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.He had to agree.But the jacket sounded cool.He scanned the table and pushed a few papers around, looking for something that his eyes hadn’t seen before.He threw a few pages to the ground, disregarding them until he saw a blank edge near the corner of the table.He raised a brow and bent over to fish it out of the veritable paper sea on the table in front of him, knocking over several other pages in the process.“Stiles you are making a complete mess.”He shrugged.“You knew what you were getting into when you befriended me.” He held the paper up to read over it.“Why didn’t you circle anything on this page?”She looked at it, examining all the ads before she shrugged.“Guess I didn’t get to it.”He nodded, looking over all the big, obnoxious ads that were in full color and had various comic sans and wordart printed across them.He’s pretty sure that he took a vow when he was in the womb to never work for anyone who used comic sans, so he threw those ads away.The page was looking to be another dud until he happened to see a small, discrete ad settled in the bottom left corner.There was no color or pictures, no annoying exclamation marks, and it was a rather suitable font.It seemed like whoever had posted it almost hadn’t wanted it to be seen, or at least to not have it be very noticeable.He scanned his eyes over it.Haltech Inc.Need someone who is young and smart to fillposition for Hale pack.Benefits included.Blood test required.Generous pay negotiable when you arrive.Contact Derek Hale for personal interview at 212-683-7564.“What about this one?” He asked, showing the ad to Lydia.She read over it for a few seconds.“Blood test? What kind of position does a human play in a werewolf pack? Seems sketchy.”Stiles rolled his eyes and leaned over her to grab her laptop, typing in her password.“Every job seems sketchy to you unless it involves long and irritating equations.”“Math is a beautiful thing, I’ll have you know.”“Yeah, okay.Let’s find out who this Derek Hale guy is.”He typed it into Google and his eyes widened when the first few pictures of him popped up.“Holy-ever-loving-ass-fuckers this guy is hot.”Lydia quickly leaned over, blocking Stiles’ view of the man.He pushed her away with a shrug.“He’s like a 6.” She said, shrugging.“This guy is literally a freaking God, Lydia.How high are your standards?”“Extremely.” She said with a smile.Stiles shook his head and opted to stare at the man for a few moment.He didn’t look old at all- according to the small Wikipedia page he was only 25, a few years older than Stiles and already a CEO.Stiles’ life was going nowhere.He was tall, with what looked to be an amazing body if the way those suits fit were any indication.He was slightly miffed that there were no shirtless pictures, but hey, he could work with what was given to him.His had his beautiful olive skin, amazingly manicured facial hair that made him look all CEO-y.But the best thing was his eyes- they were gorgeous.This hazel-brown-green-goldy color that seemed to contrast what looked to be a cold demeanor.“Oh my god he’s a were, Lydia.A fucking were.And an Alpha! If Danny was a beta imagine what an alpha could do to me.Shit.This guy can get it anywhere, any day, anytime, any position.There is literally not a thing he could suggest that I wouldn’t do.”Lydia chuckled.He reluctantly forced himself to stop looking at the photos of the ridiculously attractive god on his screen and clicked on the article of him.“So apparently Haltech is some kind of computer or software company or whatever.It’s pretty werewolf based, ran by the Hale pack.And… oh…”Stiles eyes scanned the screen as he read all the information on the man.His voice turned soft.“And apparently he inherited the CEO position when his parents died.His mom died of lung cancer… ironic, huh? Only family he has left is his sister Laura and uncle/financial advisor Peter.”He skimmed a few more sentences.“It’s not a huge company yet, but people say with time it could probably be one of the major competitors.Seems legit.Plus he’s super hot.Even his uncle is hot, and his sister!”He sighed.“It must run in their DNA.”“Doesn’t explain why they need a human for their pack.”“His pack isn’t very big, maybe they want extra people?”“You would take the bite?”Stiles considered it, looking to the ceiling as he let the thought run around his head.“Yeah.If I had to.”“And the blood test?” She asked.He shrugged.“I read somewhere that not everyone can accept it.Maybe they found a way of figuring out if you’d reject the wolfy-ness or not.”Lydia didn’t respond for a few moments, looking him in the eye [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]