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.Weak.It’s why the Ecada and Dr.Ray had been able to take advantage of him, his position of power.Never quite good enough—like his parents had always told him.No, he swore he’d never be that vulnerable again.His distracted mind snapped back when Amy gently bit down on the tip of his cock.Locking his gaze on her, he was transfixed when she released him and made a soft tsking sound.“Lost you there for a minute.Not boring you, I hope?”“Fuck no.”“Good.Because then I wouldn’t be able to do this if I was.”She leaned forward and swallowed him down to the root in a single go.His hand immediately went to the back of her head, fingers flexing into her hair.Amy hummed her approval as she hollowed out her cheeks, and slid her mouth back up his length.“Holy shit,” he muttered.Reaching the crown of his shaft, she traced a trail around the head, spending extra time on the nerves of the sensitive underside.His breathing was coming out hard and fast, and he knew if she kept this up, things would be over before he got to do what he really wanted.“Amy, please.Want to fuck you.”He felt her stiffen, and when he looked at her, for half a second he thought she was going to change her mind.“Amy? We can stop.If you want.” Heart hammering in his chest, he knew it would be hard, but he’d do it.Her head was shaking before she started chanting, “No.Just, it’s been a while.I’m being silly.”“Something bad happened to you?” He didn’t need her vocalization to confirm his suspicions.It was written clear as day on her face.32She smiled before leaning back over him and placing a kiss on the tip of his cock.“Can we just do this? Is that okay?”Like he was fucking stupid or something.“I’d be an idiot to say no.Whatever you want.We move at your pace.”Something like relief covered her face, and a moment later her grin turned wicked.“You know, Shay women are known for giving the best blowjobs in the sector.”“Didn’t know you knew the term blowjob.It’s very human.”“My crew is all human.My dad is human.Stands to reason.”“I guess.”“Up for a demonstration?” His hips bucked up on instinct and Amy giggled.“That’s a yes.”“Definitely a yes.”There was no hesitation to her movements this time.With long swipes, she licked up the length of his shaft.Over and over she tasted him, each touch of her tongue driving him closer to orgasm.She shifted her body, moving so she was now seated neatly between his thighs.She nudged his legs wider with her shoulder, opening his body fully to her.He felt, rather than saw, her slip a finger into her mouth as she sucked him hard.A trail of saliva rolled from her mouth, sliding over his cock to pool on his groin.If he’d been able to form a coherent thought, he may have questioned what she was going to do with her now-wet digit.As it was, he didn’t, so when he felt the press of her fingertip against his asshole, Sean sucked in a harsh gasp.“Fuck.”Amy hesitated until he nodded firmly once.Using gentle circles, she pushed the tip in past the initial ring of muscles.The intrusion felt odd and exhilarating at once.Shit, she’d barely breached him.Increasing the tempo of her mouth on his cock, Amy matched it with the steady pumping of her finger.Before he even realized she was all the way inside him.He thought it felt heavenly, but the second she crooked her finger and touched his prostate, he knew how wrong he’d been.Her touch was perfect.Every muscle in his body tensed, his sac tightened and he felt the telltale heat warm his balls.It wasn’t going to be long now.“So…close,” he managed to say between pants.Rather than pull away, Amy leaned even further over his body, taking his cock to the very back of her throat.He had a fleeting thought that he must be choking her seconds before he came hot and hard in her mouth.She continued to swallow every drop of him, humming her approval as she did.Sean couldn’t open his eyes.His body refused to cooperate.He felt Amy release his cock with a contented sigh, placing a kiss on his stomach before tucking in against his side.Neither of them moved for several more minutes, and for the first time in ages, 33Sean simply took comfort in the feel and warmth of another person.The silence was companionable, wrapping them with a sense of calm.Amy began to play once again with the hair of his chest.Finally able to make his various body parts move on command, he turned his head and smiled down at her.“Hello.” His voice sounded gruff and sexed out.She grinned up at him.“I like how you welcome a girl into your home.”“I don’t make it a habit.”Fuck, he never did this.He rarely invited anyone into his rooms, needing to keep one last place free from outside influence, where he could hide and be safe.Only on rare occasions did he let even his closest friends come here.But oddly enough, somehow with Amy, a complete stranger, he felt as if having her here was natural.As it should be.Like she belonged.In a heartbeat the reason for Amy’s presence came rushing back to him.The men following her surely wouldn’t still be outside.Looking over at the com panel, he could see close to a half-hour had passed with their sexual distractions.Time to see if the goons were still about.Amy must have come to the same conclusion, getting off him and moving to pick her clothing up off the floor.The tension he’d chased away was back, stiffening her back and making her movements jerky.“Hey,” he said softly.“It’s going to be fine.”She nodded once, but didn’t look at him.“I just need to get back to my ship.The crew will be wondering what’s happened to me.”“Let me call security first.Tell them what the hell is going on.”“No!” She stood straight, yanking her shirt back down, covering her perfect breasts.“I told you, they’ll know I was responsible and right now that would cause far more problems than it would solve.I just need to get back to my ship, pick up the supplies I ordered and get off the colony.They can’t hurt me as easily once I’m in space.”Frustration began to bite at his insides, sending his heart beating ever so slightly faster.“At least let me call Taber again, see if he’s in and get him to run a check on the corridor and surrounding area to make sure they’re free.I don’t want to be surprised when I escort you back.”Her eyes widened in a look Sean was starting to recognize as disbelief.“You’re coming with me?”Why did people assume he was an ass? Even if most of the time it was true.“Of course I will [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]