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.But once my middle finger pushes against the moisture, Jesse holds his breath while I slide it into his hot tunnel, little by little.I detect more moisture inside.It must be because of his ejaculation earlier.His whole body goes tense when my knuckle enters the tight ring.I kiss my way upwards and whisper into his ear.“Relax, okay? You need to be completely relaxed.When you relax around my finger, I’ll put another one in, and if you relax around that one too, I’ll consider putting something bigger up there.”Jesse sucks in rattled breaths as I speak to him, but I feel his body relaxing under mine and soon I’m free to move my finger in and out.He stifles his moans with his eyes closed as I stretch him.It doesn’t look like he’s hurting.I slide my finger around until I find his soft spot and Jesse’s eyes fly open when I fondle it.“Ah – Adam, don’t make me come again so soon.Unlike you, I need time in between.” His voice is strained as he tries to hold back his moans.“It’ll be some time before I enter you,” I tease with a smile.He gasps when I pull my finger out.I find the tube I bought for him to use on me to lubricate two fingers and I watch Jesse’s face intently as I slide them in.He closes his eyes and I bend to whisper in his ear.“Does it hurt?”“No,” Jesse gasps, but his body is ridged again.The walls around my fingers are clamped tight.“Relax,” I breathe against his ear.“Relax and let me move my fingers around.”“God, Adam, stop breathing in my ear.You’re gonna make me come.” I smile and suck on his neck instead.Jesse’s body relaxes as I work on him.I do it slowly.My body is screaming for me to fuck him, but I need to make this as painless as I can for him.When I’m able to move my fingers in and out with ease, Jesse’s breathing hard with his head tilted back.His long fingers slide over his abs, up my arm and down again.I slip in a third finger.He moans with his eyes closed, fists wadding up the sheet.When I feel his hole pulse around my finger, as if it’s trying to pull me in, I stroke my own cock.My dick, once I let it go, rears up to my lower abdomen with the anticipation of ecstasy.I’m panting so hard that I have to hold my breath for a moment to focus.Jesse gasps when I pull out my fingers.I bend over him, push his knees up against his sides and kiss him while I lower my hips towards his rim.“Sh-shouldn’t I turn around or something?” Jesse asks.“No,” I whisper against his jaw.“This should be more relaxing for you.”We’re both breathing heavily and when Jesse’s body trembles under my finger strokes, I can’t wait any longer.With trembling fingers I use my teeth to rip open a condom and roll it on, rubbing on a generous amount of lube.Jesse holds his breath while he watches my movements with wide eyes.As I bend over to kiss him, I loop my arms around his knees while I slide my slicked cock along his slippery crack.I’m trying to tell myself to go slow, but my body barely comprehends it.I push the head inside more forcefully than I planned to.Jesse bites down on his lower lip with a whimper while his muscles around my cock contract and make me groan.His face doesn’t show much sign of pain, but rather discomfort where his eyebrows are pulled together.I follow his gaze down our bodies to the place where my cock is like a thick pole connecting us.Just the sight of it has me dizzy.It’s hot as hell.“That feels so weird,” he says as he exhales a short burst of air.My gaze travels back up his body and my voice comes out all raspy.“Are you okay?”Jesse looks me deep in the eye.“Yeah,” he whispers, and proves his case by loosening his tight hold on my cockhead.“Push it in some more.”A needy grunt bursts from my lips at his words as I release one of his legs and grab his body to my chest.I suck air against Jesse’s neck as the tip of my cock slides into the moist, hot tunnel.I feel his body tense, but he keeps his walls relaxed as my cock crawls up all the way.The intense need to move overpowers me.My body moves on its own, rocking in and out, shoving, thrusting, lunging.It feels so good, that sliding motion, those tight walls.I’m inside of Jesse.I’m making love to Jesse.I clutch his body with my hands, my mouth, and my teeth.I hear his voice in the distance, but I can’t make out if he’s in pain.He’s calling my name, but I can’t stop.I hear my own voice.I’m breathing, moaning, crying out in ecstasy.I thrust until the pleasure becomes too intense.I call out Jesse’s name and moan against his ear.I tell him that I love him and then there’s nothing but a sharp, intense feeling, so good that it’s almost painful.My body jerks a few times before it collapses on top of him, head still swimming in euphoric haze [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]