I let my head fall back against his chest.A vampire could get used to this.Needless to say, Mom was surprised when I called her.She was even more surprised when I told her why I was coming up with a crowd in tow.When she called me Liz Taylor, I got snarky.She was going to slap my lips off my face when the entourage finally got to the farm.She also reminded me that Armor had two slaps in the bank.No wonder I had a headache.“Little One?”“You're talking.” I didn't open my eyes, but I pressed the arch of my foot into Armor's hands.He rubbed his thumbs into my arches.Oh, yeah, that's the ticket.There was nothing but blessed silence.I drifted off a bit.The gentle rubbing of my feet was getting my motor going, it was slow and building but hopefully not noticeable yet.Claudius stripped my hair out of its tail and was massaging my scalp.Oh, yeah.I heard groaning.I was about to ask who was doing that when I realized it was me.Strong hands rubbed my flanks.my naked flanks.I popped my eyes open and tried to sit up.Claudius wrapped his arms around me and held me still.“Ssssh, let Armor relax you.”The light in the limo had been dimmed.I stiffened in more ways than one.Claudius opened my shirt and brushed his fingers over my nipples through my t-shirt.I felt warm, wet lips slip along my inner thigh.“What are you guys doing?”“Distracting you,” Armor replied easily before sucking a hickey on a particularly tender spot.“You are so tense, Xavier.” Claudius pulled my t-shirt up, rubbing the back of his knuckles against my stomach, following my midline up to my hardening nubs.“Do you wish us to stop?”Kind of hard to think when Armor is sucking on the back of my knee.Wait, how did he get my leg up over his shoulder? Nuugghhhh.His fangs grazed the tender flesh there.Claudius was scanning the radio frequency bands with my nipples.I was getting far too overstimulated.“Xavier?”“Little One?”“What are we doing?” My voice was gasping.Opening my eyes, my vision was full of Claudius's face and those damned luscious blue eyes of his.“Whatever you desire, Little One.” Armor continued his lips' journey up my thighs.“We live to serve.” Claudius pulled on the nipple ring.I came off the seat.Claudius moved closer, propping my upper body against him.“Do we continue?”Hmmmm? “I'm the only one not naked.Do something about it.” It was the most imperial command that I had ever given.“Yes, my lord Emperor.” Claudius slid my bowling shirt off, slipped the gun harness off my back, pressed a kiss to the nape of my neck, and pulled my t-shirt over my head.Armor was busy in his own right.My pants were gone, my boxers were just now being slipped off my ankles.My socks and shoes were gone a long time ago.Where the hell was Shade?I glanced over at the now vacant seat.Shade?Oh, I can talk to you now? Well, isn't that just lovely.Where the hell were you when I was calling?What? What happened? An alarm set off in my chest.Armor shoved me through the privacy screen into the front seat.That was honestly not something I expected from her.You were a kitty?No, I was not a kitty! I was being all nice and quiet like you asked, and purring in my sleep when big and brown picked me up and tried to shove my head through the little hole in the wall.He only stopped when my shoulders got stuck.You tell him for me that he's damned lucky I kept my claws to myself.Your wedding pictures would have looked like hell with him all slashed up.I owe him a tail.A couple of them [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]