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.”“I didn’t think about that.” Trying to get even closer, I wrapped my leg over his hips.“I’m going to see if I can switch to day shift in the fall.At least that way we’ll get to sleep together all night, every night.”“I can’t tell you how much I’d love that, but isn’t it more dangerous? I mean, there are way more cars on the roads during the day.”He paused for a brief moment.“That’s true, but the nighttime drivers are more likely to be drunk.I’d actually thought about switching to days when I moved here a couple of weeks ago, but decided against it because night shift lined up best with your work schedule.”“You’ve been working third shift just to spend a little extra time with me?”“Is it that hard to believe?”Instead of voicing my affirmative answer, I nuzzled against his neck.He hissed and jerked away from my face.“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” I pulled back a little to look at his neck.Just behind his right ear were three short, but angry scratches I’d not noticed before, and knew for a fact I hadn’t caused because they weren’t fresh.“It’s nothing.” He pulled away and covered the area in question with his hand.“I, uh, scraped it on a piece of equipment at work.”I pulled his hand away to get a better look.They looked exactly like fingernail scratches to me, but I didn’t know all the different types of equipment used in road construction.Instead of being jealous or going psycho, I chose to believe him.There was no way he’d go through so much shit to be with me, only to turn around and cheat so soon.“Let me go get you some antibiotic cream and a bandage.Then, since I can’t kiss it and make it better without hurting you, I’ll kiss something else instead.”*Another week passed, and although I was back to work, my life was still the best it had ever been.“Keep your eyes closed,” Carter said as he guided me through the familiar path in the park.I knew where he was taking me; I just didn’t know what to expect when we got there.“Just a few more steps.” When we came to a stop, he adjusted my stance several times until he was completely satisfied with my position.“Can I open my eyes yet?”“Patience is a virtue.” He chuckled.Those words transported me right back to his bed.He’d discovered a new passion for teasing me until I begged for him to fuck me.“Since when am I virtuous?”“Hey, don’t talk that way about my girl.” He swatted my butt and moved to stand by my side.“Now you can open them.”“Oh my God! Did you make this for me?” Hanging from a sturdy branch of our tree was a simple swing made out of rope and a single board.My legs didn’t waste any time taking me over to it.“Yep.It makes me sad that you missed out on so many things most kids take for granted.Hop on.” I couldn’t see Carter’s face, but I’d guess his smile was just as wide as mine.Lowering myself slowly to make sure it could handle my weight, I sat on the most amazing gift I’d ever received.“How did you know?”“You love this tree; it just seemed fitting.”He moved behind me and held on to the ropes, gently rocking me back and forth.“Are you sure you’re real? I still don’t believe men like you exist outside of movies and romance novels.” And, if they did, they certainly wouldn’t want me.“Of course I’m real.Sometimes I wonder how I got lucky enough to find you.Now hold on tight!” He flattened his hands against my back and gave me a push.My feet kicked in the air as the breeze flowed through my hairThe unfamiliar sound of the giggle escaping my throat was almost startling, but I liked it.I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt so free, so lighthearted.Once I had enough momentum, Carter moved to the side and watched.He broadened his stance and crossed his arms over his chest, as if settling in for the long haul.The smile on his face only grew as he basked in my enjoyment.As much as I wanted to swing forever, there was something even better I wanted to do.After dragging my feet for several passes, I’d finally slowed down enough to hop off.I immediately jumped onto Carter, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.Grasping his head between my hands, I tilted his face up and lowered mine until our lips met.No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t seem to get close enough to him.My tongue plundered his mouth, but it wasn’t enough.My legs squeezed as tightly as they could, but it wasn’t enough.When he shifted under my weight, I rubbed against the only thing that stood any chance of sating the need I had for him.I let go with my legs and got my feet back under me.Without breaking the kiss, I lowered us both to the ground.Although we hadn’t brought a blanket, the uncut grass was soft enough beneath us to provide a cushion from the hard, unforgiving ground.“Please, tell me you restocked you wallet,” I pleaded.He reached into his back pocket and produced said wallet.“Haven’t left home without one since the day I met you [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]