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." Lindros, keeping his secret close to the vest for all this time, almost lost his nerve then, but duty won out over compassion.He didn't want to wound the Old Man, no matter how badly he'd been treated recently.He cleared his throat."Sir, I've just come from seeing Randy Driver.""And?"Lindros took a deep breath and told the Old Man what Driver had confessed, that Conklin had brought Dr.Felix Schiffer over to the Agency from DARPA for his own dark and unknown reasons, that he had deliberately "disappeared" Schiffer and that now that Conklin was dead no one knew where Schiffer was.The Old Man's fist slammed down on his desk."Sweet Christ, to have one of our directorate scientists gone missing with the summit about to start is a catastrophe of the first rank.If the bitch-woman should get wind of this, it'll be my ass in a sling, no ifs, ands or buts."For a moment nothing stirred in the vast corner office.The photos of world leaders past and present looked back at the two men with mute rebuke.At last the DCI stirred."Are you saying that Alex Conklin stole a scientist out from under DOD's nose and stashed him with us so he could whisk him away to God knows where and for what unknown purpose?"Lindros, folding his hands in his lap, said nothing, but he knew better than to move his gaze away from the Old Man's."Well, that's.I mean to say, we don't do that in the Agency, and most especially Alexander Conklin wouldn't do that.He would be breaking every rule in the playbook." Lindros stirred, thinking of his research in the top-secret Four-Zero Archives."He did it often enough in the field, sir.You know that."Indeed, the DCI did, only too well."This is different," he protested."This happened here at home.It's a personal affront to the Agency, and to me." The Old Man shook his craggy head."I refuse to believe it, Martin.Goddammit, there must be another explanation!"Lindros held firm."You know there isn't.I'm truly sorry to have been the one to bring you this news, sir."At that moment the Old Man's secretary entered the room, handed him a slip of paper, and went out.The DCI unfolded the note."Your wife would like to speak with you," he read."She says it's important." He crumpled the note, then looked up."Of course there's another explanation.Jason Bourne.""Sir?"The DCI looked straight at Lindros and said bleakly, "This is Bourne's doing, not Alex's.It's the only explanation that makes sense.""For the record, I think you're wrong, sir," Lindros said, gathering himself for the uphill battle."With all due respect, I think you've allowed your personal friendship with Alex Conklin to cloud your judgment.After studying the Four-Zero files, I believe that no one alive was closer to Conklin than Jason Bourne, even you." A Cheshire cat smile spread across the DCI's face."Oh, you're right about that one, Martin.And it's because Bourne knew Alex so well that he was able to capitalize on Alex's involvement with this Dr.Schiffer.Believe me, Bourne smelled something and he went after it.""There's no proof—""Ah, but there is." The DCI shifted in his chair."As it happens, I know where Bourne is.""Sir?" Lindros fairly goggled at him."106-108 Fo utca," the DCI read off a slip of paper."That's in Budapest." The DCI threw his deputy a hard look."Didn't you tell me that the gun used to murder Alex and Mo Panov was paid for out of an account in Budapest?"Lindros' heart contracted."Yes, sir."The DCI nodded."That's why I gave this address to Kevin McColT Lindros' face went white."Oh, Christ.I want to talk to McColl.""I feel your pain, Martin, really I do." The DCI nodded toward the phone."Call him if you like, but you know McColl's record for efficiency.Chances are Bourne is already dead."Bourne kicked the door to the supply room closed, stripped off the bloody lab coat.He was about to drop it over the corpse of Kevin McColl when he noticed a small LED light blinking at McColl's hip.His cell phone.Squatting down, he picked it out of its plastic holster, opened it up.He saw the number and knew who was calling.Rage filled his heart.Opening the connection, he said to the DCI, "Keep this up and you'll be paying the undertakers overtime.""Bourne!" Lindros cried."Wait!"But he didn't wait.Instead, he threw the cell phone so hard against the wall it split open like an oyster.Annaka watched him carefully."An old enemy?""An old fool," Bourne growled, retrieving his leather jacket.He grunted involuntarily as the pain struck him a hammer blow."It appears that McColl gave you quite a beating," Annaka said.Bourne slipped on his jacket with its white visitor's ID tag in order to cover his slit shirt.His mind was completely focused on finding Dr.Sido."And what about you? How badly did McColl hurt you?"She refused to rub the red welt at her throat."Don't worry about me.""We won't worry about each other, then," Bourne said as he took a bottle of cleaner from the shelf and, using a rag, wiped the blood stains off her coat as best he could."We've got to get to Dr.Sido as quickly as possible.Dr.Morintz is bound to be missed sooner or later.""Where's Sido?""In the Epidemiological Wing." He gestured."Come on." He peered around the doorjamb, checking to make sure no one was around.As they emerged into the corridor, he registered that an office door across the way was partially open.He took a step toward it but heard voices approaching from that direction and he hurried them away.He needed a moment to reorient himself, then he took them through a set of swinging doors into the Epidemiological Wing."Sido's in 902," he said, scanning the numbers on the doors they passed.The wing was in actuality a square with an open space in its center.Doors to labs and offices were set at intervals along the four walls, the only exception being a barred metal exit door, locked from the outside which was in the center of the far wall.Obviously the Epidemiological Wing was at the back of the clinic because it was clear from the markings on the small storerooms to either side that the door was used to remove hazardous medical waste."There's his lab," Bourne said, hurrying ahead.Annaka, just behind him, saw the fire alarm box on the wall ahead of her, precisely where Stepan said it would be.As she came abreast of it, she lifted the glass.Bourne was knocking on the door to Sido's lab [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]