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.Someone stepped behind him and he spun—to face Bree.“What is it?” she asked him, her face pale and tight.Garrett looked back at the scorch marks.“I don’t know.”She followed his gaze to the blackened prints and frowned.“Freaky.” she said from far away.Garrett got his digital camera from his Explorer and returned to the footprints.He clicked off photos and collected some of the burned flowers in several evidence bags.And again he heard Tanith’s voice in his head: “The demon scorches the flowers where it walks.”While Bree watched him from the fountain, he stepped back and took several more shots of the park, of the benches, of the dry fountain with the angel, then circled back to Bree and sat on the rim of the fountain beside her.There was a pile of crushed cigarette butts at her feet.Garrett flipped open his notepad.“How old is Amber?”Bree exhaled smoke from a fresh cigarette.“She said seventeen.” Bree shrugged with cynical skepticism.“Do you have a photo of her?”Bree’s eyes clouded.“Uh uh.” She sounded for a moment like a little girl.Then her face hardened again.“You could get a mug shot though.”“Does she have a family somewhere?”“If you want to call it that.She ran away when she was fourteen.Wanna know why?” Her gray eyes were challenging.Garrett’s face tightened.It was always the same story.What people did to their kids could almost make him believe in demons.“I’m sorry,” he said inadequately.“But do you know where her family is?”Bree crushed out a butt and lit yet another cigarette.“Maine somewhere.What difference does it make? They sure as shit don’t care.”She was racked by a coughing fit.Garrett waited, thinking, Worse than Landauer.When she had control of herself again, he asked, “Bree, since she disappeared, have you felt in danger yourself?” She looked up, her eyes widening.He continued.“Have you ever felt you were being followed or—watched?” Garrett’s gaze went to the perimeter of the park, past the bench where he had been sitting before.The girl’s eyes followed his.“I don’t think so,” she said warily.“What do you mean?” When Garrett hesitated, she asked raggedly, “Do you know who did it?”“No, I don’t.” Garrett took out one of his cards.“But I want you to call me.If you feel—strange about anything, if anyone comes asking about Amber, if you just want to talk.” He wrote a number on the card.“And this is the number for Youth Services—”“Yeah, yeah,” Bree said wearily.“Stoney gave me the number.” She glanced away from him, up at the angel.“What else am I supposed to do, huh? These days? You tell me.”______Garrett’s guilt about keeping Landauer out of the loop had reached lapsed-Catholic proportions, so he phoned him from the car.Land sounded grumpy and Garrett guessed he’d pulled him away from his dinner.It was also entirely possible that his partner had spent the whole day in bed.“Not an emergency,” Garrett said quickly.“Then the fuck you calling?” Landauer grumbled.“Look, Land, I might have something.I found a missing person.A hooker named Amber.A friend of hers says she disappeared from around Chinatown on August one.Sixteen-, seventeen-year-old Caucasian.She hasn’t been seen since.”Land was surly, but his brain was working.“There was no MP of that age range on the list.”“I know.I checked with the front desk and her friend came in on the day after she disappeared.There was never an official report filed.”There was a pause; Garrett could picture Landauer frowning, working it out.“How’d you know to—” he stopped.“August first.That’s one of those days Stevie Nicks gave you.”Garrett shifted uncomfortably behind the wheel.He didn’t bother to correct Landauer with Tanith’s real name.“Yeah.”The silence on the other end was ominous.“What does this have to do with Moncrief?” Landauer asked, finally.Garrett could hear the scowl in his voice [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]