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.”It was pretty darn exquisite, Grace thought, her pulse racing at the memory.Before she could catch her now ragged breath to say anything, Ryan came over and interrupted them.“Twenty minutes until show time.Grace, you may want to go hunt down your girls.” He looked down at their still interlocked hands, smiled, and then patted Michael on the back.“Or maybe not just yet.”“I better go get them,” Grace agreed, not wanting to let him go.“I hope you like the show,” he said with a sexy smirk on his face.He leaned over the bar and whispered in a seductive voice, “We have something very special planned for you ladies afterwards as well.”Shoes, money, eternal bragging rights, shoes, money, eternal bragging rights …156Chapter 13The music stopped, except for a low beat playing as the DJ started to speak to the crowd.“Hey, guys, this is your DJ, Maxwell, and I wanted to welcome you all to The Vault!” The crowd cheered wildly with excitement as the spotlight illuminated the man behind the elaborate control board.“We have a special treat for you.Our bartenders here at The Vault have decided to impress us with just a few of their bar tricks tonight.I’ve been watching them practice, and I can assure you this is going to be one hot show!” Again, the crowd started screaming and people began pushing toward the bar to get a better view.The girls were safely up at their table with the best seats in the house for the show.The guys weren’t behind the bar yet.They had disappeared into the back to change.Grace was so excited, she could only imagine what was going to happen next.When she looked over at Bianca and Meg, they too were nervously smiling in anticipation, their eyes scanning the room for a glimpse of Jack or Ryan.The crowd continued to mill around quietly until the spotlight shone on the end of the bar where Michael, Jack, and Ryan now stood, looking absolutely edible.Meg screamed, while Bianca threw her fingers in her mouth and let out a shrill whistle that immediately caught the guys’ attention and earned them an enthusiastic wave.Jack was standing there in a skin tight, black tank top that showed off his muscles perfectly for Bianca to enjoy.His arms were folded, making his chest V I C T O R I A M I C H A E L Sand biceps look even more striking, if that was possible.A huge smile was on his face as he waited for the show to begin.Bianca stood at the rail, licking her lips at the sight of him.Ryan was also dressed in a black designer T-shirt that showed off the definition in his chest, but his was more modest, leaving a bit of mystery underneath.He was casual y flipping a silver drink shaker in his hand with smooth and confident movements, like he did it all the time.There wasn’t the slightest sign of nerves in him.Meg was clapping, stopping only to blow Ryan a kiss from time to time.Then there was Michael.He was standing off to the side, alone.He had changed into a form fitting black long sleeve button down shirt that fit him like a glove.It was untucked at the bottom and he was rolling up the sleeves as Maxwell addressed the crowd.The top three buttons were left open, exposing part of his chiseled chest.He pushed the sleeves up over his elbows and ran his hand through his hair.He looked up to the girls’ seats and gave Grace a wink and a nod that made her heart flutter wildly.Shoes, money, eternal bragging rights, she reminded herself, yet again.“Thank God we’re all the way up here,” Grace said to Bianca who was standing next to her, tapping her nails frantically on the rail.All of her pent-up energy was about to burst from her body.“Grace, do you see them? I can hardly breathe,” Bianca gasped as though she were about to hyperventilate.“Take a deep breath and relax.” Grace put her arm around Bianca and patted her shoulder in support.Meg smiled knowingly from her spot on the rail and pointed down to the bar.“You don’t understand, Grace.I … I think I’m in love with him [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]